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Irfan is a bike obsessive and wheelie devotee. Over his biking career, Irfan has possessed an extensive range of bikes, but sports bikes are the main bikes of interest. He has owned sports bikes of pretty much every dimension and engine configuration. He has won many racing competitions at the international level. He has a love for V-Twin superbikes, having until very recently a Honda SP2, Aprilia RSV-R, Ducati 998, and Fire blade in his collection.

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We are a team of professional racers who are zealous about speed. This site is a result of our thirst for all things racing, whether on the road or online and if you share that passion, we hope you will find the information here stimulating. We are devoted to helping people achieve their speed goals by providing well-studied, complete guides. Like you, we had our own struggle to get faster too. We used these experiences to transmute our performances and eventually aided thousands more.

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“The Brave May Not Live Forever. But The Cautious Never Live At All”

At Dirt Bike Coach we value scientific and clinical studies, especially so because we deal with human performance. Our team ensures that all information on the website is backed up by thorough research testing and expert opinion to provide you with a sound and reliable recommendation whether for a workout program or training equipment. We provide the latest, up to date references to millions of readers. If you find yourself having problems with your race pace, your fitness, or figuring out how to consistently perform at the limit, Dirt Bike Coach is the right place.

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As we have a demanding selection process, so you can trust Dirt Bike Coach. Our team is composed of professionals, experts’ and fanatics who have been involved in racing and many other sport activities since they were young. We have a wide variety of skills amongst us, from mechanical to strategic to marketing and writing, that permit us to offer you the most thorough and inclusive reviews that will help you decide which products are right for you.

It is our goal to give you the best advice every day. We will help you make informed decisions by providing candid opinions based on our first-hand experience using them on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or worries. We are always happy to help. We hope that everyone enjoys our articles and that help them make informed decisions about which products are right for their needs. Please check back often for the latest updates at dirtbikecoach.com!

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