How to Make a Razor Dirt Bike Go Faster?

making razor dirt bike go faster

A Razor dirt bike is an electric dirt bike made by Razor USA. It’s a popular choice for kids and adults looking for a fun and affordable way to ride off-road. Razor dirt bikes are powered by a rechargeable battery, which means they are eco-friendly and don’t require gasoline. They’re also relatively quiet, making them a good choice for riding in residential areas.

Razor dirt bikes come in various models, including the MX350, MX650, and SX500. These models vary in their top speed, battery life, and features. The MX350 is the most basic model, while the SX500 is the most advanced. If you want an affordable and eco-friendly way to enjoy off-road riding, then a Razor dirt bike is a great option.

How to Start a Razor Dirt Bike?

Starting a razor dirt bike is a relatively simple process, but it is essential to follow the precautions carefully. The first step is to make sure that the battery is charged. You can check the battery level by looking at the indicator light on the controller. If the battery is red, the battery is low and needs to be charged. 

You can turn on the ignition once you’ve confirmed the battery is charged. Once the ignition is started, you’ve to press the start button. After pressing the start button, you must give the bike a little throttle. Why is a razor dirt bike hard to start? The reason is old spark plugs which might make a motorcycle hard to create. Make sure that the kickstand is up before you begin to move.

How to Make a Razor Dirt Bike Go Faster?

Modifying a Razor dirt bike to go faster is not recommended due to safety matters and potential legal suggestions. Razor dirt bikes are designed with specific speed limits for the safety of riders, significantly younger or less experienced ones. Attempting to make a Razor dirt bike go faster by modifying its engine or components can lead to unpredictable handling and an increased risk of accidents. 

1. Check and Upgrade Batteries

The battery is the heart of a razor dirt bike, so upgrading it to a higher voltage or capacity will give you a significant speed boost. The voltage of the battery is the main factor that controls the top speed of the razor dirt bike. A higher voltage battery will give you more power and allow you to gain maximum speed. 

2. Reduce Weight

One of the critical effects of a razor dirt bike’s speed is overweight, which affects its top speed. Every pound you can cut off will make a difference, so it’s worth removing unnecessary parts and replacing heavy ones with lighter alternatives. For example, you can return the stock tires with softer tires or the stock exhaust with more lightweight exhaust. 

3. Choose the Right Tire and Upgrade

Many different tires are available on the market, so you’ll need to choose ones designed for speed. Look for tires that have a smooth tread pattern and a complex compound. The rim on your razor dirt bike can also affect the rate. If you upgrade the lighter rim, you‘ll be able to cut off some pounds, which helps the bike to go faster. 

4. Optimize Tire Pressure

The manufacturer will have a recommended tire pressure for a specific razor dirt bike. This is a good starting point, but you may need to adjust it depending on the ground you’ll be riding on. Temperature also affects the tire pressure. If the temperature is too high, the outside tire expands, and pressure will increase. The external tire contract and pressure will decrease if the temperature is low. 

dirt bike tire pressure

5. Maintain Bike Suspension

Maintaining your dirt bike suspension is essential to optimal performance and speed. By regularly inspecting, lubricating, and adjusting the suspension components, you can ensure that your bike absorbs bumps and ruts effectively, allowing you to maintain your speed and control. 

6. Gear Ratio Adjustment

Gear ratio adjustment is a simple but effective way to increase the top speed of your Razor dirt bike. By changing the size of the sprockets on the engine and the rear wheel, you can alter the gear ratio and make your bike accelerate faster and reach higher speeds. 

7. Install High Quality Throttle

Identify the throttle on your Razor dirt bike; the throttle is the control that allows you to control your bike’s speed. It is usually located on the right handlebar. Purchase a high-quality throttle; many high-quality throttles are available on the market. When choosing a throttle, you should look for one made from durable materials with a smooth, consistent action. 

8. Install Premium Wiring

The wiring on a Razor dirt bike is one of many factors in its speed. The engine and the gearing are the primary factors determining how fast a Razor dirt bike can go. However, installing premium wiring can improve the performance of your Razor dirt bike in other ways. For example, premium wiring can help to improve the throttle response and make the bike more responsive to rider input. 

9. Install Standard Motor

The standard motor on a Razor dirt bike is a 24-volt electric motor. This motor provides enough power for the bike to reach a top speed of around 15 mph. If you install a different type of motor, such as a gas-powered motor, the bike may be able to reach a higher top speed. However, it is essential to note that the bike will also be more challenging to control and may need to be safer.

standard motor for dirt bike

What are the Reasons to Make a Razor Dirt Bike Go Faster?

Modifying the bike’s components, such as the engine or exhaust system, can enhance its power and performance. This may result in increased speed and acceleration. If you plan to participate in off-road racing or competitions, consider increasing the speed of your Razor dirt bike to gain an edge over your competitors. 

In certain off-road situations, having a faster dirt bike can help you overcome obstacles, navigate difficult terrains, and handle steep inclines more effectively. Making your Razor dirt bike go faster is a great way to customize and make it unique. You can choose the modifications that you want to make and personalize your bike to your liking. 

What is a Razor Dirt Bike Controller?

