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How To Start A Bike Without Key

If you have lost your keys or are just not working correctly, you possibly need to work out a way to open your bike lock without your keys. However, depending on the bike lock, this can be hard, while at worst, it will finish your lock.

Having your bike locked out in front of you without its keys in sight is undoubtedly the second worst nightmare of every biker. So, short of trying to saw off the bicycle lock, what can you probably do in a condition like this? How to start a bike without a key? You can try a horde of things when caught in a situation of having a bike lock without its keys.

How To Start A Bike Without Key?

These are the best tricks to unlock your bike without a key. Whether you are a beginner or pro you can use these tricks confidently.

1. Use A Locksmith

If you have lost your keys and have tried every simple step already, the best solution is to contact a local locksmith. As a locksmith knows all techniques of locking and unlocking, he will assist you in a better way to unlock your bike lock. Or you can call a local locksmith if you don’t want to damage your lock or be accused of stealing. Both are pretty good reasons.

This method may seem like one of the most expensive unlocking methods, but it will work instantly to save you from any kind of trouble or loss. Locksmith has all gadgets needed to remove any lock. You can save plenty of time and energy.

How To Start A Bike Without Key

2. Use A Shim To Open The Bike Lock

Unlocking the bike by using a shim can also prove time saving for you. Shim is a thin piece of metal or plastic that you can insert between the fetter and the locking bolt in your bike lock. These shims are easily available at any expert’s shop. You can also make these shims by yourself from soda pop cons or plastic drinks bottles. This method of unlocking is perfectly suitable for cheap and shoddy locks.

3. Use The Pen Trick:

The use of a pen trick is another solution to unlock your bike without having a key. And it only works on the most basic and shoddiest of bike locks. This is an easy way; all you need to do is, have a ballpoint pen that removes the tube containing its tip and ink. Now you have left with only a hollow pen tube. By holding this hollow pen into the key bolt and circling it as you do with a key, you can easily unlock your bike. You must know that only certain u-locks can be opened with this method.

4. Use A Lock Pick

Lock picking is one of the perfect choices when attempting to unlock a bike lock without having a key. Cheaper locks can be simply unlocked by using a lock pick. If you have a cheaper lock, you can unblock it without having keys. For unlocking with a lock pick, you will need to insert your tension wrench into the key plug and put some tension on the cylinders. And then, insert your picking tool and feel for the key pins. When the key pin has pushed the driver pin, you will feel a small click.

This seems a mark to move on to the next key pin. Keep repeating this process until you have set all of the pins in place. You should then be able to twist the lock open with your tension wrench.

5. Use Blunt Force

Only bound to work on a bike lock of very low-priced quality, this method would demand the need of a weighty article. A hammer will do just well, but it is hard to find a hammer out on a haphazard street. So, the next best thing is to clutch a brick or heavy stone and have a go at the lock. Some cheap cable locks may come separately, but an advanced quality lock will engross every effect without any substantial harm.

How To Start A Bike Without Key

6. Use The Bypass Method

This method is typically a technique that is used to open mixture locks when a keyhole is absent for reaching the locking apparatus through picking tools. This process is technical, and you need to follow some phases to unlock your bike. First, you must turn each binding wheel number of the combination dial lock righthanded and counterclockwise until you feel the shackle clicking out of place. Make sure that you are not pulling on the shackle too firmly; otherwise, you would need to repeat these steps several times. This method can also be very handy in solving your trouble of unlocking.

7. Cutting The Lock Off

This solution is not right for unlocking a bike lock without having the right gears. This kind of bike lock can easily affect your ability to cut it off. If you use a cable lock to save your bike, you would not need many tools. A tension wrench may be enough for cutting cables. Besides this, the wire cutter will also work efficiently. These tools are the most reliable tools for cutting wires if you lose the keys. Never forget to wear your equipment and confirm that you will not put yourself in danger when you try to unlock the lock.

8. Ask For Professional Help

One of the calmest ways of resolving the problem of opening a bike lock without its key would be to ask for aid from a nearby bike shop. Owing to a blast in bike use, such shops are found everywhere now. These shops see similar cases of individuals losing their keys every day, so the shops are poised to have the essential gadgets to open your bike.

Final Words

To conclude this discussion, it can be said that losing keys is a very common error that can happen to anyone. If you are a lover of bike riding and during your bike trip you lost your bike key accidentally, then the techniques mentioned above can prove very helpful to unlock your bike.

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