How Much A Dirt Bike Cost? Ultimate Guide

How Much A Dirt Bike Cost

The actual query is, which is the best dirt bike to obtain? And how much a dirt bike cost? So if you’re observing in the market for a new dirt bike, whether it’s your first or your fifth, it’s always a good hint to check out what the normal prices for dirt bikes are.

The best dirt bikes by prevalent firms cost around $8,000-$9,000. Used bikes being sold devalue about $1,000 for every year of their age; for example, a 2016 dirt bike value about $8,000 new would be priced about $4,000 now, contingent on how well the prior holder favored the bike.

How Much A Dirt Bike Cost?

The cost of a dirt bike will be contingent on a diversity of aspects, counting:

  1. Make/constructer
  2. Engine size and strategy
  3. Suspension
  4. Extra elevations and features
  5. 2 stroke vs. 4 stroke
  6. Whether or not the dirt bike is street lawful

How Much Is A Used Dirt Bike?

Secondhand dirt bikes will range in cost too. Again, though, you’ll usually be clever to discover a used dirt bike for more inexpensive than you would a secondhand street motorcycle. All the aspects that regulate the price of a new dirt bike will come into performance here, too: engine size, make, features, etc. Plus, you’ll need to factor in the disorder of the bike. Contingent where you live, you can typically find a clad used dirt bike for anywhere from $500 to $4,000.

Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric-powered dirt bikes are becoming improved and better each year. They’re wild, silent, and low on upkeep. However, most new electric dirt bikes cost between $6,000 and $11,000. For example, the prevalent KTM Freeride E-XC has an MSRP of just over $11,000. Other makes like Sur-Ron and Zero Motorcycles have electric dirt bikes fluctuating from around $4,000 to $11,000.

How Much Does a Dirt Bike Cost?

     1. KTM 250SX-F

This is a 2019 model from KTM. At about $9,000, KTM 250SX-F has great features that bid an overwhelming off-road biking capability. It has a resonator that recovers the engine performance. Its dieter drain lessens the sound while the ability of the gas tank cares about weighty racing.


     2. KTM 250 XC

The 2019 model of this influential dirt bike has efficient features for best performance and prices around $9,000. The new casing lets you have better control of the bike while riding. Also, the existence of an air box and air boot defends the air filter from fouling. In addition to the better battery, this dirt bike has some great thrills.

KTM 250 XC

     3. Husqvarna TE150

Priced at $8,500, this dirt bike is perfect for track riding. Its design bids ease riders. Husqvarna TE150 is an exceptional optimal for long off-road rides.

Husqvarna TE150

     4. Yamaha YZ250F

This model is an influential dirt bike with outstanding performance. The dirt bike price is $8,299, which is nothing like the inspiring landscapes. It is optimal if you love dirt bikes with much control and smooth enterprise.

Yamaha YZ 250F

     5. Beta 125 RR

If you love brighter dirt bikes, go for the 2019 Beta 125 RR. Priced at $7,999, this bike bids an inordinate boom for your dollars. This dirt bike will give you quicker and better performance when trail riding.

Beta 125 RR

     6. Honda CRF250R

This 2019 model of dirt bike carries great superiority for your off-road biking. It bids superior control, allowing you to direct the bike around skintight turns effortlessly. Honda CRF250R also has a side drain pipe for better performance. This one price is around $7,999.

Honda CRF 250R

     7. Kawasaki KX250

It is a trivial dirt bike with excellent competence and a price of about $7,800. It is a perfect choice if you need a dirt bike that you can control off-road.

Do you know what are the common problems of Kawasaki KX250?

Kawasaki KX250

     8. Kawasaki KX450

Priced at $9,300, this Kawasaki KX450 dirt bike is upgrading to other replicas from Kawasaki. It has great features and lets larger constancy when riding over bumpy paths.

Kawasaki 450

How Much Does A Dirt Bike Cost For 10 Years Old?

A 10-year-old might be a minute young to purchase such a luxurious bike, but if you know they are ready for this kind of accountability and want it very seriously, go forward. How Much is a Dirt Bike for a 10-Year-Old? A new dirt bike can rate anywhere from $2000 to $5000+, depending on whether you get a secondhand one or a brand new one and what motorcycle it is.

If you get a secondhand dirt bike, make sure to carefully examine and test ride it before purchasing see the article on scrutinizing a used dirt bike for tips on this.

How Much Does A Dirt Bike Cost For 12 Years Old?

There is no conclusive response, as the value of a dirt bike for a 12 year old will differ contingent on a number of aspects.

As a leader, you can imagine waging between $500 to $4,000 for a clad used dirt bike. If you purchase a new dirt bike, you can assume to pay more, with values beginning at around $3,000. Again, the price will differ depending on the bike’s make, model, and size. Of course, the price is not the only deliberation when purchasing a dirt bike for a 12-year-old.


The voyage we have strolled in the last few minutes is when we’ve inspected the normal worth of a usual dirt bike. So you can be certain you won’t have to halt the bank on any of the replicas stated.

It would help if you also considered that you must spare some cash to get the best item. Don’t price is not fixed, contingent on the brand, producer, and sales networks e-store or brick and worldly. Try to mount your normal dirt bike weight.

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