5 Best Dirt Bike Knee Braces For Dirt Bike Riding 2022-2023

best dirt bike knee braces

If you look back, such knee braces were only worn when someone had a knee injury. The times have varied; people wear knee braces to prevent such knee injuries. But, it’s not only the times that have changed. Knee braces have also evolved since manufacturers are always trying to do more creative things and deploy features that change the way you’re riding experience goes. Today, I will elaborate on all the features and benefits that make a dirt bike knee brace stand out from a medical knee brace. So, let’s not wait for any further and get straight into the topic (5 best dirt bike knee braces) to see what these knee braces are capable of.

What Do Motocross Knee Braces Do?

Knee braces are not only used in dirt biking. Numerous athletes use knee braces to avert knee injuries. Whether on the trails, on a football field, or in some other sport, knee braces all have the same role, to save your knee.

 Fine, the reason why they are so mainly used is pretty simple. If you didn’t know, the knee holds a highly-sophisticated collection of ligaments within soft tissues and joints. So even though the knees are strong and built to carry the weight of your body, they were not made to encounter all the wreck force and the stress that most sports cause.

 As a rider, you already know that motocross is a sport that puts a lofty share of pressure on your knees. This is where a knee brace comes into the spotlight. A motocross knee brace soaks all the pressure, and the sideways forces felt by your knee when you’re riding on rough landscapes.

 The most dividend knee braces prevent all kinds of knee injuries from happening, even when things go sinful. The other way to explain this is that knee braces act like exterior framing that stops damage from hyperextension or any other force that can hit your knee edgewise.

 It’s not only the times that have altered. Knee braces have also matured since manufacturers are constantly straining to do more creative things and deploy features that change the way you’re riding venture goes. Today, I will highlight all the qualities and advantages that make a dirt bike knee brace stand out from a medical knee brace. So, let’s not pause and get directly into the topic to see what these knee braces are competent.

What Do Motocross Knee Braces Do?

Knee braces are not only used in dirt biking. And many athletes use knee braces to stop knee wounds. Whether on the trails, on a football field, or in some other sport, knee braces all have the same role, to cover your knee. Well, the reason why they are so widely used is pretty simple. If you didn’t know, the knee holds a highly-sophisticated collection of ligaments within soft tissues and joints. So even though the knees are robust and built to carry the weight of your body, they were not made to encounter all the smash force and pressure that most sports cause.

As a rider, you already know that motocross is a sport that puts a high amount of pressure on your knees. This is where a knee brace comes into the limelight. A motocross knee brace absorbs all the pressure, and the sideways powers your knee feels when riding on rugged landscapes.

Even when things go wrong, the most premium knee braces stop all knee hurts from occurring. The other way to define this is that knee braces act like an exterior structure that prevents damage from hyperextension or any other force that can hit your knee sideways.

best dirt bike knee braces

5 Best Dirt Bike Knee Braces

Here is the list of the top 5 best dirt bike knee braces you must buy.

1. Fox Racing Titan Pro Knee Braces

Fox Racing Titan Pro

The Fox Racing Titan Pro is probably the most developed knee brace on the market. The knee brace cost is not as high but also not as low as some other models on the market. Although, this knee brace comes with an abundance of features and a one-of-a-kind technology that makes it stand out from most other ideals.

 Everything roars premium, from the materials used to craft the knee brace to the design and far more. Since we noted the format, you can get this knee brace in three different color variants such as black, which we are presently studying, white, and red.

 All colors look very well, but in my view, the black model looks sleeker and more serious. But, of course, you can always select the other colors if you want something more eye-catching.

 Anyhow, apart from colors, you can also choose the sizing. Even though almost any knee brace comes with adjustability features, ensure you select the proper sizing for your knee to get the most performance out of the product. These sizes contain small, medium, large, and extra-large.

When it comes to defense, almost all dirt bike knee braces share the same features, with some slight dissimilarity. For example, every knee brace has features to stop hyperextension, which dirt bike boots do. But, separated from that, they also tend to save the knee cap in one way or another.

You get the view. Even though they all tend to do the same thing, each knee brace does its job differently. That said, let’s now get more into the specifics to see how Fox Racing Titan Pro acts and what is different about this knee brace.

