How To Control Dirt Bike In Air – Jump Like A Pro

How To Control Dirt Bike In Air

This post is specially written for newbies. Here you will learn how to control dirt bike in air.

Jumping your motocross bike is terrifying as it is scary, and if you want to increase your confidence, you have to know how to jump a motocross bike, fix the jump, control your body and bike during it and land like a professional. While jumping on a motocross bike is certainly exciting also risky. If you don’t prepare for, tactic, and land a jump properly, you could be hit with your bike and fly off. You could also neglect to consider what’s on track after the jump, sending you off course or into an obstacle.

Controlling dirt bikes in the air takes a lot of practice. You must have the necessary gear before going into the air with your bike. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Wear The Right Safety Gear

Safety gear is essential for your protection and to avoid severe dangers both for starters and experts. As jumping poses so much risk, being protected is even more vital. You must have all the essential safety gear. Here is a list of safety gear that could provide you protection.

  • Boots (to protect your feet and calves from injury)
  • Chest Protection (or a chest pad to protect your chest from high impact)
  • Crotch Protection (is worth considering to protect sensitive areas from high impact. If you land funny, you may be thankful you wore one!)
  • Helmet with chin guard (to protect your face from injuries and to get hurt)
  • Gloves (to protect your hands from crashes and wounds)
  • Goggles (to protect your eyes from dirt and stones)
  • Knee pads (will protect your sensitive knee joints from impact)
  • Neck brace (not all dirt bike riders wear these, but if you are jumping, you should consider it to limit the risk of neck injury)

So, if you are looking to progress to jumping your dirt bike, you should now consider the full list of gear noted above.

How To Control Dirt Bike In Air?

Now that the security facets of dirt bike jumping have been enclosed, let’s look at how to jump a dirt bike step by step.

Step 1: Know The Jump

Before you jump on a dirt bike, you should know it first to avoid any mistakes. You need to know how sharp the hill is on the leadup and what’s on the other side. We advise you to ride over a jump, but at a speed that your bike doesn’t jump. Use this workout to gauge how high the jump is.

Doing this will also give your bike a chance to warm up too. Try riding over the jump, standing up on your bolts. This will twitch to give you more sureness standing and riding. Also, when you jump, you are much better off in a standing situation.

Step 2: Check The Safe Landing Region

After knowing the jump, the next step is to check the safe landing zone. Make sure it is somewhere safe to land. There are no unsafe substances or obstacles to smash into or land on. If there are dead and tumbled trees in the way and you can move them, make sure you move these out of the way first.

Also, make sure it is sufficient for a run-off area. You don’t want to do a flawless jump and land well, only to bang into some trees or scrubs on the other side that is too near the landing zone.

Here you will learn how to control dirt bike in air.

Step 3: Approaching The Jump

In this step, you need to have adequate energy or speed when you reach the jump to jump. We don’t advise you to go full accelerator in a higher gear at the start. Jump small, to begin with, and build the height up as you build poise and get a feel for being in the air on your dirt bike.

Make sure you are lined up with the jump and approach it in a straight line. Striking a jump at an angle when you’re learning to jump may not be a good impression. Jumping at an angle is probable, but it may thrill the rear of your bike out. This is for the pro jumpers, which may be where you want to grow to.

Step 4: How To Control Your Dirt Bike In The Air

When your back wheel verdures the ground, push back on the accelerator slightly. But now that you are in the air, you need to learn away from your handlebars. When you hit the ground, you will be inevitably pushed forward with the bike’s drive.

If you are too close to the handlebars, you are more expected to hit them with your chest and have the wind knocked out. The other chance that can occur on the landing stage if you lean too far forward is you could end up hitting your jetty area on your fuel tank. This is another cause for having a supporter strip or crotch protection.

Step 5: Prepare For Landing Your Dirt Bike

As you are in the air, you should be viewing where you will land. Fix yourself for effect and let your knees cushion the blow while keeping your arms at length to keep your chest away from the handlebars. But always keep your wrists square to evade ricking or harmful them on impact. Your goal is to land the rear wheel and tire first, swiftly shadowed by the front wheel.

Landing is where it can all go wrong. Once you are air-born, you have no choice but to hit the ground somehow. The hoax is to land securely and without any wound. This is why having defensive gear is vital. Dirt bike gear like a chest protector should be worn if you hit the handlebars or hit the ground hard.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article and you have learned a lot about how to jump a dirt bike and control a dirt bike while you are in the air. We would love to hear from you that you have got all your answers to this article.

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