Best Dirt Bike For Wheelies (Ultimate Guide)

Best dirt bike for wheelies

There is something about learning a new hoax. Whether it’s exciting to pull off or a trick you have been working on for a while, attempting new tricks on your bike is thrilling. And once you master wheelies, you will have a trick in your collection that’s not just breathtaking to watch wheelies; it can also be valuable in helping you fly over impediments and hike uphill.

But wheelies are not just easy to do. They are one of the most time-consuming and exciting moves, so you need the right bike. What you are riding changes how easy it is to tackle wheelies both as you are learning and while you are riding. Below is a list of the best dirt bikes for wheelies.

Top Best Dirt Bike For Wheelies

Best dirt bike for Wheelies
  1. KTM 950 SM Supermoto
  2. Triumph Speed Triple
  3. BMW F800R
  4. Aprilia Tuono
  5. Yamaha Fazer 600
  6. Kawasaki KX100
  7. Suzuki DRZ400S
  8. KTM 1190 Adventure R
  9. Yamaha WR250R
  10. Ducati Monster

KTM 950 SM Supermoto

To be very honest, most KTM is desolate at wheelies. But the 950 SM is a correctly corking mono machine. It might be the low-slung seat. It might be the soft suspension. It might be the carbureted engine. Whatever it is, it puts the SM in a class of its own for mingers.

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KTM 950 SM

Triumph Speed Triple

This bike is known as one of the best for one wheel action due to its torquey motor and upright riding position. The rider will enjoy wheeling with full safety precautions.

Triumph Speed Triple


Not an apparent choice and wants a bit of clutch coaxing. But once you get over up, BMW’s middleweight twin can go on and on in an attractively stable way. We advise under-seat fuel tank aides, as does the flat torque transfer.


Aprilia Tuono

The original V-twin Tuono racer was an utter hoodlum of a bike and wheelie for Italy. The latest V- fours are just as wild. A bit hard-edged but a formidable force on the back wheel once mastered.

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Aprilia Tuono

Yamaha Fazer 600

This bike is also regarded as the best selection for wheelies. Detuned motor and carbs mean flexible, clean grunt, and the upright riding position does the rest. Probably the cheapest, most practical mono machine around.

Yamaha Fazer 600

Kawasaki KX100

If you want one of the best bikes to acquire wheelies but not looking to drop almost $10k, this Kawasaki might be a better choice. Because it is such a prevalent model, you can find plenty of used bikes at a much lesser price. This might be a better choice as you try to get the wheel off the ground.

Kawasaki KX100

Suzuki DRZ400S

The Suzuki DR Z400S is the head doyen of the Supermoto movement. It is one of the most proficient, fun, and steadfast bikes offered, whether driving down the highway or on your favourite dirt path. You can learn wheelie on this bike properly as this bike comes with advanced features according to wheelie practice.

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Suzuki DRZ400S

KTM 1190 Adventure R

The KTM 1190 Adventure R is the perfect bike for wheelies for numerous reasons. First, the V Twine engine offers the twisting you need to bump up your front end. Even when you are riding above 50 mph, you won’t have any distress getting it up. Additionally, KTM is expected and replies to every drive from your right wrist. You will have complete control of whether your wheels are on the ground or not.

KTM 1190 Adventure R

Yamaha WR250R

If the DRZ is the crown doyen of Supermoto, the WR is the tsar. The dirt fixated WR250R from Yamaha is the perfect mix of the YZ motocross and WR off-road bikes. It’s driven by a 250cc liquid cooled DOHC-4 stroke engine, including EFI. It also comes with a three-way adaptable suspension on both the front and rear. This engine pairs with a six-speed transmission with an extensive ratio speed.

Also, it features a YZ style chassis made of bogus and cast aluminum sections plus high strength steel down tubes to offer further stiffness and strength. You will also be overwhelmed by the dual wave-type disc brakes in the front and rear. This helps to offer ideal stopping power, whether you are doing wheelies. The racing lumber also links you with the gripper cover to the bike.

Yamaha WR250R

Ducati Monster

Of course, a torquey naked V- twin two-seater will be good at this category of thing, but which one do we go for? Of course, the recent 1200 is a proficient grade tool, but the older ones still rock. An air cooled 1000 or 1100 will well mono to the horizon and back again while looking at the business. An S4 or S4R is perhaps gliding the lily but be our guest!

Ducati Monster

How To Do Your First Wheelies?

This is one of the most asked question, How to wheelie a dirt bike for beginner? Here are few steps:

First of all buy a suitable dirt bike. Once you find the dirt bike to do your first wheelie, it’s time to get started. The first stage is to find an open ground where you feel relaxed, bursting the tire up. Don’t start on a public road or area that is profoundly inhabited, even if you have a street legal dirt bike. You also want to look for soft ground if you go off the back. A grimy or verdant area works best; it saves your bike from huge damage.

Next, check out the throttle and confirm it moves easily. You don’t want to stick it. Then confirm that the back brake is working correctly. When you first begin the wheelie, keep your feet on the ground to balance yourself. Don’t start too violently. You will likely go right off the back. Remain constant with your throttle; don’t blip it. Open it up and remain as stable as possible.

