Best Dirt Bike Chain Lubes Of All Time [Expert Opinion]

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lubes

Chain upkeep is vital for dirt bikes to run in the highest state. Dirt bikes are machinery that continually works with exchange points, which means they need more care than other vehicles. Dirt bike chains need regular lubrication and scrubbing to keep them running slickly. Many diverse chains are accessible, but the best dirt bike chain lubes for dirt bikes depend on what kind of land you ride most often. We’ll go over some popular choices so you can decide what’s best for your machine!

1. DuPont Teflon Chain Saver Lubricant

We will start using the specific creation from DuPont, perhaps one among the brand names on the top score. It’s similar among the chain lubes should you take a look at the citation of traits it is. The stand-out has become the accumulation of Teflon from the product’s formula. The mess that stops spawns will be engaged to evade wreckage and dirt stirring.

This can aid in producing that undoubtedly one of those dirt lubes you’ll learn. It is attire and water resilient, and once yet all over once more thanks likened to Moly, and this Teflon saw from this formula. It’s thought not to dribble the sequence off, which makes you a remarkably influential and lasting item. You will also be pleased to learn it is easy to hire, using an informal spray and drama with tool process.

This is one of the best dirt bike chains lubes I ever used.


2. ProHonda Chain LubeOur Pal

ProHonda Chain LubeOur Pal

Rick Mitchell does not work correctly on Honda, but he cannot uphold himself also for the legal cause. Mike “Chico” Montes spent weeks evolving this exact item, states Rick, using all the sustenance of being the upper-acting sequence lube at the point over the trade! It is reserved by Even the system that is no-fling to set up for the residual part of the states. It Is Serviceable to rinse anything you are Going to lube. You can consider as the second-best dirt bike chain lubes.


3. Maxima 74920 Chain Wax Aerosol

 Maxima surely really are USA-based oil and builder having a rep for more extensive answers that are rising. Whereas they’ve been battered in the budget, they so, therefore, are similarly as eccentric for both travelers in terms of competitors and have been tolerable for practice. They rent a system they make a location to Para-Film. That can be just really a wax style of lubrication.

This generally means that the oil is envisioned to adhere to the upper coating of the cord for piercing and extended sturdy protection. It includes supplies a level of dirt and water resistance. The item is present thought for quite a cord spout providing you with one among the grades of drinking water safety in the market. This inclines to make it flawless for practice in high moisture settings if you’re some angry men and women motorcycle in Seattle or someplace evenly moist! It would help if you looked at the thing. This is also the best dirt bike chain lubes for dirt riders.


4. Super Clean Chain Lube

Many excellent references with the specific material that many users elucidate is a cross between wax and lube. It is thought to use” rising lubricant tech” for unmatched put-on safety for long cord and cog time by creating an exterior defensive covering which isn’t going to plea to dirt, shingle, or grit and cannot fling once used as directed.


5. PJ1 Blue Tag Bike Chain Lube

PJ1 would be the creator of the lube. It has many resemblances with all the items we’ve watched over. It’s genuinely just a system that’s precisely made for product functionality. Because it goes over its transfers, It’s proposed to cut resistance. This may cause increases in the process and lifting of the cord’s life length. Both drive lube. It’s also framed to defend from erosion and rust.

The system has been envisioned for practice with model chains. It should enter Likened to this end for safety with this sequence style. Also moreover, it is simple and good to pay. It is thought not to dribble off the string as the bicycle works, which means you want to hire it. That is a good stock, and also which is coordinated by the price tag, though, moreover it is the Most Beneficial and best dirt bike chain lubes.


6. Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

There are tons of good appraisals for this mess, too, which some workers define as an irritable between steady lube and wax. It’s said to use “developing oil technology” for unrivaled wear guard for long chain and cog life by creating an outer defensive covering that will not fascinate dirt, grit, or shingle and will not toss when used as fixed.


7. Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

Nothing subpar comes from Switzerland. Sprigs on white so you can see it, and covers a different wear-reducing lubricant with outstanding bond for all motorcycle chains, particularly X-ring and O-ring. Like heaps of builders, Motorex bids on the road and off-road methods.


8. Motul C3 Chain Lube Off-Road

Casual Facebook voting originates much love for Motul. However, its online critics are a minute less tanned. Moreover, with some operators competing, its anti-fling possessions are significantly overstated compared to other lubes. Motul is a big MotoGP guarantor, so what?


9. Nextzett 96050515 Ultra Gel Chain Grease

If you’re watching for an economical choice, then the Nextzett is a choice you would like. It aids in spreading chain life. And it can do that in both hot and cold fevers. Not only that, unlike others, but it also won’t toss off. You’re getting this within a rational price series.


10. Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol

Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol is intended to enter intensely over eroded jots and bushings on your chains, so you won’t have any more concerns with them getting wedged.

It also comprises brilliant corrode and corrosion inhibitors and water-resistant assets for maximum reportage of all portions of your chain, certifying a flat experience through any outside quest. In addition, the aerosol vessel delivers easy, rapid application – faultless for when you’re in a fitted plug.

