6 Best Dirt Bike Handguards For You

Best Dirt Bike Handguards

Have you ever had a rock come up and wallop your knuckles? It appears like most guys don’t run handguards on their dirt bikes. And to be frank, we are not sure why they don’t. I’ve found the best dirt bike handguards for several sorts of riding. This article talks about the best dirt bike handguards on the marketplace today. Defending your hands while dirt biking is more vital than you think. Now there are little things we need to sort before we deep dump into the best dirt bike handguards.

A few diverse terms are used when speaking about the mess that defends your hands.

Why Do You Need Handguards On Your Dirt Bike?

Suppose you have ever consumed time offroad, on singletrack, behind someone on a trail biking track. Caring for your hands is a MUST. When riding offroad or singletrack, you want to defend your hands from brush and tree twigs. Being wounded or implied with a branch sucks? And can end a ride early. Whether it’s trail biking or offroad racing, riding behind another dirt bike rider makes your hands bare to rocks and dirt being thrown at you from the rider’s rear tire in front of you. It damages by getting hit with dirt and rocks.

You want to make sure your hands stay in tip-top shape so you can have complete control of your dirt bike while riding. You will see the pro supercross riders using flag guards to defend their hands from time to time.

Best Dirt Bike Handguards

1. Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguard Review

Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguard

Highlighted Features

  • Injection-molded Nylon complex protection.
  • An anodized aluminum bar for internal security.
  • Stays steady in a crash with its Indexed steel bar-end.
  • It comes with an X-strong mounting kit that fits 7/8” steel and aluminum bars.
  • Permits amply of room for cables and brake lines.

Rally Pro X-Strong is one of the best dirt bike handguards due to its prominent features and greater eminence. Its strong injection-molded nylon composite outside gives you absolute protection. In addition, it has an anodized aluminum bar inside that fortifies the protection even more. It lets you have some extra space for cables and bike lines.

These motocross handguards are super relaxed, which confirms safe grip and reversing. Rally Pro X-Strong stands out with its strong protection against the weightiest forces when it comes to performance. They offer an excellent balance that makes it appropriate for grave riders. Pick yours from a diversity of colors. They come with a mounting kit and are easy to connect. The price is not that great, but they are durable enough for expert bikers.

  • Highly Durable
  • Mounting kit encompassed
  • Can withstand the weightiest powers
  • Offer easy hold and turning
  • Come in a range of colors
  • Do not move while riding
  • There are inexpensive substitutes.

2. Cycra Replacement Classic Enduro Shields Review

Cycra Replacement Classic Enduro Shields

Highlighted Features

  • Injection-molded deep impression plastic protections.
  • Well-suited with Cycra Alloy Probends, Cycra CRM Probends, Cycra Series One Probends.
  • Pompously Made in the USA.
  • Fitting hardware encompassed.
  • Price is low-priced.
  • Comes in a range of colors.

These are an appropriate substitute if you want to purchase extra handguards for dirt bikes. You can trust a brand like Cycra when it comes to eminence. These Enduro Hand shields are so great that they can seamlessly swap the inventive ones. Your hands get absolute protection for a small price with these replacement protections. It is collected of high-resistant sturdy injection-molded plastic that certifies greater quality.

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These goods are made in the USA facility of Cycra. You can use these hand shields for Cycra Alloy Probends, Cycra CRM Probends, and Cycra Series One Probends. In addition, a fixing kit comes with it, and the installation procedure is effortless. There are color diversities. Therefore, you can pick yours with ease. They are among the best dirt bike handguards due to their top-class quality and looks.

  • Looks cool
  • Made in the USA
  • Pretty Handy
  • Inexpensive replacement option
  • It comes with essential hardware & additional stickers
  • Not a worldwide fit

3. PowerMadd Star Series Handguard Review

PowerMadd Star Series Handguard

Highlighted Features

  • Offers absolute protection for ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.
  • Features detachable vent covers.
  • Obtainable in diversities of shades.
  • Cheaper than others
  • Two ways

These cheap dirt bike handguards grant final protection without negotiating with quality. They are helpful and come in a range of colors. With their changeable vent covers, they have become one of the best dirt bike handguards in the industry. You can permit additional airflow to keep your hands cool by eliminating the vent.