A Razor dirt bike speed controller is a device that controls the speed of a Razor dirt bike. It is typically located near the handlebars and is connected to the bike’s motor. The speed controller has a potentiometer, a variable resistor that allows the rider to adjust the bike’s speed.

The speed controller controls the amount of power sent to the motor.

When the rider turns the potentiometer, it increases or decreases the circuit’s resistance, which reduces or increases the power sent to the motor. This change in power then changes the speed of the bike. A few different types of speed controllers are available for Razor dirt bikes. The most common type is a simple potentiometer that allows the rider to adjust the speed in a continuous range. There are also speed controllers that enable the rider to select speeds.

What is a Limiter and How to Remove it from the Laser Dirt Bike?

A limiter is a device used to limit an engine’s speed. It is typically used on electric motors, such as the ones found in Razor dirt bikes. The limiter is used to prevent the motor from running too fast, damaging the motor, or making it difficult to control. To remove the limiter in a Razor dirt bike, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver, wire strippers, and electrical tape. 

Once you have gathered your tools, you can disconnect the battery, locate the limiter, unscrew the screws that hold it in place, strip the insulation off the ends of the wires that connect to the limiter, disconnect the wires from the limiter, remove the limiter, reconnect the wires to the limiter, and reconnect the battery. Be sure to ride safely and know the risks of going faster.

Pros and Cons of Making Razor Dirt Bike Faster

It is essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to make your Razor dirt bike faster. If you make your dirt bike faster, do it safely and be aware of the risks involved.

Pros Cons
Increased speed Increased risk of accident
Improved acceleration Legal issues
Competitive advantage Voided Warranty
Improved performance Damage to the bike

Razor MX350 Speed Limiter Removal

The Razor MX350 has a top speed of 14 mph. This is the maximum speed that the bike can reach under ideal conditions. However, the speed you can achieve may vary depending on your weight, the terrain you are riding on, and the battery level. The Razor MX350 has a speed limiter that prevents the bike from going faster than 14 mph. 

The process to remove the razor MX350 dirt bike speed limiter is simple. Disconnect the battery, locate the limiter, Disconnect the wires from the limiter, and remove the limiter. In the end, reconnect the battery with connecting wires. 

Razor MX350 Speed Limiter Removal

Razor MX350 Battery Upgrade

Upgrading the battery of a Razor MX350 can be a popular modification to increase its performance and runtime. The razor MX350 has a 12V, 8Ah SLA(Sealed Lead-Acid) battery. There are a few different battery upgrades available for the MX350. One option is to replace the stock battery with a 12V, 9Ah SLA battery. This will give you about 45 minutes of run time on a single charge.

Another option is to replace the stock battery with a 24V, 9Ah SLA battery. This will give you about 90 minutes of run time on a single charge. If you’re upgrading the battery, it is essential to look at the advantages and disadvantages of boosting the battery. 

Razor MX350 Battery Upgrade

Razor MX650 Dirt Bike Speed Limiter

The Razor MX650 Dirt Bike is a powerful and versatile machine, but its factory-set top speed of 16 mph is limiting for some riders. However, for riders looking for a more powerful and versatile machine, removing the speed limiter can be a great way to improve the performance of the MX650. After removing the speed limiter, most of the razor dirt bike riders report that the bike can reach up to 25 mph or more.

Razor MX500 Speed Limiter Removal

The decision to make a Razor dirt bike go faster is a choice that should be carefully considered. There are a few ways to make a Razor dirt bike go faster. One way is to remove the speed limiter, allowing the bike to reach its maximum potential speed. Another way is to upgrade the battery, providing more power and letting the bike go faster for longer.

The Razor MX500 dirt bike has a speed limiter that prevents the bike from going faster than 15 mph. If you are looking to increase the speed of your MX500, you can remove the limiter. To remove the speed limiter, you must disconnect the battery, locate the limiter, disconnect the wires from the limiter, and remove the limiter. 


Finally, you can also upgrade the tires, improving traction and handling and allowing the bike to go faster. 


How Long Should I Charge A Razor Dirt Bike?

The charging time for a Razor Dirt Bike, including the MX650 model, depends on the specific battery and charger used. They generally charge the dirt bike 12 hours before the initial use is recommended. After the initial charge, subsequent charging times may vary.

What Happens If I Overvolt My Bike?

The danger of overvolt your bike is often faced, but it is a severe problem that can damage the battery, the controller, and motor. When you overvolt your bike, you force the battery to work beyond its designed limits. 

Why Is My Razor Dirt Bike Going Slow?

The reason is low battery charging, hilly terrain condition, tire condition, dirty air filter, rider weight, and mechanical issues. 

How To Make A Razor MX125 Dirt Bike Faster?

Making a Razor MX125 dirt bike faster is a relatively simple process that can be done with a few essential modifications. It needs some improvement, for example, battery upgrade, upgrade exhaust system, upgrade gearing system, and weight reduction. These modifications are more important to make a Razor MX125 dirt bike faster.

Are Razor Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

No, Razor Dirt Bikes, including the MX650 model, are not street-legal. They are designed and considered for off-road use only. Riding a razor dirt bike on a public road can be dangerous and illegal. 

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