 The first thing that got my concentration was the frame. Fox Racing Titan Pro has a unique structure where the frame is built with anatomy in mind. Furthermore, for counted comfort, the frame features a stiff carbon fiber epoxy construction that makes the brace lightweight and, previously, defensive at the same time.

 One of the essential features to check when it comes to selecting your dirt bike knee brace is flexibility. You’ll have to curve your knees when driving, braking, or shifting, so the hinge must be asymmetric-glide.

 That’s precisely the type of hinge that the Ultra Cell uses. What’s so unique about this hinge is that it follows your knee movement throughout flexion and stretching. If you’ve used a brace before, you presumably know that every knee brace lets you modify the stretching range. In addition, to make them fit more precisely and accurately, you can use condyle shims.

 Moreover, the adaptable retention control will protect your knee and everything else in the event of a crash. Other than that, the anti-rotation tether retains the boot tied to the brace to allow the lower leg swirl to transmit the force.

 The Fox Racing Titan Pro is the most well-rounded knee brace, with the best knee cap guard. Let’s not forget that the knee brace also features a 3-layer telescoping guard that delivers optimum defense.


2. Alpinestars Bionic Plus Off-Road Knee Brace

Alpinestars Bionic Plus Knee Protectors

Alpinestars is a trendy brand in the motorcycle gear industry. I think you’ve listened to it, or you’re presently utilizing some gear of them, but when it comes to picking your gear, Alpinestars will always be on top of the suggestions. Besides knee braces, Alpinestars is known and respected for producing boots, chest guardians, helmets, and gloves.

 If you’re after brand reputation, the Bionic Plus would be the perfect selection for you. However, similar to all knee braces, the Bionic Plus can also be very hefty, so not everyone can afford them.

 The design and all the protective and comfort features were provided with off-road riding in mind. It’s exciting how everything is so well-thought-out, and you can’t find something that will make you hate these knee braces.

 Since we fetched up the design, you can only get the Bionic Plus in black and red color on Amazon, but once you see them, I suspect you’ll ask for something distinct. The design is very eye-catching; it holds a futuristic look that gives a great impression of the prevailing aesthetics of the braces.

The first thing you want to check out when you buy shoes is the size. Well, it’s the same with knee braces. If you wish for optimum execution from your knee braces, you have to ensure that you’re getting them in the correct and suitable size for your knees.

 That said, you can get these knee braces in 4 sizes, so make sure you find the proper size. These sizes contain extra-large, which are 2XL, small, medium, and large. Unlike some other ideals, the price doesn’t alter based on the size you’re getting, so no matter what you choose, the Bionic Plus will still come at the same price.

 The Alpinestars Bionic Plus are likely the most lightweight knee braces. Their hybrid construction of carbon composite tracked by an advanced fiber-reinforced polymer makes them unique. Of course, you’ll mostly see only knee braces made of stiff carbon, but that’s not the matter here since the structure is a mix of two, which logically adds not only more protection adds more protection and more quality. All you need to know about the design is that it delivers an ultra-low profile knee cap. In addition, you also get access to modifying the hyperextension, which is effortless to do for the most part. Hyperextension can be adjusted through a scope of smoothly substituted screw-in end stops.

What’s impressive is the effective opposition that the knee cap has, while on the other hand, for more convenience, there’s a dual-pin hinge that does a great job at following and keeping movement precisely as it should. Before we finish, I also want to point out that the quick-release straps carry a one-of-a-kind Alpinestars format, similar to the POD braces we’ve seen, but only far more progressive and instinctive.

 The Bionic Plus is made with the latest technology and inventive features to protect your knee and fit comfortably with optimum flexibility for even the longest rides. The open cup will stop your knees from getting sweat since it allows for excellent airflow focused around your knee.


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3. POD K8 Motocross Knee Brace

POD K8 Motocross Knee Brace

POD K8 rates are amongst the most premium motocross knee braces out there. There’s much to discuss, features, structure and format, comfort, and more. When I first got into dirt biking, I always enjoyed the best gear and dress because I considered it would make me look more relaxed.

