Best dirt bike exhaust system For 2-stroke & 4-stroke

Best dirt bike exhaust system For 2-stroke & 4-stroke

You can have a number of explanations for connecting an aftermarket best dirt bike exhaust on your dirt bike. Before you really pick the faultless exhaust system for your dirt bike, you must guarantee that you have erudite enough about all of the capable dirt bike exhaust choices. And with this post, we are exasperating to assist you with that. Here’s a slant of the top-performing exhaust systems that you can fit on your dirt bike

     1. Gnarly Pipe MX Exhaust System For 2-Stroke

This is an additional 35-year old exhaust producer on the list. Flawlessly fit for 2-stroke engines, this system correctly does what it says.

Roar out loud, and improve performance, just as one would desire.

In fact, the performance is good and adequate to let you feel like your 2-stroke has crooked into a 4-stroke.

Apart from this, the Gnarly pipe MX exhaust is intended to distribute some mind-blowing thump at low-end torques.

Gnarly Pipe MX Exhaust System

 2. FMF RACING 24041 Fatty Pipe

The Fatty is FMF’s exclusive two-stroke system and has been essential for over three eras. It’s a carbon steel system that has gone through FMF’s Tru-Flo imprinting procedure for appropriate fitting and performance specs that target a broad power band. The nickel-plated finish improves sturdiness and can be used with an FMF or stock silencer.


3. SRT Pro-Flo 2-Stroke Pipe

The SRT Pro-Flo 2-stroke pipe is a straight OEM replacement system. It’s intended to be stronger than stock, uses a harsh resilient Zinc gilding and is involuntarily fused with exactness layers. They target broad practical power with their Pro-Flo slot.

SRT Pro-Flo 2-Stroke Pipe


The nickel-plated DEP Expansion pipe mirrors the performance of the Factory Finish system. However, it has a CNC-machined diverse, TIG- and MIG-welded, printed, mild steel body shares; and will fight off misuse far better than the uncoated Factory Finish.



Nickel-plated and fortified with a denser skin, the Reinforced Enduro exhaust is robust and contests to ward off the smashes and crashes that happen when riding off-road. It has a CNC-machined manifold, power increases over stock, and is verified on the World Enduro circuit.



The Scalvini expansion is an exact cone pipe that can hint its DNA back to the works pipes used by factory two-strokes and is built in Italy. Scalvini hand-builds each pipe to mirror the lowest performance of the store with a stiffer middle hit and a more challenging pull on top. Each system has an ID tag and features a CNC-machined exhaust flange and double-wall growing brackets for power.

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For riders watching for the same performance gain as the MX2 pipe but in a cone look, this pipe is an extra $125.00. The MX2 Cone Look pipe is a marked unit with repairing lines added that are evocative of the old works pipes



Bill’s Pipes has been constructing extension hollows for over three periods. Its MX2 Works pipe is made from 19-gauge carbon steel, sorts broad-based power gains, is hand-welded for a proper fit, and is made in the USA.



The MX2 Nickel pipe from Bill’s is undistinguishable from the MX2 Works Pipe but is double nickel-plated for better toughness and guises. It’s made from 19-gauge carbon steel, features broad-based power gains, is hand-welded for a proper fit, and is made in the USA.


     10. BUD/HGS YZ250

Established by Bud Racing and made by HG, Bud/HGS exhaust pipes target sturdier low-end replies and a flatter overall power supply. The aim is controllable and practical power, and the deep engraving procedure was advanced on the challenging European circuits where manageable power is vital.



DG specifies vintage, Evo and Revo two-stroke exhaust systems. Accessibility contains the most prevalent two-stroke models from the ’70s and ’80s, as well as many from the ’90s. All are intended to tie the unique manufacturers’ qualifications in performance and fit. DG pipework with the stock hardware and silencer, though DG also constructions silencers. The pipes come in a rare finish with a detachable anti erosion covering.


     12. Rocket Exhaust

This exhaust system is primarily well-matched with many dissimilar 2-stroke makes and models. So if you’re looking for a way to ramp up the sound of your bike, this could be an excellent way to do it!

One owner noted,” While Rocket does offer AMA-legal cans, the exhaust I used was the standard model. This system was a bit louder than the standard exhaust.” The Rocket exhaust system is made from aluminum and stainless steel and comes with carbon-fiber end lids. The exhaust cans also come in a diversity of sizes. The exhaust pipe length can sometimes upset sound worth, so this range of choices is excellent.

Rocket Exhaust

     13. Pro Circuit Ti6/Pro 4-STroke DTB Exhaust

It’s an exhaust system entirely made of titanium, along with a carbon-end lid. Moreover, this specific exhaust system has been skillfully intended for 4-stroke engines to permit them to contribute to reasonable trip races. Apart from this, the system is very frivolous and can give an essential lift to a top-end power supply of any dirt bike. One significant thing to note is that this system’s Ti6 model’s sound will not pass through the European and FIM noise principles.


     14. Akropovic Evolution

Akropovic is a house name in the performance aftermarket drain domain. The Slovenian builder boasts state-of-the-art, lovely best 4 stroke dirt bike exhausts as well as road-going counterparts. This exhaust by Akropovic is entirely made of titanium. Considering it at only 9 pounds as a full exhaust system, it is guaranteed to please the handling and feel department after installing in place of the heavy stock exhaust system. The tin has a scrape resilient special covering which also makes for calmer cleaning when the going gets dull. The rear end lid is CNC machined from titanium to challenging acceptances and gilt that Akropovic has become known for.