Little can surpass Lucas Oil’s 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol regarding cutting-edge oiling skills. Intended for use with all kinds of chain and spur wads, the product leaves behind a defensive film that will safeguard your hard work and doesn’t go discarded.

This invention leaves behind a defensive film that means your chains don’t have to be gutted as often. Defends erosion, ambiance, kinking, or scrape. This formula enters rapidly and intensely for a sturdy act on all chains, counting O-ring kinds. This is a cheaper option on the best dirt bike chain lubes list.


11. WD-40 Specialist Bike Dry Chain Lube

WD-40 Expert Bike Dry Chain Lube is an excellent product for defense and lubrication when your bike needs a little more than just the usual chain lube. This high-quality, high-performance dry lube formula bids riders who spend time outside in challenging situations.

Especially framed for severely dirty surroundings like tracks or off-road riding, this WD-40 expert bike chain oil leaves no scum, which can build up on chains and drivetrains over time. This Chain Lube gives influential, unseen safety to the chains that keep you rolling when the dust hovers. Mutual upkeep chores such as oiling chains or eradicating grease from persistent drive train parts to clearing mire and dirt built on a rider’s preferred wheels with these new formulas will change your old bike into a running machine!

WD-40 BIKE Spray Lubricant is wangled using our original formula to worsen rubber caps if used as fixed while also caring against the erosion of metal shares from salt exposure. And because polymers form a dry film as soon as the product is helpful, there’s no fear about it being eroded by rain showers or continuing down cloudy biking trails!


Dos And Don’ts When Applying Lube On Dirt Bike Chain


  • Smear a new coat of lube every time you alter gears.
  • Unsoiled the chain with a degreaser before smearing.
  • Coat steadily on all shares of the chain, front and back calmest to do by dragging your finger across it.


  • Don’t apply your lube to the topmost of your chain, where it encounters the cog.
  • Don’t apply too much at a time. This can lead to dirt and sand getting into your bearings which will cause them to wear quicker.
  • Don’t put too much burden on the lube.
how to apply lube on dirt bike chain

Why Should You Lubricate A Bike Chain?

Chains are required to be oiled for several details. The most apparent is that the chain will attire away rapidly without any oil, making it problematic to change gears or brake. Therefore, most off-road riders are inclined to favor denser lubes because they keep the chains from tiring away and help keep dirt out of the drivetrain. Diluter oils are more general among people who ride on the roadway and might even use them as a substitute if their bike becomes dirty in wet situations so long as they don’t get eroded away too simply when uncovered to water again later.

What Is The Ideal Way To Apply Chain Lube?

The perfect growth of chain upkeep will be done in 2 steps, counting cleaning and lubing repeatedly.

Details will be cited as under:

  • Steep a clean duster with the detergent/ degreaser.
  • Grip the chain with the scrap while backpedaling to eliminate grit, dirt, and other filth.
  • Repeat until the chain is totally clean.
  • Dry the chain.
  • Credit the lube drops or use the sprig bottle on the top of each chain link, slowly backtracking for a few hours at the same time so the lube can be completely smeared.
  • Rub off the fling-off lube.

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best way to apply lube


Q1. When To Lube Your Chain?

It would help if you lubed your chain anytime you altered machinery. This comprises when you’re on a race path and altering between advanced gears, which produces more resistance from the gear variations than lower gears would. If this is not done often, it will lead to dust collecting in your manners and will cause them to attire quicker.

Q2. How To Lube Dirt Bike Chain?

Smear one drop of oil onto the chain and then transfer it up and down about five times. The lube will be calmly dispersed through your bike’s mechanisms, which confirms there is adequate for a long ride without perturbing that you might run out before concluding your trip. Remember not to put too much, or else the lube will geek.

Q3. Is Dry Chain Lube Good?

There are 4 mutual sorts of chain lubes at the instant: wet lube, wax lube, ceramic lube, and dry lube; though, grounded on our experience and other handlers, the last one is the most chosen.

Dry lube is a brighter lube than other types, which is a joint of oils and some dedicated conveyance fluid, and also less disposed to entice grit, dirt, or remains on the chain. Furthermore, dry lube is domestic to use with no or minimum fling-off. Dry lube, though, can be eroded off in the rain and is so less sturdy that it needs to be applied again. Therefore, like its name, dry lube is most appropriate for use in dry settings only.


The Maxima chain wax is our highest optimal for a dirt bike. This invention delivers the best safety and sturdiness on your chains which are central gears to any dirt bike riding the machine. If you want to discover other choices that may be better matched to your desires, we have some endorsements below!

But if you don’t know where to twitch or what’s going in between those gears, this is the flawless place for novices too. In this director, we’ve comprised all kinds of obliging info like the best chain lube for dirt bikes, diverse types of chain lube, and how they should be smeared, so you’ll never find yourself unrehearsed again.

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