 Now that I think about it, it’s not just about looking fabulous but also about having optimum protection and restfulness while riding. If you’re wearing something that makes you lose focus or distress you somehow, that gear has got to go because undesired plans can happen.

 It’s necessary to cite that the POD K8s are presumably the most costly knee braces, not only the most dividends. So, if you’re pondering believing the POD K8s, you should know that budget is something you should assess. Of course, you don’t want to spend all your additional savings on gear, but if you do, the POD K8s will remain your lifetime knee brace buy.

 I’m telling lifetime because I suspect that you’ll be required to substitute them in any case since they’re enduring, made of highest-grade textiles, and have all the most delinquent technologies invested in them for providing optimum ease and safety.

 Let’s first note what makes these knee braces so unique. The POD K8 features a complete carbon fiber structure that simultaneously helps the knee braces to be super weightless yet powerful and very strict. This carbon structure means that the shape of the braces is very refined and unique, which also allows for an exceptional upper leg fit.

 In addition, another attractive feature is the mixture of hi-tech and smooth action hinges that permits optimum ease even after you’ve worn the braces for a long time.

 The company itself calls the hinge “Human Motion Hinge” since it’s made with artificial ligaments made from Vectra Threads. We haven’t seen this feature in the other products I’ve noted, but the hinge lodging here supplies a soft exterior against your knee, preventing bruises. These are likely the essential parts you should look for when exploring knee braces.

Since we arrived at this point, it’s also necessary to note that the knee cap is CE impact tried and insured to deliver full scope and defense against grave contact. Although that’s not the best part, they are easily removable, and you can use them for other pursuits as well, which brings up the point that they’ll be your lifetime asset since they’re multi-purpose.

 Likewise, the cuffs are adaptive and carry a design that permits them to fit diverse leg shapes while adjusting to muscle workouts. This is likely one of my favorite features of this knee brace since it decreases the stake of bony ruptures.

 What made me list this knee brace in the first place was the advanced dampener system. The idea behind this tech is relatively simple, but it does much more than you predict. As your leg rises, this tech ensures the system can expand the pressure dose to slow the extension down. Thus, this plays an enormous role in your leg’s protection.

 To make up for the expensive price, the factory delivers every customer with a 5-year guarantee, while on the other hand, the company also puts a warranty on busted outcomes. This level of trust means how quality the POD K8s are.


4. POD K4-2.0 Motocross Knee Brace

POD K4-2.0 Motocross Knee Brace

Here we go with yet another POD knee brace. I believe you already know how quality and well-designed POD knee braces are, as we just checked the POD K8s above. What’s more, promising this time is that the POD K4 is not as pricey as the K8’s while they share similar specs and attributes.

Well, you can refuse the quality of the K8s, but the POD K4s are like the minor brother following the bigger brother’s steps.

 Regarding the format, you can only get the Graphite/Black model on Amazon and with Medium/Large sizing. Regardless, you won’t have to fear the size since they’re admiringly adaptable, so you can shape them correctly to suit various knee heights.

 Other color variants are available, but Graphite/Black is my favorite for various reasons. As the name indicates, dirt biking will get your dirt bike and your garments and equipment messy, mainly when riding on the tracks. The Graphite/Black has a fantastic structure made of the highest-grade textiles that avert the exterior from getting muddy or dusty.

 In expansion, the antimicrobial frame liners will not only improve ease while riding but also manage to lessen odor. They also grab the internal belts and pins to arrive the brace to your leg and stop brace migration during your ride. This is likely the most attractive feature of this knee brace, and for the price, that offers a great deal of importance for money.

 As I said, the POD K4 conveys similar specs and features to its giant brother, the K8. So, it’s crucial to note that this distinct model has adaptive cuffs designed to serve various leg physiques while adjusting to muscle motion.

 Since we cited the building a couple of times, let’s point out that the Carbon Composite in the central exterior boosts the knee brace to be as lightweight as possible. Combining this hi-tech material cuff with the construction results in exceptional flexibility, shock-absorbing capacities, and incredible security.

 How POD essentially earned its prominence by supplying clients with innovative and intuitive features. This is where their innovative hinge system comes into the spotlight.

