How To Get A Title For A Dirt Bike?

How To Get A Title For A Dirt Bike

Are you a newbie? Don’t worry, we’ll cover complete details of how to get a title for your dirt bike and enclose some common problems you may confront when purchasing a used dirt bike, such as earning a title with a bill of sale or enrolling an OHV without a title. This article will teach you about dirt bike title and why it is essential. And we will talk about some easy steps of how to get the title of a dirt bike. Keep reading to learn more here;

What is a Bike Title?

The Bike Title is nothing but a portion of your bike. It is a Legal Proof of Ownership. It specifies the name of the person who occupies the bike. But what is the Bike Title? How can you make it easier for you to understand who the holder of your bike is?

In easy words, the Bike Title is the periodical number of your bike. If you are a beginner, you may like to check your bike’s serial number before purchasing it.

Yet, if you are already experienced in dirt bike riding, you can merely purchase the bike with the assistance of its serial number.

The Bike Title is a means to recognize the holder of your bike. Therefore, before purchasing a bike, you can strive to find your bike’s serial number first.

How To Get A Title For A Dirt Bike

What Role Does a Title Play?

A title plays a very easy role. Its function is proof that a company or a person with the form lawfully occupies the appliance on the paper.

Titles are also recognized as pink slides and are given out by the secretary of state in a state where a dirt bike is bought. The Department of Motor Vehicles is accountable for handing out titles.

While one has to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to earn a title, that is not all about titles. Several states have various laws wrapping titles. In addition to the distinction in laws according to different states, multiple states have different features in their titles.

Although varied titles include different components, some information is steady across titles regardless of the state where they are published. Some of these details are;

  • The owner’s name and location
  • The year of trade of a vehicle
  • The Model and the Make of the Vehicle
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Tax Details
  • Title number

A title might look like it just plays a role in assuring that all documentations are exact. The fact stays it does more than that. It comes to be very valuable in a robbery outbreak. When your bike gets lost, a title can always come in conveniently. Furthermore, if individual stakes that you stole their bike, a title can come to your recovery.

Do you know what make a dirt bike street legal?

How to Get a Title For a Dirt Bike?

Some illogical techniques give buyers the choice of how to get a title for a motorcycle without a title, but the truth of this method is controversial. Some riders make their bikes and then purchase a title and VIN plate to connect to the bike as a sharp way to get road ready permission.

Now we underline some of the best measures you can fulfill to get the dirt bike title.

Step 1: Visit Nearest DMV

You should first reach out to the regional office of the motor vehicle administration in your state and find out how to get the title of the motorcycle there. Usually, the procedure of getting it is the same as a car or truck.

Step 2: Verify Sale Bill

Find out more about what is needed to sell a legal bill. Most motor vehicle councils give a sales form bill that fulfills the title rules. You will obtain a proper title application and a blank bill of sale before vacating the office, which you must fill out overdue.

Step 3: Provide A Copy Of the Sale Bill

In this phase, you must specify if your sales bill complies with state title rules. In addition, the sales bill must contain contact data stamps of both the consumer and dealer, tag details for the motorcycle, and the sale price.

If your sales bill does not satisfy your state’s regulations, you must deal with the shortcomings and call the seller.

Step 4: Completing an application.

You need to finalize a title application right now. Although the applications differ from state to state, you must observe the motorcycle and yourself in each case. Generally, an application form is used for many relevant objectives, so you must demonstrate that you are applying for a new title in a suitable place.

Step 5: Paying The Off-Road Title And Registration Fees

Take the extensive local title application and sales bill to your local DMV. Propose documents along with required taxes. You can also post the forms and taxes to the place demonstrated in the application if you want. After refining your application, a new title will be published in your name according to the local strategy.

Now we guess you know How to get the title for the dirt bike without a title by pursuing the overhead steps.

how to register a dirt bike

Register and Title a Dirt Bike Without a Title

If you’re striving to register a dirt bike without a title, here are some things you should do:

  • Get a valid bill of exchange from the seller and any other possession and enrollment papers they may have. The more documentation you have that verifies the chain of ownership, the easier the procedure will be.
  • Run the dirt bike’s VIN to ensure it’s not snatched and fits the dirt bike you’re buying.
  • The DMV may also expect you to finalize a VIN confirmation.


To conclude this article, we can say that; Purchasing a dirt bike requires some evidence to be customary. Buying a title for the dirt bike is also one of them. In this post, we have interpreted how to get the title for a dirt bike and directions for getting a title. We hope you find this article helpful and enforce what you have read here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why You Must Have a Title?

Possessing a title for your dirt bike is not mandatory if the state you live in does not expect you to have one. You will still be doing yourself a great vogue by having a title for your dirt bike even if your country of housing does not compel so.

How important is a Title?

A title might be prominent for assisting you to conserve possession of your dirt bike and might also go a long way in helping you live out of difficulty. That, regardless, is just a fraction of what it can do. In addition, if you acquire a title, it becomes much more manageable to vend your dirt bike.

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