BMW F800 Problems- What Should You Know About It?

BMW F800 Problems

Do you want to buy BMW F800? if it is you must know a few BMW F800 problems first!

Among dual-sport motorbikes, the BMW F-Series is like a half-god among people. This motorcycle has frequent forms, but to this time, only more proficient alterations are still in construction. Currently, we’ll be speaking about the most influential BMW F800, which is obtainable in GS and GSA alterations.

We won’t define all of the amendments and kinds of motorcycles obtainable on the market. You can now find GS and GSA, but there was also the GT sport form and F800S, the eldest in the sequence. We’ll be talking about the BMW F800 problems and will also see if this is an excellent optimal for you or if you should better select something else on the market.

Here Are Some Significant Things We’ll Cover:

  1. The BMW F800 – is it really a good dual-sport motorcycle?
  2. What are the complications of the F800 measured to be mutual issues?
  3. What are the important things to look at when purchasing a used F800?
  4. What’s the permanency of the BMW F800 series?
  5. Some upkeep tips you should reflect on with this bike.

Is The BMW F800 Really A Good Motorcycle?

All bikes of the sequences are now motorized with the 798cc engine with a power variety from 71 to 85 hp. This engine is an analogous twin, a water-cooled unit with 8 valves. The head has DOHC production. The 4 stroke engine appears to be ideal for such a vehicle. But some proficient riders will say that there isn’t adequate power.

We would be upset with this claim because the weight of the F800 is 395 to 472 lbs. which is not that much. And if BMW is evident to connect a much more influential engine in this structure, you could hardly control the motorcycle. We ponder the power-to-weight ratio is one of the finest in its class.

Also, Here Are Some Significant Things To Deliberate:

  • The motorcycle goes to the dual-sport class where power doesn’t choose anything, it should be accomplished for all sorts of paths, and it is;
  • The water-cooled engine is prodigious because it won’t burn much and won’t expire after long rides or off-roading.
  • The highest speed of 120 mph is inspiring for such a light motorbike. Well, at least, in contrast with vessel bikes.
  • The F800 bids up to 85 hp of power and 61 lb-ft of torque – this is enormous for a mid-sized dual-sport motorcycle.
  • The 6-speed spread looks to be ideal, it permits you to select the required manner when riding compliantly.
  • The front suspension is probably the telescopic fork, while the back is the dual swipe arm and the brace with 215 mm travel – not bad at all.
  • Since 2013, all F800s have had electrical suspension modifications, which is great for this class of motorcycles.
  • The seat height of 880 mm makes this model a wicked choice for squatter people, while tall people will be pretty relaxed when riding.

The average fuel capacity is 4.2 gallons, but the GSA alteration deals with a 6.3-gallon tank, making its range much more exciting. The average MPG is appealed to be about 55-62 MPG which is great for a dominant motorbike with an athletic soul. This is an inordinate way to get a multi-purpose bike for those who don’t know what they actually want.

Yes, it’s not a low-cost toy. The base price is $12,595 as of July 2022. But you will certainly want to add some extras making the price of your selected motorcycle at one of the BMW traders up to $15,500 or something like that. So, it’s not cheap at all, particularly related to dissimilar dual sport bikes obtainable at three times more reasonable prices. But this is BMW and this is what it takes.

common bmw f800 problems

What Problems Should You Assume With Your BMW F800?

The sequence is not very prevalent in Europe, but American purchasers pick the F800 model really often. That’s why it wasn’t tough to examine the mediums and exchange to mechanics to make the list of the most common glitches of the BMW F800 bikes. And these glitches can make you think double before you get your hands on this bike.

First, we must say that we love BMW motorcycles and would still pay 15 grand to own the F800GS. But occasionally, these motorcycles are shocked with some common problems that all holders experience. So shouldn’t they be of better eminence for this money?

Common BMW F800 Problems

     1. Difficulties with transmission shifting

If it’s your first bike or you’ve never driven BMW motorcycles, you may catch the show shifter pretty firm to work. Finding unbiased is a test and getting right to the required kit. The ABS system, which is optionally accessible after 2013, is not attractive and well fixed. ABS may trigger braking help when it’s not required. Similarly, it makes your everyday ride a little anxious because you never expect it to come into a stroke.

     2. Battery Drains

Unluckily, BMW wasn’t capable of resolving this problem and it’s still existing in the F800s. The bike will abruptly leave you without any chance to start the engine because the battery has been exhausted totally.

     3. Vibration

Well, if you had an ancient bike before, you will say that the BMW F800 is as flat as an electric car, but it isn’t in actuality. Holders claim that this sound and shaking start getting on their nerves over time, particularly during long rides.

     4. Rust On Engine Bars

If you are getting a used bike with high stretch, you may have glitches with undoing the engine for complete mending because its bolts are roofed with rust.

     5. Slight Head Problems

Previous bikes had difficulties with headstock bearing, which required changes. But fresher copies don’t have this issue any longer.

     6. Mirrors

Fine, if you get the older F800, you should swap mirrors with some aftermarket ones because the standard mirrors won’t show you a section of the road behind you, which is not safe at all.

Well, these problems are not that evil. If you liken the list of BMW F800’s snags with the concerns of other dual-sport bikes in the same price slot, we are sure you will still pick the BMW. Why? Because it’s one of the best bikes in the class that carries feelings when you ride it. And yes, you will have to excuse something to this motorcycle just because there is nothing in the world that wouldn’t have some problems and possible harm. However, the BMW is one of the calmest choices, and you’ll appreciate it after you decide to do a trial drive.

Problems of BMW F800

How Long Will Your BMW F800 Last?

This is pretty an old model with a portion of criticisms, and now we can form a belief about its durability. We would say that the BMW F800 will go past about 40K miles with no concerns at all. After that, some slight snags will start seeming now and then. You should be cautious with the grasp, oil, cooler drips, etc. But these problems won’t stop you from riding your BMW motorcycle for another 30 km.

Consequently, we say the actual lifetime of the BMW F800 is about 70,000 miles, over 14 years for a regular rider. But of course, the permanency may be much smaller if you don’t uphold the motorcycle or forget the instruction given in the rider’s guide.

How To Extend The Life Of Your BMW F800?

The one method to extend the life of your BMW motorcycle is to be cautious with it and uphold it severely in accordance with the supplies. The maker needs you to at least ride your bike without harm until the guarantee period is over. So, BMW gives good guidance on steady upkeep.

We Would Propose These Imperative Things:

  • Change oil and cooler as soon as required
  • Look out for any drips and instantly go to experts once you sign them.
  • Purchase unique liquids, filters, and spare parts for the long life of your motorcycle.
  • Never let inexpert mechanics get their hands on your bike. BMW traders are the best optimal
  • Be cautious when riding your bike, don’t get the soul out of it.

We recognize that some of these instructions are insufficient. And BMW holders won’t think much about being vigilant on the road. But at least you should follow some of these instructions.

Final Words

We trust that a BMW bike is quite one of the best selections if you can pay for it with fairly high worth and amazing upkeep prices. But of course, what we endorse you is to take it for a test drive and check if it’s OK for you. Also, you can acquire an alternative dual-sport bike for a test drive and relate the spirits.

We are pretty assured that the BMW will make successful. Please read our list of mutual glitches and associate it with what you suppose from a motorcycle.

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