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On the other hand, getting warm on cold days is also likely by breaking the vent cover back. Whether riding an ATV, motorcycle, or snowmobile, PowerMadd Star Series Handguards will never dissatisfy you! They are the best choice you get in this price range if you previously have the mandatory hardware set for growth.

  • Inexpensive
  • Removable vent cover
  • Tons of color choices are obtainable
  • It fits numerous bike models
  • No mounting kit was encompassed

4. TMS Aluminum Hand Brush Guards Review

TMS Aluminum Hand Brush Guards Review

Highlighted Features

  • Mainly constructed for off-road and dual-sport motorbikes.
  • Strong plastic external with an aluminum interior for additional protection.
  • Fit all the average handlebars.
  • Offer enough space for cables and brake lines.
  • Come with basic mounting fittings.

These handguards are just seamless for novices. They aren’t made for grave riding, though. They can withstand dirt bike bangs with their tough alignment. When you are on a budget, they are a great choice. They offer a worldwide fit for almost all dirt bikes in a low-price range. Yet, a small change is required for some models.

In addition, they come with an installation kit that comprises mounting fittings for the standard handlebars. These fittings are not enough to change the bars larger than stock. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for the cables and brake lines which gives you enough elasticity for controls. Such unique features make them one of the best dirt bike handguards on a budget pick.

  • Price is sensible
  • Aluminum internal
  • Additional clearance
  • Installation may look wearisome

5. JFG Racing Aluminum Handguards Review

JFG Racing Aluminum Handguards

Highlighted Features

  • Contain a worldwide mounting kit.
  • Composed of Plastic and Aluminum.
  • Informal connection procedure.
  • Add to the looks of the bike.
  • Defend hands and fingers from tiredness.

We are offering another selection that comes with a low-price tag. JFG Racing handguards are a mixture of decent quality and modest prices. Their plastic and aluminum bodies defend the hands from dirt, brush, rocks, cold wind, etc. Maybe you are a newbie and facing plights while running your dirt bike. Then you need a pair of these handguards. Since they are made of lightweight supplies, they may not bear weighty effects. Though, they are contented and clad enough for beginners. Riding bikes for a long time may upsurge hand or finger fatigue. JFG racing handguards decrease such glitches.

These handguards come with a worldwide fitting kit that certifies easy mounting on almost every kind of machine when it comes to fitting. You get more clearance since there is enough room for brake cables and other devices.

  • Easy to connect
  • Lessen hand or finger fatigue
  • Worldwide mounting option
  • Plenty of room for the brake cables and others
  • Connection hardware is not of great eminence

6. Tusk D-Flex Handguards Review

Tusk D-Flex Handguards Review

Highlighted Features

  • Expendable aluminum bars and plastic protection deliver rock-solid protection.
  • A significant bend renders enough clearance for the brake and grip lever.
  • Mainly made for dirt bikes.
  • Kit comprises handguards and bar mounts for 7/8″ handlebars.

They are one of the best dirt bike handguards with a mid-range price tag. This model is built for dirt bikes only, and they offer many overwhelming features. These handguards look sturdy, and they do their job pretty well. The plastic outside is quite resistant, and the aluminum bar inside upsurges the toughness even more. The shield is expendable, which is quite a helpful feature of this product. If you are looking for plenty of area for perfect operation, this model is the one. Its large bend fortifies clearance for the brake and clutch levers. A mixture of quality and diversities of features is rare in this price range. So why don’t you have these?

  • Disposable shields
  • Large curve
  • Robust
  • Mid-range option
  • Not a worldwide fit


To sum up, the whole discussion, if you are trying to trust on your hand gloves only, you are making a serious blunder. It is high time you should get your handguards that fit your dirt bike. You will find many instructions related to the connection of these best dirt bike handguards. Consequently, pick the most appropriate one and get them straddling right away. Next time we will come with more information on dirt biking and tools as well.

Thank you for your time!

Happy Riding

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