5 Best Heavy Duty Dirt Bike Tires For Ice Racing

5 Best Heavy Duty Dirt Bike Ice Tires For Ice Racing

Winter can be horrible for dedicated bikers as it bounds outside exposure. Finding the right snow tire can be hectic, and it can be more problematic for the riders as there are so skimpy facts attached to the tires that users must know before buying dirt bike tires for ice racing.

Two things are essential when buying a bike design price. Keep in mind that the tires that work best usually come in dotted designs on surfaces like snow and ice. This design can assist the tire to keep the vehicle complete on the surface and not bob while moving. Price is another vital thing to consider as the market bursts with picks for snow tires. Generally, the best quality tires are expensive, whereas the normal quality ones are lower in price.

5 Best Dirt Bike Tires For Ice Racing

Here is a list of the best ice tires:

1. MMG Combo Tire

Product Detail:

  •   Brand                       MMG
  •   Material                  Rubber
  •   Bike Type                Road Bike
  •   Wheel Size             14 Inches

MMG Combo Tire

Why Buy This?

Today’s markets are full of varieties of tires. When it comes to riding a bike during the winter season, MMG is the best choice as it comprises a knotty tread design that is eminent for its self-cleaning assets. This tire comes with a better design that stops tire gust on all levels. We can assure you that the tire does not lose its grip while riding, no matter which lands during your trial. The tires performed extremely tile, 75 mph when it comes to the speed limit. Overall these are great tires for riding in the winter season.

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2. Shinko 705 Series Front Tire- 90/90-21 TL

Product Detail:

  • Brand                            Shinko
  • Speed Rating               H
  • Rim Size                       21 Inches
  • Tire Aspect Ratio        90.0

Shinko 705 Series Front Tire

Why Buy This?

The Shinko 705 can easily clasp our attention with its exclusive tread style, which allows the vehicle to glide through soft-land surfaces. The tires are 21 inches in size, guaranteeing a flat ride even with low air pressure. The advanced technology of tires banned tires from getting flat or developing gouging. This brand is famous for designing budget-friendly tires that last for years without getting scratched. Additionally, we have experienced that these tires move sturdily through shingles and don’t let the vehicle wedge while moving.

3. Sedona MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain Rear Tire 110/90-19

Product Detail:

  • Brand                              Sedona
  • Section Width                110 Millimeters
  • Tire Aspect Ratio          90.0
  • Rim Size                         19 Inches

Sedona MX907HP Hard

Why BuyThis?

This is the novel terrain-based tire composite that offers extreme sturdiness and superiority. The tires also make it easy for the user to move dirt bikes in deep snow. The tire is shaped with a grouch tread design for a better hold. This brand has been helping the field for many years and is known to offer perfect tires and other keys to customers. Moreover, the tire’s design lets it perform effortlessly in cornering and inline traction. It is a good quality tire that executes well on off road alike.

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4. Pirelli MT 21 Front Tire- 90/90-21 0341100

Product Detail:

  • Brand                                Pirelli
  • Section Width                   90 Millimeters
  • Rim Size                           21 Inches
  • Speed Rating                    R

Pirelli MT 21

Why Buy This?

It is a full knob tire that does not let the vehicle shake even at high speed. It has a dot accepted design with an exclusive tread style made to endure any weather state. This tire offers 90 pc off-road performance and ten pc on road performance, making them fight every land surface. That tread maintains an admirable clasp on rocks, stones, snow, and loose dirt. In short, our experience with the tires is outstanding and worth citing.

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5. IRC GP2 Dual Sport Tire

Product Detail:

  • Brand                             IRC
  • Section Width              120 Millimeters
  • Rim Size                       18 Inches
  • Speed Rating               W

IRC GP2 Dual Sport Tire

Why Buy This?

Its flexible handles allow it to move on a wide variety of terrain. It is a P-rated snow tire that works remarkably to the speed limit of 93 mph. It comes with a broad assurance that allows the users to claim for the product replacement in case of harm or fault. The loop size of the tire is about 18 inches. It is perfect for both off-road and on-road drives. It offers excellent rides to the riders without vibrating. The load rate of the tire is about 62. It has the best features that you might not find in any other product.

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What To Wear During Ice Riding?

dirt bike tires for ice racing

During ice racing, it’s essential to wear all safety gear. These will protect you from injuries, but they will also make your ice racing more memorable. Mostly during winter, it’s risky to ride without having full safety gear. We recommend you some protective safety gear. These are as follows;

1. Helmet

A helmet should be the basic need of every rider as a helmet protect your face from bushes and dirt particles. Shield fogging can be an issue but cracking it open a bit solved the problem mostly. Snowmobile shields are another option. A skull cap under the helmet helps to keep the head warm. So, keep your head warm during ice racing so that you may not face any difficulty with blood blockage.

2. Boots

Boots are another significant accessory to make your riding and racing more pleasurable and comfortable. Some people wear heavy winter boots, and some prefer off-road boots. We recommend you choose boots with soles as these are durable enough to slide across rough ice all day long. Along with boots, also wear warm socks.

3. Gloves

Gloves are also vital to keep your hands safe from crashes and wounds. During winter, wearing gloves will protect your hands from blows and keep them warm so that you may ride your bike without facing any difficulty.

4. Pants

Wearing pants over jeans will keep you safe from cold. If you cover your legs adequately, they will work properly. Sometimes, our blood gets jammed during winters, and we have to warm up our muscles for better performance. Thus, having over pants will keep your legs warm up, and you will not face any trouble during ice racing.

5. Armor

When it comes to armor, we suggest you get armored up. That ice is hard. In addition to knee armor, you must keep elbow guards, hips pads, and chest protectors.

Things To Consider Before Buying Ice Tires

1. Tire Design

Generally, studded design tires are best for snow and ice surfaces. Such tires with studded designs help the vehicle stay intact on the surface and not vibrate while moving. Usually, icy roads or surfaces are dangerous for the riders. The bike can slip off harshly, resulting in accidents; therefore, the tires with knobs and studs can stop the vehicle from slipping. We recommend you always go for studded tires for ice racing. It will reduce the chances of accidents and make your racing more comfortable.

2. Price

This is one of the critical deciding factors in getting your hands on snow tires. As the market is filled with a wide range of snow tires containing unique features, one must vary in the money one spends. Usually, all snow bikes are categorized into two categories high quality is available at high prices, while low quality is available at average prices.


Dirt biking is an ancient job that permitted people to be living on the edge and be daring at the same time. Yet, it becomes hard in risky weather conditions such as snow. So, we have amassed many dirt bikes tires that would help you ride the bike without meeting an accident. Though it is a chaotic task to purchase the right pair of tires for dirt biking, we have tried our best to make the way relaxed for You. All the tires stated above are top-notch, offer many features, are very sturdy, and are low priced so that everyone can manage to pay for them.

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