 The hinge system is unique because, inside those elements, the manufacturer has designed a bio-mechanical ligament structure that follows and emulates the human knee. In addition, for more comfort, the two-piece knee cover that makes the hinged joint has a much lower profile than most other three-piece models.

 Moreover, when it comes to setting them up, it’s relatively easy, and it takes only seconds since the knee braces have quick-release belts. Once you find the setting that matches your choice, you dismiss the clips, and the next time you use the braces, there’s no need to configure that structure again. Please don’t allow anyone to deceive you by saying that the POD K4s are budget-friendly because they’re not. Yet, they are far cheaper than some other costly models and don’t surrender quality or interpretation.


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5. Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace

Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace

Leatt is an enterprise that specializes in manufacturing braces. The Leatt-Brace was an award-winning creation for helmet sports, including dirt biking, mountain biking, motocross racing, and so on. Although this Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace is not distinct, it’s instinctive and delivers optimum safety, comfort, and flexibility at a far lower price than the other products we’ve cited.

 The Leatt X-Frame Knee Braces’ price is the suggested starting point if you’re looking for such creations.

 The first imprint I got from this model is that the brace is beneficial. Unlike most other knee braces, the Leatt X-Frame permits for adjustment in leg width using the protectors. But that’s not all. Apart from leg width adjustments, the Leatt X-Frame allows for angle adjustability at which the brace seals out.

 Versatility is one of the most vital matters of this knee brace. So, for example, if your knee is already hurt, you can make the knee brace from advancing to completely explicit, and that’s very specialized, which demonstrates how well-designed the product is.

 Since we noted the design, it’s crucial to note that the Leatt X-Frame comes in 5 sizes from which you can pick. These sizes contain small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large, so it’s only a matter of judgment for you to find the right size for your knee. However, it would help if you took sizing thoughtfully because size plays a massive part in ease and safety. Color-wise, you can only get the knee brace in black color on Amazon. Still, I’m not confident about other colors on different sites.

 To continue, the knee brace is made of carbon composite materials that help keep the product’s weight as light as attainable. Following the design, what is more, appealing is the complete knee-cap safety system that soaks all the force in the event of a consequence.

 Other structure traits contain metal hinge parts, which are far better than plastic hinges.

 The Leatt X-Frame is the most budget-friendly of all the dividend knee braces. However, the cost is not the only aspect that made me list this knee brace. The Leatt X-Frame comes with a bunch of intuitive safety and eases traits that make it stand out from the other also-priced products.

For example, the hinges are metal and not plastic, the carbon composite shell, the total knee cap safety, and for the most part, the anatomical design that adjusts your knee entirely. Generally, the Leatt X-Frame is also FCA approved, which means you can give your insurance company a billing code from the credential if you get a knee injury.


Why Should You Wear A Knee Brace?

I have understood over the years that every rider should wear a knee brace and dirt bike boots to guard the most sensitive parts of their body. In addition, rescuing your knee joint will save you the ache and the health care you’d have to go through if you ever damage it. So, it’s better to think about such things before than later.

 Knee joint stresses are assumable, not new to you, because I believe everyone had some knee injury while growing up, whether on a field, playing football, basketball, or some other sport. That’s the same thing that can occur while dirt biking, only that this time is far more damaging because some kinds of riding sorts in dirt biking are far more severe than just racing in a field. Knee injury is not something that can be easily repaired knee harm is most enduring. That being said, by now, I believe you have sufficiently truths to come up with a conclusion.

Final Verdict

As we got all of the product reviews along with the informative articles out of the way, by now, I think you have everything you need to come up with a decision.

 My top pick for today is the Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Brace. It may be more costly than the others. However, it comes with the latest technologies and the most premium features for protection and comfort.

 Another less expensive choice you can go with is the Leatt X-Frame Knee braces has a fantastic format with plenty of exciting traits that do a great job at rescuing your knee joints.

I hope this article will help you to choose the best knee brace. After going through this article, you will be more vigilant while picking the best knee brace, keeping in view the safety measure. If you want to learn more about knee braces, feel free to contact us, we are here to assist you in a better way. For more articles on dirt and biking, visit our website.

Happy Riding!!!!!

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