How To Wash A Dirt Bike Like A Pro? (Easy Method)

how to clean dirt bike

Your bike consists of many moving parts. These parts start in Detroit when bare to mud, dirt, and wreckage. A regular timetable of upkeep is important. If you spend a lot of time riding in wet, murky situations or if you ride hard, fast, and often plan to clean your bike more often. Keeping your bike’s parts appropriately and oil is vital for a good presentation.

But do you know how to wash a dirt bike like a pro?

As lubrication defends moving parts from extreme wear produced by resistance, stops them from “freezing up,” and helps keep corrosion and rust at the cove. This article will discuss basic bike cleaning materials, simple steps to wash dirt bikes like a pro, and many more. So, let’s start:

Basic Bike Cleaning Provisions

Here is a list of some basic bike cleaning supplies. Without these, you cannot clean your bike properly. These are as follows:

how to wash dirt bike

– Clean Shreds

Keep plenty of these on hand for grease, oil, and wax associated errands and general cleaning and freshening.

– Brushes

Have numerous sizes and shapes to get into hard-to-reach places to eliminate the dirt that rinsing alone cant get. Old toothbrushes work great.

– Water

Water can be an accessible tool when used prudently, but be careful here. Water, particularly when coming from a high-pressure hose, can cause injury to subtle bearing systems through your bike.

– Soap/ General Cleaner

Use liquid dishwashing soap or preformulated bike wash cleaner for frame cleaning.

– Degreaser

A bike concrete degreaser will clean up sticky parts like your bike chain. Choose a flush that is easy on the environment. Place all diluters correctly.

– Chain Lubricant

Correctly greasing your chain helps extend the life of your drivetrain. Always apply bicycle explicit lube oil to a clean chain. There are two kinds of lubes wet and dry. Wet lube is best to use when ng in wet conditions. It powerfully sticks to the drivetrain and is less likely to tint off in the rain. That said, dirt and gravel will also stick to it, be sure to wipe off excess lube. Dry lube excels in a dry setting. Dirt and grit stick less to a dry lube, but dry lube does rinse off easily if you find yourself riding in the rain.

– Bike Stand

This will allow you to position the bike at a contented height while working on it. It will also let you turn the wheels or eliminate the wheels so you can clean all the moving hard to reach parts.

Note: Always use best quality air filter oil to increase the life of filter.

How To Wash A Dirt Bike (Step By Step Guide)

It might seem threatening to the inexperienced, but cleaning a dirt bike is candid if you know how to do it. Here are some simple steps that can help you wash your cycle appropriately. These are as follows:

how to clean dirt bike

1. Eliminate Delicate Gears

Start by making sure that the engine has cooled down. Washing the dirt bike when it is still hot can harm hasty. Once it is no longer hot, cover or eradicate the sensitive parts. This is important to stop water infiltration that can damage the internal gears.

One of the first things you have to take off is the seat. Most are made of foam, so water and moistness are some of their mortal opponents. It is like a scrubber, so it can engross water and worsen over time if it is often wet. The air filter is another constituent to take out. Getting water inside can be disastrous, ensuing in exclusive maintenances. Even if you remove the air filter, see to it that you cover the airbox.

2. Spray Water With A Hose

With the sensitive parts out or covered, it is time to bring out the pipe and spray the dirt bike with water. This will serve as the early colourant. The goal is to make mud and dirt soft before you brush them. This way, they are easier to remove. Some might resort to using a pressure washer to complete the job relaxed. It makes sense since the high pressure is supposed to help you get rid of the stain on the surface. But we recommend against it because it can be too strong. It can harm labels and patterns. In addition, it can also direct water into some of the dirt bike’s internal gears resulting in irreparable damage.

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3. Scrub Filth And Wreckage

With the dirt bike now wet, the dirt must have already relaxed for easy subtraction. It is time to get your hands muddy. Use the right tools to make the task more relaxed. One of the must haves is a hard spike brush, particularly when there is bushy mud. Focus on the areas with dirt build ups, such as cogs, wheels, and chains. Once you are done cleaning, follow up by rinsing the dirt. You are washing off what you have already cleaned, which is in preparation for the next step. You can also use a luffa for a cleaner surface.

4. Use A Dirt Bike Cleaner

Using water and a sponge alone isn’t enough in most instances. For more powerful dirt bike cleaning, use the right product. You will find the variation of products in the market. For example, some are in the form of a concentrate that you have to mix with water. Meanwhile, others are pre mixed and accessible in a spray bottle for suitable application.

Spray Chain Cleaner On The Chain

5. Rinse And Dry

After applying the cleaner rinse, the dirt bike pays attention to explicit areas with thick dirt or those where you applied more of the cleaner. Some products might leave a misty film or visible reminder if you do not wash them off appropriately, especially if the cleaner has a strong formula. After rinsing, let the dirt bike dry. Rather than leaving it for a few minutes to dry by itself, we indorse using a microfiber cloth instead. This will speed up drying, but it can also eradicate any trace of dirt or cleaner on the surface while also stopping water spots.

6. Apply Defensive Coating

Once the dirt bike is dry, ensure the application of protective coating. It is accessible in different forms. Select one that is most compatible with the material. One of the most common is wax. It can give your bike a shiny and graceful presence, with a shine that looks as good as new.

7. Lubricate The Chain

The chain s one of the most important parts of your dirt bike, which makes movements possible. Henceforth, cleaning your ride isn’t complete without gainful attention to the chain. Even with today’s progressive technologies, chains still entice dirt. Cleaning is important to keep it clean and effective. If you have not cleaned the chain in a long time, you might want to immerse it in a flush. After a few minutes, take it off the liquid solution and brush to remove the dirt on the link. Let it dry before smearing a lubricant.

Do you know how to clean a dirt bike chain?

Dirt Bike Chain

8. Clean The Seat

The seat is one of the most overused parts of the bike. Most of the seats will have a water-resistant leather cover so that you can wash them securely. However, it might have tears over time so that water can get inside. If the material is foam, then it might worsen. You need to figure out the best way to clean the seat with this.

Some detergents are particularly articulated for motorcycle seats, especially leather. Start by rubbing the seat with a clean cloth, then apply the seat cleaner. Let it settle for a while, and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. Once done, you can apply a protectant or similar material to shield the surface against dirt.

Do you know how to clean dirt bike engine?

9. Clean The Drain Pipe

When dirt and debris amass on the exhaust pipe of your dirt bike, it can lose power. The presence of carbon and soot is a huge concern for many riders. More than including performance, your dirt bike will also be inept. A good way to stop this is by keeping the exhaust pipe clean, which should be a part of general upkeep. The specific cleaner to use rests on the material of the exhaust pipe.

10. Congregate The Components

Your dirt bike is almost ready at this point. Once everything is clean and dry, put the pieces you have stripped back together. Make sure that they are in a relaxed position. Do a quick review, seeing that the components are clean and there is no apparent injury.


To wrap up the whole discussion, I can say that washing a dirt bike is very easy I you have all the basic supplies and knowledge about cleaning a dirt bike. The step mentioned above for cleaning a dirt bike will provide you with a straightforward way to keep your dirt bike free from mud and debris. If you require more information about cleaning dirt bikes properly, please contact us. We are here to assist you in a better way.

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