Being stable on the throttle aids you to stay in the sweet spot of harmonizing the back wheel.

Once you are in the wheelie, cover your back brake with your right foot. This helps you if you happen to go beyond your balance point. You can hit this brake and bring it down the front of your bike. Don’t jam it on entirely, or you might end up over the handlebars. If you worry about getting the wheelie started, you might need to use your weight. Transfer your butt to the back of the seat. Usually, the throttle glitch should be enough to get you going, but this extra swipe can make the difference.

How To Wheelie A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike?

The trick with a 2-stroke bike is to preserve a negligible, flat throttle. Don’t let your actions become too hostile. You don’t want the engine to go into the power band or come on a pipe, or you will end up on your back.

How To Wheelie A 4 Stroke Dirt Bike?

A 4 stroke has a more steadfast and sander acceleration than the 2 stroke. It also doesn’t feature as punitive of a powerband. So it’s often much more forgiving to learn how to do a wheelie on a 4 stroke. If you are starting, you might want to consider learning with this kind of bike first and then move on to learning the 2 strokes.

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How To Wheelie A Dirt Bike With The Clutch?

Trying to do a clutch up wheelie from a halt is a different beast. You might find it to be relaxed and perfect for novices. Start by pulling the clutch lever in and elect first gear.

Move your body to the back of the seat so your weight transfer back. Again, keep your foot over the top of the back brake pedal, or you could leave both of your feet on the ground and drag them at first to stop tossing over liable on how large the bike is.

While you let out the clutch pull the throttle back abruptly, apply and pull up slightly on your handlebars. This should lift the front of your bike. Make sure you keep the balance and throttle of your bike. Blip your brake to bring the front back down if you start to go back. Keep in mind that you always have the back brake if things get out of control.

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Benefits Of Bikes For Wheelies

More Durable Derivation: Acting wheelies and other guiles can put a bike’s derivation through grave wear, tear, and even abuse. As a result, you need a stronger derivation to endure your riding strains. Bikes made for wheelies inclined to carry.

Good Rear Brake: While handlebar brakes are a mutual option, a good rear brake setup is necessary for grasping and carrying out wheelies. A bike for wheels will have rear brakes that work effortlessly and straightforwardly so you can practice.

Smooth Shifting Gears: Every bike rider desires their bicycle to have slickly fluctuating gears. This aids your change and regulates smoothly while riding, and it can plane out your performance when bouncing from riding right into wheelies.

Lightweight Build: A trivial bicycle bids plentiful aids for riders, making it easy to reach faster speeds and growing your bike’s movability. Because you need to be clever to lift the front of your bike while carrying out a wheelie, the BMX bikes built for wheelies incline to feature a lightweight built that makes tricks a gust.

Tips To Avoid Crashing During A Wheelie

  1. Think of that you can always switch out or upgrade certain chunks of your bike to make wheelies a bit calmer. You can change the seat and wheels or even increase or eliminate screws.
  2. Wheelies can cause grievance to some bikes. Make sure to ponder the frame and structure of a bike before making a struggle to do a wheelie or any guiles. If you have many dirt bikes, select the one with lesser CC to start on. In comparison, it can be fun to do wheelies on your more influential bikes. It’s always premium to start small and move up. The more power you have beneath you, the higher your chance of crashing while learning. Once you have control over the power, you will be able to do wheelies on any bike you want. If you are struggling, you might try a different bike.
  3. It would help if you had a bike with many gears to perform wheelies. Don’t select a single speed bike, or you will be incompetent to even try these guiles due to the nonappearance of origin.
  4. You must also have all essential gear like gloves, face masks, helmets and knee pads. As wheelies can be damaging for beginners, all these gears will defend you from risk. You will also feel protected by having all these as these are not essential for safety. These are also obligatory for riding.
  5. Use your foot to cover the rear brake. This permits you to rapidly bring down the front wheel if you start to go beyond your stability point.
  6. This tip is useful to keep you safe during your ride. If you want to add some additional steadiness, you can always put your feet off the back of your bike instead of putting them on the footpegs. This desires you to slog them on the ground and means you can’t cover the back brake, but it’s always a choice that might make you sense more contented.
  7. If there are knocks, hills, or bumps, you are in advanced danger of being off balance. This makes the procedure stiffer to learn and creates more for you to fall on.
  8. Don’t try to learn on a stormy path at first. You want a long stretch of the straight runway, so you don’t end up face planting into a hindrance on the path.
  9. If you weigh more than the normal rider, make sure you don’t sit too far back while working. You can effortlessly go off balance when your weight is up.
  10. Another tip is; Don’t get too violent with the accelerator. This will unavoidably toss you over the back.

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This article is jam-packed with information about the best dirt bike for wheelies. You can easily pick any bike of your choice to advance your skill and gain aesthetic pleasure. We have tried our best to eradicate each ambiguity of yours related to this topic. This will assist you perfectly next time when will you plan to take part in wheeling. Besides that, we have also started some safety measures as we care about you too much. By following these tips, you will be able to protect yourself and your beloved once. If you still have any confusion related to this topic, please contact us.

Happy Riding!

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