Best Dirt Bike For Short Riders

Best Dirt Bike For Short Riders

There is nothing as dreadful as riding a dirt bike without being able to reach the ground with your feet. And since it’s not something like a bicycle where you alter the seat lower, talking about the seat height is vital. So, the only way to get a dirt bike well-matched with shorter inseams without cooperating the much-needed sweet specs.

But there is no need to get worried. Now you can get the best dirt bike. Being a short rider, you can rely on it as well. If you are looking for a dirt bike compatible with a short person and want the best of its kind, you can get any of your choices.

Best Dirt Bike For Short Riders

Below is a list of the best dirt bikes for short riders.

1. Honda CRF50F

The Honda CRF50F is a dirt bike built for children, but it can surely be appropriate for shorter teenage riders. First, the seat height is 21.6 inches, which is regarded as very low, and the bike weighs 110 pounds which is considered very heavy. It has a 4-stroke engine that works accurately with 3 various speeds transmissions, and it has a 2.8-liter fuel tank.

This bike also has a disc brake braking system that offers very powerful and fast stopping power. The design of the dirt bike looks very attractive as it is made from very strong and high-quality steel and plastic materials. It is available in red, white and black. It can also be available with a cheap price tag of $1,499. It is the best option for short riders and also for children.

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Honda CRF50F

2. Yamaha TT-R230 &TT-R125LE

The Yamaha TT-R230 is regarded as one of the best bikes for short-sized riders. It is not designed for kids, but it is built for teenage with short height. A 2-stroke engine and electric starter power this bike. This bike is available in blue color and is perfectly suitable for short riders. With a seat height of about 34.2 inches, the bike claims an overall height of 46.5 inches and 81.3 inches in length. The Yamaha TT-R125LE has a seat height of 31.7 inches.

Yamaha TT-R230

3. Kawasaki KLX140L

This model is also a perfect choice for short riders. This is an electric bike and comes in very small dimensions. Its seat height is 31.5inches, the overall height is 42.3 inches, and it is 31.1 inches wide. Additionally, it has 4 stroke engine and works perfectly with 5 various gears. It also has 17-inch rear wheels and a 14-inch front wheel. This model has a very compact frame and durability that can make the structure extremely defensive.

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Kawasaki KLX140L

4. Suzuki DR-Z125L

This model with yellow color and five gear dirt bike is made especially for short riders. Its seat height is 32.0 inches, an overall height of 111cm, and 188.5cm. This bike is powered by 4 stroke engine that can produce high speed. Its frame is sturdy and easy to control an electrical system. This bike with unique features is best for short riders who want to enjoy riding.

Suzuki DR-Z125L

5. Husqvarna TC 85

This bike is also another perfect choice for average height riders. Its seat height is 33.5 inches, and its weight is 68kg. It has a 2-stroke engine, works accurately with 6 different transmissions, and has a very large fuel capacity of 5.2 liters. This dirt bike has an excellent Kickstarter that helps get the engine started. It has an excellent disc type brake system in 240mm and 210mm brakes. This bike is also made of a strong and high-quality steel frame with an attractive look. It is available in white, blue, black, and yellow colors. It is available at a reasonable price of $5,000 to $6,000.

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Husqvarna TC 85

6. KTM 85 SX

KTM 85 SX is another dirt bike option for short riders. It has a seat with a height of 34.1 inches and a fuel free weight of 68.5kg. Short riders can find this model perfect for off road rides. It has 2 stroke engine that aligns with six different transmissions of speeds. It has a sturdy and robust frame and an advanced brake system.


7. Suzuki RM85

This bike is a very good model for short riders having a seat height of 33.5 inches, an overall height of 43.3 inches, and 71.1 inches. This model comes with a 2-stroke engine that works surprisingly with various 6 gears. It is available in yellow color. It has a compact, strong bike made of aluminum. This dirt bike is perfectly suitable for short riders. They can enjoy their ride on these bikes with full safety.

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Suzuki RM85

8. Honda CRF150F

This bike is incredible in its level of use and is very suitable for shorter riders. Its seat height is 32.5 inches, and its total weight is 236kg which is observed to be heavy due to the quality of material used in creating this bike. Additionally, it has a 4-stroke engine that works accurately with 5 different speeds. Its design is very attractive. It has a very special color mixture of red and white, which supports you to distinguish it from other models.


9. Suzuki DR-Z 400S

This model is powered by electricity and is fit for short riders. Its seat height is 935mm, and the overall height is about 1230mm. It has 4 stroke engine that works appropriately with 5 various speeds. It is designed with perfect defensive steel, and it is offered in white color only. This is the best model for short riders.

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Suzuki DR-Z 400S

What Short Riders Need To Consider?

A short rider should consider certain things while picking the best bike for riding. These are as follows;

  • Seat Height
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Riders Height

>> Seat Height

This is one of the crucial factors that a short rider should consider while picking the best bike for riding. Being a short rider, it is easy and vital to start riding on a bike with low seat height. No doubt you may be inclined to choose a large seat height bike, but here is a wise suggestion for you always go with a bike with a low seat height. It will not prove handy for you; you will also enjoy your ride.

>> Safety

It doesn’t matter if you are a short rider or a rider with high height safety comes first when picking a bike for riding. It should be the number one priority for every rider. Please make sure you have chosen the best bike for yourself; otherwise, you will face trouble. Here safety factor stands for always going with a bike that is perfectly designed according to your height. Additionally, looking for all safety gears while selecting bike safety gears warrants that you have less chance to get into any trouble.

>> Comfort

As riding a dirt bike has become a hobby for youth, they must ride their bikes and get some comfort from their hobby. Otherwise, they will gradually lose their interest in riding. A bike with a low seat height always guarantees more comfort for a short rider. You don’t need to swing your leg with difficulty. So being a short rider, you must ponder over that factor while purchasing a bike so that you have to work less during your ride.

>> Rider’s Height

This is one of the most important things which should be regarded by every short rider when selecting a bike. Because as a rider, your height matters a lot if you are a 5’5 person, a KTM 450 of 37.5 inches is not a suitable option for you. A Honda CRF110F with a seat height of 28.5 or a Yamaha TTR 230 of 34,3 inches will be a better option for the short rider. You can also find many options in the market specifically designed for short riders.

Riding Tips

Being a short rider is not a sin. But to have smooth and safe riding being a short rider, you need to know some riding tips which will aid you during your riding journey. These are as follows;

  • Sustain balance
  • Wearing safety gears during riding
  • Be steady with riding and make it a hobby
  • Shave your seat
  • Know the actual sitting position
  • Learn how to jump off the bike
  • Upsurge the rear sag
  • Always prefer to ride on high terrain
  • Do a lot of practice

Final Words

To sum up the whole discussion, it can be said that from now on, no short rider will shy due to his/her short height. He/she will not end his passion for riding, having fallacy in his/her mind that there are no such kinds of dirt bikes that are perfectly suitable for their height. The bikes mentioned above are the best bikes for short riders. These bikes come in attractive colors and at a reasonable price.

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