Best Dirt Bikes For 10 Years Old

7 Best Dirt Bikes For 10 Year Olds

Dirt biking is becoming a prevalent sport in this modern world. It also makes a fanciful hobby for many families, counting their kids. Most people are acquainted with trail biking racing, and it makes many parents worried when they think about their children getting into such sports.

Besides, these kids can also learn a lot from dirt biking as they can simply improve management and develop discipline. These skills will help them for their entire life. In addition, dirt biking is fun, so if your kid is showing interest, you must permit them to participate in this sport.

Best Dirt Bikes For 10 Years Old

There is a wide variety of dirt bikes that can give an aesthetic feel to your kids during sports. These are as follows:

Razor MX350

Best Dirt Bikes For 10 Years Old

This bike is the most common bike for kids ages 10. It has an influential motor powered by 350 watts. It has a high spin, variable speed, chain driven motor that brings exciting fun at a rate up to 14mph. This is an electric bike. There are many extra features included to make your child’s riding experience as better as it gets, like soft rubber grips, hand-operated rear brake, a double crown fork, and a coverable kickstand.

When it comes to its construction, this model features an all-steel frame. This electric bike has spoked 12-inch inflated knotty tires that work efficiently. If you are looking for a reliable electric dirt bike option that will help your child’s skill level nurture, it would be your perfect choice.


Mototec 36v

Mototec 36v

This is another perfect choice for kids. Its battery charge and double front shocks make this model a more comfortable and fun ride. At 500 watts, this dirt bike will get as fast as ten years old should ever need while not being too out of control. This model has a seat with a height of 23, and this height is relatively okay for the kid as a beginner. If you are a little nervous and searching for the best dirt bike for a kid.


Razor SX500


This dirt bike can perform well. It has a great battery that can stay charged for lengthy periods, and it can hit speeds with top notch safety features. Like Mototec, this bike is 500 watts. Its seat height is 21. Its features a robust steel and aluminum MX frame that is lightweight at 98 lbs. and heavy-duty to carry a maximum weight capacity of 175 pounds. This can also make your child’s ride so memorable. Due to its unique features, parents show their interest in this model.


Yamaha TT-R110E

Yamaha TT-R110E

This model is pretty parallel to the Honda CRF100F. This is another whimsical option and fits 10-year-olds. Yamaha TT-R110E has more horsepower, which can make it quicker. This dirt bike’s seat height is a comfortable 26.4, and its power is right in the array that you as a parent want it to be at 110cc. Due to all these fantastic features of this bike, you can get satisfaction for the safety of your children. This dirt bike is available in the market at a reasonable price.

Honda CRF110F

Honda CRF110F

This model is becoming more demanding in the markets. This model is becoming ideal for 10-year-olds. In addition, your kid will take longer to expand this dirt bike as the engine is quite more extensive at 109cc with a top speed of 50mph. This model comes with a speed controller that lets you set the maximum speed at a lower level to match the kids riding experience.

The seat height of this dirt bike is 25.9 inches. It is easy for kids who are at least 4 feet tall and weigh 170 pounds which is two and a half times more than the weight of an average 10-year-old child. It has four-stroke engines. It is available at a reasonable price.

Kawasaki KLX 110

kawasaki klx 110

This is one of the most suitable dirt bikes for 10-year-olds. This bike has a wet weight of 76kg, which permits smooth power conveyance. It is a well-designed bike with a compact steel frame. The LLX110 has an electric start followed by a kill switch which makes it as easy for novices, but in case the battery gets exhausted, you can always use the old kick meze to get you back in motion. KLX110 features a 14-inch front and 12-inch rear tire with 30mm telescopic front forks and a rear mono-shock. Meanwhile, the 4.3-inch travel at the front and the rear and the 8.5-inch ground clearance permit the bike to be a superb choice for off riding with unique assets.

Yamaha YZ65

Yamaha YZ65

This is another perfect example of a kid’s dirt bike you can rest on. This bike is somewhat slighter in height than the KX65 but typically very similar. In addition, the YZ has a bunch of guile parts to explain the additional cost, such as fancy upside-down front forks. You couldn’t go wrong with one of these for your 10-year-old child. It is the perfect choice for the kids.

Tips For Parents To Help Their Kids Enjoy Dirt Biking

We offer specific tips for parents to help their kids find pleasure in riding. These tips will prove helpful not for parents’ satisfaction but also for kids to enjoy their dirt biking.

> Find A Dirt Bike For Them That Suits Them

Finding a dirt bike designed perfectly according to your kid’s height and age can help your child avoid specific injuries and mishaps during riding. Usually, dirt bikes that are too large or too small could make your kid’s overall experience frustrating and intimidating. If your kid is comfortable with bike size and power, he will enjoy his/her ride and feel more confident during dirt biking.

> Get The Right Safety Gear

Getting the proper safety gear is essential for making your riding experience more memorable. Most parents are concerned about their kids’ safety and protection, so to get rid of this anxiety, you must provide your kid with a safety kit and all essential safety gear. If a kid feels safe on the bike, they will spend their time having fun instead of worrying about falling and getting hurt.

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> Start Them Off On Easy, Flat Terrain

This tip will ensure satisfaction to parents when a child starts to learn on easy and flat terrain. There are fewer chances of getting injured or hurt. If the ride is easy and simple, kids will gain self-confidence and continue their riding practice. Always make sure to keep away your kids from uncomfortable and vertical places while they are still getting used to dirt biking.

