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Learning how to ride a dirt bike, the exact way and being hardworking when you are first initial out is the best way to advance your talent. If you learn bad habits or try to take cutoffs when getting started, you will always try to correct your errors.

When you know the basics, you will be able to go gradually challenging rides much faster. The primary purpose of a dirt bike is speed, which makes it harder to handle. Some people choose track bikes when learning as these are easy to learn and less expensive. Moreover, if you are going to learn how to ride a dirt bike, always select beginner level tracks and follow all safety precautions.

How To Ride A Dirt Bike?

There are certain things to consider while learning to ride a dirt bike. These areas follow:


The very first step for any beginner while learning how to ride a dirt bike is; how to get the bike started. First of all, before you start the engine, make sure the battery is on. In hot weather, you will not need to use the choke.

However, you may need a choke to warm up your bike when you start it when it is cold down. Next, to start the engine, you must follow the instructions on your dirt bike to determine what gear to have it in. Once it is in the proper gear position, kick starts the engine or use the electric start on newer bikes.


Safety should always be the fundamental priority of every rider while learning how to ride a dirt bike. The helmet plays a vital role to keep you safe and protected from any danger during riding. Technically you can use any helmet as long as it is certified as safe by the transportation department.

Depending on your preference, you can freely choose any helmet between full face helmet, open face helmet, and modular. Additionally, safety can also be increased by having gloves, a leather jacket, some pads, and boots. All these items can quickly minimize the chances of danger.

How To Ride A Dirt Bike


Learning how to ride a dirt bike is quite different from regular bike. Especially when you don’t have any knowledge about riding dirt bikes. If you come from a street background, you need to learn new body positioning techniques specific to dirt. Everything from how you turn the bike to how you sit on the bike is different.

When you first sit on the dirt bike, ensure that your crotch is as close to the gas tank as possible. Lifting your elbows for riding seems quite weird at first, but there lies a reason behind it. So, being a beginner, it is essential to learn the exact body position for riding dirt.


Keeping your legs slightly bent assists as an added suspension and makes it easier to move from forwardi or backward to keep a balance over jumps, on landings, around corners, and through the whoops.

It is also regarded as a safety feature as it can keep your back from being jerked as much as it would be while standing with the knees locked in place. It is also convenient to grip the dirt bike with your knees. This will keep a little space between yourself and your dirt bike, permitting them to move freely.


This is another significant thing to take into reflection being a beginner. Most dirt bikes can run up for up to six hours on a tank of fuel, which should be more than enough riding time, particularly when you are just beginning.

However, if you accidentally run out of petrol while still on the path, there is a quick solution. Trace the metal switch on the fuel tank and flip it to the “Reserve” setting. Then, you will have enough fuel to get back to your truck.

How To Ride A Dirt Bike


This is another important aspect to which a beginner must be well acquainted. Every bike has two brakes. In many cases, beginners select the right-hand brake, which is the silver medal in front of their right hand. Due to this reason, it is typically directed that you don’t touch it at all for the first few rides. But, except you have a good feel of it, it can send you flying over the handlebars nonetheless of how fast you are moving.

For this reason, you shouldn’t be as rough on it as you are on a bicycle. The best brake to use is the back one. The foot brake controls the back tire, which produces a flatter stop. You can find it in front of your right foot bolt.


Learning to crash a dirt bike is mostly about evading damage. Do not put your foot out to support yourself before a crash. You will also be safer wearing the right gear. Crashing is unavoidable, especially for beginners. But you don’t want a leg or foot injury to stop you from working. Avoiding crashing can prove difficult for beginners, but one can easily beat all these damages by going through manual instructions.


To wrap up the whole discussion, I can say that riding a dirt bike may feel difficult and unusual at first. However, after just a few rides, you will start to get a feel for your bike, and you will routinely go through the proper motions and get into a suitable position. If you can learn great riding habits right from the beginning, you will find that your skill level rapidly shapes, and you will be a skilled rider before you know it. The above-mentioned points will prove handy for you while learning how to ride a dirt bike

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