Top 5 Jumping Mistakes On A Dirt Bike (Ultimate Guide)

Dirt Bike Jumping Mistakes

All motocross riders make the most common jumping mistakes on a dirt bike. Jumping on a dirt bike is an intricate talent that takes months to acquire and years to seamless. Many first-time riders fall deliberately because of some errors that, if evaded, make the learning procedure a little less strenuous and speed up the riding and jumping fun.

Warning! Don’t ever try to jump, If you don’t know how to ride a dirt bike.

Top 5 Jumping Mistakes On A Dirt Bike

A dirt bike is weightier, quicker, and more stimulating to ride than another bike. Every dirt bike rider makes an error at some point. So, it is vital to learn from their mistakes, so we have assembled a list of Top 5 jumping mistakes made by almost all motocross riders, whether beginner or professional. Now we will show you the mistakes and how to correct them.

1. Feet Coming Off The Pedals

We often see feet coming off the wheels when a rider’s body is coming up quicker than their bike, or the body is too rigid and ends up pushing the bike away from the body.


When jumping, you have to permit the bike to travel upwards towards your body by twisting your arms and legs and sketching the bike up towards you. Also, study your gear. Good shoes and pedals are dynamic for continued interaction with your bike. Purpose built bike shoes work far better than any tennis or skate shoe, and mountain bike specific flat pedals are a MUST for jumping. If that doesn’t appear to be the issue, get acquainted with your suspension and ponder making some alterations.

2. Front Wheel Turning In The Air

Purposefully turning a front wheel in the air for a little extra blaze is certainly pretty cool. By accident, turning your front wheel in the air is bad. Landing with a warped wheel can end in ruin.


When jumping, you should be controlling the bars up but not pulling. A turning front wheel occurs when you pull on the bars and pull more on one side than the other. Focus on controlling the bike and handlebars up but not tugging.

Warning: Don’t try to jump on a dirt bike if you don’t know how to wheelie a dirt bike.

Front Wheel Turning In The Air

3. Landing Feels Rough:

What kind of landing are you on downward or plane? If you are working on a downward landing, you should first land the front wheel. If you are instead landing the rear wheel first, the front of the bike can hinge forward and bang to the ground, thus believing your weight shortly forward and possibly over the front of the bike.

If your landing is flat, land with your rear wheel first. Landing on flat exteriors is more sudden and landing the rear wheel first lets you use your legs to fascinate the mainstream of the landing force.


No matter what kind of landing you are working on, think of using the free compression in your legs. Don’t be rigid. Exercise what it touches like to land light as a feather. Stand on the plane ground and pretend someone is hanging a $100 bill over your head. Now jump up and reach for the bill note the sound your feet make when you come back to the ground.

Now do the same thing again but this time exactly focus on trying to make zero clatters when you land. Notice the change? You used your legs as deferral on the second jump and elegantly soaked up the effect. You want to do this same thing when landing a jump.

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4. Not Clearing The Table

The major fault we see riders make when trying to jump is the lack of firmness on the take-off of the jump. If you don’t compress, your bike will behave like a rock. Compression is only the action of clumping your feet rapidly and then letting the bike come up under you. So, clump down on those gearshifts as you mean it.


Twitch your troubleshooting by concentrating on totaling a superior compression and using that momentum to help you clear that table. Once you have figured that out, you can play around with adding a little speed. It’s a well corresponding act.

Jumping Mistakes On A Dirt Bike

5. Overshooting The Landing

Probabilities: you are leasing the bike to fix where it wants to go instead of telling the bike where you want it to go as you are the Boss!


Where you land is up to you jumping, and eagerness you land in the right spot is a dangerous proposition. When you are in the air, look down and plug your landing. If you are on a downward landing, tell that front wheel where you want it to go by spreading your arms and pushing your front wheel towards your favourite landing spot.

To exercise:

  • Set a leaf on the jump landing where you want your front wheel to land.
  • Ride the jump, look for that leaf, and push the front of your bike down, pointing to hit the leaf with your front wheel.
  • Transfer the leaf around to a rare different landing spot to practice hitting your target. If this doesn’t resolve the matter, then slow down your speed a bit, you speed demon you!


To conclude the whole discussion, we can assure you that by avoiding these mistakes, you can enjoy your jumping and riding. As riders’ safety is our first and foremost, we are always riders’ best tips and tricks to avoid such dangerous acts. By going through these mistakes thoroughly, you will gain full insight into the most common jumping mistakes and how you are committing them consciously and unconsciously. For better understanding, we have also given solutions to each problem so that you may not face any problems in future. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us.

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