> Go Out When The Weather Is Nice

Weather conditions play a vital role in dirt biking. If your child is eager to dirt bike, it becomes obligatory for parents to notice whether the weather condition is suitable for dirt biking. Usually, during the rainy season, there are more chances of accidents during dirt biking, so to avoid such sudden demise must take a glance over weather conditions before permitting your kid to go out for riding. If the weather is terrible, it will prove miserable for your kid. Wind and heavy rain will impact badly on kids’ riding.

> Be There With Them While They Dirt Bike

This tip will not help the student to perform more confidently, but it will be handy for you to watch your child whether he is performing well or not. If you leave them alone to figure it all out, they might never get it down. Even if you are not familiar with dirt biking, staying with your kid during their practice or performance will raise their enthusiasm for learning and getting better.

> Be Supportive/Encouraging

Being encouraging will not only help your kid to learn more wholeheartedly. Having a parent near that keeps up roaring out positive remarks is key to success for every kid. Positive comments can play a vital role in making your kid more confident. Positive strengthening is essential for support. Being negative will put your kid down and even make them want to leave biking.

> Ride With Them On A Dirt Bike Of Your Own

If you have your dirt bike, get out there with them and try to instruct them by telling them about each dirt bike tool, its safety gear, and how it works. They will grasp things more quickly and accurately when you practically teach them. Try to show them how things are done, so they have someone to look up to.

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> Have Them Ride With Siblings And Friends

This tip will help them to learn more quickly. Whenever a beginner tries to learn in a group, he can notice his flaws keenly and try to tackle his issues so that he may not face any problems in the future. Additionally, riding with siblings and friends makes the experience fun and enjoyable.

> Show Them Videos Online Of People Dirt Biking

This tip will help students learn more quickly by getting through every instruction provided through online videos. By closely looking through videos, they will grasp every step and try to copy these steps during their learning process. It will also enhance their interest in dirt biking. Things like videos of dirt biking will inspire your kid and help them enjoy dirt biking even more.

> Get Them Out There Every Day

Like all other tips, this tip will bore positive results for you and your kid. When they practice any activity regularly, it will help them perform things more interestingly. The more contact they have with dirt biking, the better they will get, and they will enjoy it more.

Where To Buy Dirt Bikes?

This is the most frequently asked question by many customers. There are several options for buying dirt bikes nowadays. You can buy dirt bikes from the manufacturers’ dealership specialty motorcycle stores. You can buy dirt bikes online as well. We have compiled a list of the best places where you can buy dirt bikes without facing any problems. These are as follows;

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Craiglist
  • Local Auctions

Our Most Favorite Dirt Bikes For 10 Years Old Kids

You can find plenty of motorbikes in today’s market having unique designs, attractive colors, and innovative features. Brands are trying their best to get more popularity in the market; therefore, they are producing impressive bikes for adults and kids. We can recommend you always go with a bike with unique features, a detailed look, and one that fits your budget. Here are our top 4 favorite and most demanding dirt bikes for 10 years old, kids. These are as follows;

  • Honda CRF110F
  • Yamaha TT-R110E
  • Razor MX350
  • Kawasaki KLX110
  1. Honda CRF110F

This model is perfectly suitable for a 10-year-old kid. It has a seat height of 26.8 and weighs163 pounds. It is well built and a very reliable bike with drum brakes. We recommend that bike as it has both the kick starter and electric starter, and it is also light weighted to handle by a kid.

  1. Yamaha TT-R110E

This is another best option for 10-year-old kids. It has a seat weight of 26.4 and a weight of 159 pounds. It comes with a 90-day warranty only. This bike is available at a reasonable in the market. You will not feel disappointed if you select this model for your kid.

  1. Razor MX350

This is also the best selection for a 10-year-old child. This bike has a seat height of 31 and a weight limit of 140 pounds, which a 10-year-old kid can easily handle. We recommend you go with this bike to make your kid’s riding experience more enjoyable.

  1. Kawasaki KLX110

This bike seems more popular among kids due to its lime green color. It has a seat height of 26.8 and weighs 167 pounds. This is an ideal bike for the kid as they will handle it very quickly.

Final Words

To sum up the whole discussion, it can be said purchasing your kid their first dirt bike is a thrilling experience, and if you are not acquainted with the sport, then these above enlisted bikes will prove handy for you to select the best one. Among these all-best designed dirt bikes, one more appropriate for a kid age 10 years is Honda CRF50F.

The Razor SX500 is also an outstanding choice for kids who don’t have access to riding trails, and its electric motor makes it street legal for riding around the neighborhood. If the kid is ready for competitive racing, Kawasaki is ideal due to its affordable price. Must select wisely, keeping in mind the interest and comfort of your kid.

We Wish Your Kid Happy and Safe Riding!

Kids Favourite Bikes

Picture Name Specs Price
OPA 125cc Dirt Bike Engine Size: 125cc, 2 Stroke
Manual 4-Speed Transmission
Durable and Rigid Frame
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X-PRO 50cc Gas Dirt Bike  Engine Size: 50cc, 2 Stroke
Speed: 25 miles/h
Durable and Rigid Frame
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MotoTec Demon Dirt Bike 50cc Engine Size: 50cc, 2 Stroke
Speed: 25 miles/h
Durable and Rigid Frame
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