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Why Are Dirt Bikes So Expensive

We often hear many questions that why are dirt bikes so expensive. These questions can prove hurdles while purchasing dirt bikes. As we all know, dirt bikes are manufactured differently from normal bikes. Therefore, dirt bikes are a bit expensive compared to normal bikes. The material used in the manufacturing of dirt bikes is of good quality.

If you observe, there is a difference between a dirt bike and motorcycle. There are numerous reasons why dirt bikes are so expensive. As we know, dirt bike parts are made in those countries where production cost is too high. Also, the material used in manufacturing these bikes is hard to buy. The building charges, export costs, and dealership expenditures make dirt bikes so expensive and luxurious. Moreover, these bikes are uniquely designed and stylish, which adds more value to them.

Why Are Dirt Bikes So Expensive?

Here is a list of valid reasons which make dirt bikes so expensive.

1. Costly Material

Aluminum, magnesium, and carbon are known as common materials used in the manufacturing of bikes. Dirt bikes are used for racing, wheelies on rough trails, and many adventurous acts, so their manufacturing is different from common bikes. Therefore, the material used in manufacturing dirt bikes is also unique and high quality. The material should also be unique to make dirt bikes lightweight, unique and stylish. And such high-quality material is mostly exported from Japan and Australia, and buying products from these countries is always costly. So, it could be one of the major reasons for the high price of dirt bikes.

2. Low Marketing

Low marketing is also another reason for the high price of dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are not legal in every country and are used only for normal mountain riding, trail racing, and off-road riding. Due to the lower demand for these bikes, a small portion of people invests in these vehicles. And the sellers who sell these dirt bikes need to charge high prices to their customers. Otherwise, it could be a big loss.

Why Are Dirt Bikes So Expensive

3. Special Engine Cylinders

While talking about the high price of dirt bikes, we cannot neglect those parts of dirt bikes, which make these bikes costly. Engine Cylinders is one of the common parts which can make dirt bikes so expensive. Every dirt bike comes with more engine cylinders, and more cylinders make the riding smoother, while an engine with a few cylinders is okay and cheapest. Dirt bike engines are uniquely designed with 4 to 6 cylinders. These cylinders also keep the weight of the dirt bike down. This could be another reason for the high cost of dirt bikes.

4. Expensive Frame

The third reason behind the high price of dirt bikes is the frame of these dirt bikes. Commonly, frames are made with a primary component, aluminum, but dirt bike frames are developed with carbon fiber, titanium, and magnesium. Head tubes are also included inside the frame that holds the front fork, and, in some bikes, the engine is attached to the inner side. These frames are so hard and strong that even with major accidents, no harm can happen to the internal part of the frame.

5. High Quality Brakes

Another reason behind the high cost of the dirt bike is its brakes. You will be amazed if you know about the brakes of dirt bikes. These brakes are equivalent to the car’s anti-brake systems. And these brakes are usually lightweight to maintain the whole bike weight. These brakes work well even in wet weather. Like the rim, the other brakes will take longer to stop the dirt bike. The material used to build these brakes is also helpful to keep it away from damages that could occur due to dust and mud. It keeps working perfectly even if the wheels are slightly out.

6. Front Fork

The front fork sounds common, but this is the most critical part of any dirt bike. The stability of any dirt bike is impossible without a front fork. It holds the front wheel to allow you to turn it around smoothly of turning. This single part can easily manage fork tubes, the neck of the frame, and the bottom handles lower legs. To keep these parts stable, the front fork should be strong and manufactured with special kinds of metal. Front fork can easily enhance the price of dirt bikes.

Why Are Dirt Bikes So Expensive?

7. Durable Wheels

Dirt bikes are usually known for riding in mud or hilly areas; Therefore, tires should be strong to handle it all. These wheels are different from the wheels of common bikes. It has soft rubber with closely spaced tread blocks. And sand tires are widely spaced, with paddle tread for a better grip on the sand. These tires are filled with tire mousse to avoid punctures. These tires have knobby, deep treads for a strong grip on mud, dirt, and mountains. Besides that made with harder rubber for durability. In addition, these tires maintain temperatures while coming into contact with roads.

8. Rigid Suspension

Suspension is very crucial for the connection of front and rear wheels. The front suspension is attached inside the front fork or could be the earl’s type used in most dirt bikes. On the other hand, the rear suspension holds the rear wheel’s axle. Suspensions are specially designed to not break the linkages between the tires and manage all shock systems while jumping a dirt bike. So, suspension can also prove one of the major reasons for the high price of dirt bikes.

Final Words

To sum up this discussion, I can say that, Dirt bikes are different from normal bikes. The material used in the construction of these bikes is of high quality. Due to the best quality of material, these bikes are regarded as expensive compared to normal bikes. Dirt bikes are best for off road riding. Therefore, experts try to make these bikes strong and long lasting. So, anyone who wants to take pleasure in off-road riding, or mountain trail racing can easily access these bikes with full security.

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