7 Reasons To Buy  Stark Varg  Electric Dirt Bike

Stark Varg, which in Swedish means "Strong Wolf" is both contemporary and futuristic in complementing ways.

This electric dirt bike feels quite similar to a traditional 450cc dirt bike.

As of June 22, the firm had received 10,000 preorders, indicating that this bike will quickly become a fan favourite.

It weighs less than 242 pounds, and by placing the batteries where the gas engine would typically be, the overall weight is reduced.

It has an 80 hp motor, a 6-hour riding range, a 1- to 2-hour charging period, and a 938 Nm of torque

For furious motocross riding, the Stark VARG is said to have a 40-minute run time, and up to six hours for leisurely riding.

We felt secure the entire ride thanks to the KYB suspension help up that was installed for the best balance.

On the mid to high end, the power on electric dirt bikes usually starts to lose momentum, but not with the Stark Varg.

Since there is no downshifting option, engine braking is a special feature that preserves the battery.

The custom stand, which incorporates charging into your off-track stops, is another built-in feature you'll adore.

Unlike a conventional 450cc dirt bike, you won't need to bother about routine maintenance like clutch replacements and oil changes.