The Akropovic Evolution exhaust flattens out the lowest end opening “hit”, which can be a bit too punitive from the factory for many riders. This results in a calmer handle during the opening introduction, and power transfer in the lesser rev range becomes much more adaptable, principally valuable for trace riding, which makes the Evo 4 one of the best exhaust choices for woods riding and single track ground.

The smooth bottom end makes a palpable modification in tiredness levels as the rider doesn’t have to struggle the bike all day when firing out of the slow corners in junior gears. The power band is moved uphill with a surge in the mid and top end of the rev range, which will be very welcome for most riders. The Akropovic Evolution will favour riders looking for a rise in middle and top end power while also serving to smooth out low end murmur. The amplified power is convenient, making this exhaust a great stable option for many riders.


     15. Yoshimura RS-4 Full System Exhaust

Yoshimura RS-4 Full System Exhaust

Talk about autos and their replacement parts; you can never supervise the eminence that the Japanese builders propose.

Here over, Yoshimura’s RS-4 full system exhaust can be the most acceptable stake for you.

Its reliable performance over all the miles and the faultless design and build make it one legend of a choice that deserves a plug on this list.

It’s a full system drain with a stainless shot and mid-pipe. Apart from that, this system is frivolous and bids lengthier jerks and significantly good top-end rotation.


     16. FMF System Fatty Pipe For Dirt Bikes

Most dirt bike fans love the energetic and stubbornly regulated answer that dirt bikes generate. And this FMF system is a flawless contract for all two-stroke owners who want to improve their throttle knowledge. With an understanding of over 35 years, FMF has recognized its name in the DTB exhaust industry as a dependable brand.


2-Stroke Exhaust Compatibility With a 4-Stroke Dirt Bike

It may seem suitable to be bright to clutch that old 2-stroke pipe you’ve had placing around and toss it on your glossy new 4 stroke bike and see enchanted power advances and the deep drain note from the moto gods. Hey, that big extension cavity looks hoax on my new 4 stroke!!!

Without getting into drain gas subtleties, the vital base of 2 stroke vs 4 stroke engines is very diverse. If you band a 2 stroke exhaust onto your 4 stroke, the bike will almost certainly run inferior to just keeping the works exhaust. Some riders have found no subjects running the muffler only from a 2 stroke on their 4 stroke bike, however. The extension slot on a 2 stroke header is a different story, though, as it is precisely caused for 2 stroke engines, and unless you want to take a deep plunge into wave subtleties and thermal volume values, then I recommend you leave this to the nerds, I mean engineers.

Tips To Make Your Exhaust Brasher

Occasionally you might have an excessive stock bike or exhaust system, but you’re just not getting the volume you’re observing. Is there any way to improve the sound yourself? Yes! Underneath are a duo of approaches you can try that could make your dirt bike brasher. Remember that some of these approaches might improve the sound but decrease the general power. Sometimes the brashest bike isn’t the best for performance.

  • Tip #1: Eradicate Muffler

Many dirt bike exhaust systems come with a muffler involved. This reduces the engine’s sound and guides the exhaust’s heat. If you select to eradicate the muffler, you may be clever to relish a gaudier engine, but there may be other concerns.

Eradicating a scarph doesn’t remarkably advance the performance of your bike, and it could cause more damage than good, especially by plummeting engine rotation.

An engine without a muffler is also more likely to backfire, and you could also scorch your drain regulators. To reduce the chance of burning your exhaust valves, ensure to only eliminate the muffler and leave as much piercing as possible committed to the engine’s exhaust port.

  • Tip #2: Eliminate Packing

Stuffing is the material that assembles inside the exhaust core of your dirt bike. The coatings of this material assist in engrossing sound. If your objective is to be as lurid as possible, the packing will get in the way. Packing should usually be swapped after it jolts to wear out, but if you let it wear down and don’t swap it, your bike will surely get brasher. If you aren’t eager to delay for your bike to logically get brasher, you can eliminate the drain staple tube and pull out the packing yourself.

Though you can make a dirt bike brasher by eradicating the packing, it might not be the vigorous kind of volume you’re watching for.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right drain system for your dirt bike can often be puzzling. Unfortunately, with all the choices on the market, misperception can come like 1-2-3. With this post, we tried to aid our readers in resolving this matter. Here you read about best dirt bike exhaust systems for 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bikes.

Optimistically, this will be handy.

Q1. How Much Horsepower Does An FMF Pipe Add?

Normal horsepower gain can be as much as 10.6 percent in definite zones of your rev-range! Peak numbers on the dyno upsurge around 4 rear wheel horsepower and 3 lb/ft torque. After totalling an FMF pipe, the power arc mimics the stock curve screening a surge in power across the whole rev-range!

Q2. Does a Slip On Exhaust Damage A Bikes Engine?

Only totaling a slip-on exhaust to your bike does not harm an engine. Naturally, though, when fitting any alteration to your engine, you want to look at the giant portrait.

Q3. Can You Put A 2-Stroke Exhaust On A 4-Stroke Dirt Bike?

The essential basis of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine ideologies is very diverse. If you band a 2 stroke drain onto your 4 stroke, the bike will almost certainly run worse than keeping the factory finish.

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