Aprilia SXV Problems | Diagnostics and Repair

Among legendary dual-sport motorcycles, Aprilia SXV is a significant player in the marketplace. Unluckily, the vehicle is not in construction anymore. However, still, its holders write pleasing appraisals while mechanics are requesting this motorbike is bad because they have no work due to its superiority and toughness.

Today, we’ll try to find mutual Aprilia SXV problems and tell you what you need to do to manage these problems correctly. This motorcycle bids cool choices for those who want a truly light dual-sport bike with all-purpose use. Once you ride it, you can’t help but think about buying this bike even though it’s not a new model and can only be credited and used.

Here’s What We’ll Discuss Today:

  1. How good is the Aprilia SXV motorcycle?
  2. What are the mutual problems of the model?
  3. What should you consider while purchasing Aprilia SXV?

Let’s get underway!

Our Short Review Of Aprilia SXV Is It Actually Good?

The motorcycle is beautiful, likened to any other dual-sport bike from that time. The Aprilia SXV looks delightful and requests you to have a great ride. But what about the second feeling after you really start riding it? You may have seen that a lot of dirt and dual-sport bikes are not really contented and are pretty deafening, so riding them is not as cool as viewing them.

But with Aprilia SXV, things are a little diverse. This motorcycle feels actually good. Being only 268 lbs., this motorcycle is very light, and it can be a big benefit for the person watching for a light dual-sport bike for better control on the road.

Aprilia SXV Problems repairs

Here Are Some Important Features You Should Consider:

Before we discuss Aprilia SVX problems, you must know these features:

  1. The motorcycle is motorized by one of two possible engines – 449cc or 549cc for the 450 and 550 forms individually.
  2. The engines are pretty much parallel they are twin cylinder (V-twin) water-cooled 4-stroke engines with no unexpected machinery.
  3. The power is 54 or 69 ph. Liable on the engine kind, the spin is not quantified, and it doesn’t matter much.
  4. The diffusion is a booklet, of course, it’s a 5-speed transmission with a distinct lubrication option – quite an excellent optimal.
  5. The front suspension fork bids alterations (2 possible positions), but the typical settings are perfect.
  6. The seat height is 918 mm, which is not very low, so little riders may experience some snags.
  7. The motorcycle holds only 2 or 3 gallons of fuel contingent on the type, the gas range is predictable at 55 mpg, on average.
  8. Thus, the Aprilia SXV with the slighter engine will possibly go about 100 miles between fuel pumps. It’s not that much, and you must deliberate it when taking a long ride. However, the SXV model isn’t made to save some fuel. If you go off-roading or rev it up to the red line, the fuel ingesting will be tough to call cost-effective.
  9. The Aprilia dual-sport motorcycle is really good. Many possessors write delightful appraisals and say they would purchase another SXV if they were vended new. But in 2010, Aprilia withdrew the model and the RXV dirt bike. As a substitute, you can look at the Dorsoduro, which is a sister model for the SXV.

What Are Some Common Problems With The Aprilia SXV?

We recognize that Aprilia bikes are long-lasting and aren’t typically assumed to be challenging. But you may know our perseverance in discovering true truths about diverse vehicles. So, we decided to give profound and see if there are a lot of Aprilia SXV Problems stated by possessors.

Here’s what we achieved to discover.

     1. The Wiring And Battery Problems

Truly, all the wiring glitches come from one 30A fuse on the motorcycle’s left side. This rage tends to blow after the bike’s long sill life or just after standing in your garage for some time. Once it shocks, you cannot start and ride the bike. Similarly, this rage is one of the motives for battery pipes. If you see that the battery is departed, check the rage. Of course, we should say that battery pipes may also happen due to other glitches in the bike’s creation. But, in most circumstances, the 30A rage is to blame.

     2. Plastic Oil Filter Cover

Stock Aprilia SXVs used to have plastic oil filter shields. You can simply find an aftermarket part made of metal. So, if your Aprilia still has the plastic cover, better get rid of it as soon as possible. It may scorch, and then the penalties will be changeable. This is a bad creation flaw, but thank goodness, it’s really very easy to hit. Buy an aftermarket oil filter cover with a brand new O-ring to evade drips, and your bike is OK.

     3. Speedometer Cable Issues

Unluckily, the speedometer shackle is misdirected in the Aprilia SXV. It may be ground on the front disc just during your ride. It won’t be a disastrous accident, but your speedometer will stop working anyway. Likewise, what occurs when this chain is chewed on the disk?

One of the rages blows up and desires replacement. Without finding this problem, you won’t start your bike. The start button will give no reply from the engine. Evading or setting this problem is not firm. You need to purchase a new speedometer cable and change its steering. It’s as easy as that. Better do it now before you practice one of the mutual glitches.

     4. Oil Leaks

We’ve overheard many lies when people said they had mislaid a quart of oil in just 10 minutes of riding. Aprilia SXV holders need some extra oil just in case they are always with them. Once this bike starts dripping some oil, it gets free of pretty much all oil you have in the engine.

This is a mutual problem for all dirt and dual-sport bikes because the engines often work at high RPMs and are pulsating hard. This means covers and linings are shabby rapidly and lead to drips. Also, these engines can scorch some oil after 15-20 thousand miles on them. So if you notice a lot of black smoke behind your Aprilia, it’s time to patch up your engine.

aprilia sxv 550

     5. Sport Maintenance Intervals

These bikes are made for sport. But sport riding styles it truly tough for all gears to endure. So, you should look at the guidebook cautiously and read some segments. Particularly, pay care to the unit with upkeep breaks. Aprilia SXV is a sports racing bike that you are expected to rev up hard. Therefore, be cautious with oil change breaks and oil talents.

Once you buy bad oil or forget to change it on time, your SXV may start distress. Also, these bikes are very challenging regarding oil quality, viscidness, and sieves quality. Never purchase any doubtful shares and liquids for keeping your Aprilia. This may lead to wicked wear.

     6. Fuel Consumption

We’ve stated previously that the ingesting must be about 55 MPG. But when you are racing, the fuel drinking will be much poorer. So we can reflect on possibly 20 MPG on the racing path or even less. It’s not the problem or drawback of the bike, but it’s the thing you should apparently control and know about. Why? Because you may get your Aprilia SXV stalling in the center of a loop.

     7. Overall Reliability

We can’t say these bikes are very defective. But they are not really as good as they are being supposed about. We’ve seen some Aprilia SXVs at traders’ shops with 700-1500 miles on them and blown-up engines. Why? One cause is that people don’t recognize how to use these bikes because they are sport motorcycles for racing and getting adrenaline.

But many vendors tend to ride their bikes off the road or use them for voyaging hundreds of miles. Also, there is an extra reason this bike has a lot of slight snags. Once you supervise one of these snags that happening evolving, you will have to wage a lot of money for a total patch-up. The small engine isn’t made to endure in any situation. It has convinced restrictions on performance.

Final Words

We know very well that Aprilia SXV was a noble bike. But we wouldn’t purchase one with more than 25 or 30 thousand miles on it. We like the clue of having a sports bike in your garage, but we see that these models have a lot of secreted problems and thinkable hitches once you start using them vigorously.

So, yes, it’s a good bike to own if you bought it new and care about it with all the rubrics of TLC. But it’s terrible if you want to purchase a used sports motorcycle. You can get a load of snags coming with it.

Happy Riding!

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