How To Clean A Dirt Bike Chain? (Step By Step Guide)

How To Clean A Dirt Bike Chain

Cleaning a dirt bike chain is an easy job, but many people make it problematic because they do not know how to clean a dirt bike chain? As a result, they cannot use the chain for long periods, even after cleaning. Do you know how to clean a dirt bike’s chain very simple method in only 15 minutes? But, several riders are not talented to unsoiled their dirt bike chains by themselves. That’s why they take the help of experts and devote huge amounts of money to it.

If you don’t clean the bike chain frequently, it will soon become ineffectual. Therefore, the chain should be gutted after every 500 miles of riding.

In this article, we will discuss some simple steps of chain cleaning.

dirty dirt bike chain

How To Clean A Dirt Bike Chain? (Step By Step Guide)

Different people clean their bike’s chains in numerous ways. We will show you the best way to clean bike chains. This way, you can clean your bike chain in a short time with some small gears at a low cost. Similarly, if you want, you can clean the bike chain with gear at home at a small price.

Collect The Essential Gears

dirt bike chain gears

A few tools are mandatory to clean the bike chain. You can also purchase these tools from the store or use in-house fixings. Yet, if you do not have all the tools at hand, you will not be able to ample the work properly. So before starting the job, you have to keep the required gear in hand. Here is a list of all the tools you will need to clean the dirt bike chain. These are as follows:

  • A chain cleaner
  • Kerosene
  • Brush
  • Old clothes
  • One pair of pliers
  • Clean water
  • A standard chain lubes
  • Stand The Bike

Once all the required gear is gathered, stunt the bike in a high and plane place. Do not stunt the bike on low or rough ground, as this may cause the bike to slip up with a small push. Also, at this time, make sure that the rear wheel is out of the ground and can be alternated effortlessly. Now turn off the bike and wait for its hot parts to cool.

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Spray Chain Cleaner On The Chain

When all the bike’s parts have chilled fully, lightly spray the chain cleaner inside and outside the chain. When spraying cleaner, switch the rear wheel on two times so that you can pour all parts of the chain. Once the cleaner has been squirted, wait a while for the chain to steep well. If the chain is not entirely clean, it will not be easy to clean the twig.

Spray Chain Cleaner On The Chain

Clean With An Old Cloth And Brush

When the chain is damp, use an old cloth to clean the mud and dirt attached to it. But, be cautious not to force too much ground on the inside of the chain at this time, so prudently clean it sluggishly without pressing it inside. It is not probable to get the copper inside the chain; therefore, clean the inside of the chain with a brush.

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Clean With An Old Cloth And Brush

Move The Chain

Now you have to confiscate the chain for a full cleaning, for which you need to use a pair of pliers. You can also do this with a screwdriver, but it can harm your chain. To open the chain:

  1. Place one side of the plier over its opening, and put the other side of the following clip next to the chain you want to open.
  2. Close the slide clip by pressing them together.
  3. Follow the same process to move the hook back to the earlier location.
  4. Place one side of the plier on top of the already closed pin, and the clip is already accomplished. If you do not return the chain appropriately, it will be at the peril of skidding.

This will return it to its original position.

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Dirt Bike Chain

Immerse The Chain into The Kerosene

After eradicating the chain, immerse it in a kerosene can for a few minutes. This will soften the old lube attached to the chain. Kerosene has also been shown to work well as a chain cleaner. But you can use hot water and soap to clean your bike chain. Since kerosene has no side effects, you can securely use kerosene without purchasing a chain cleaner from the store.

immerse chain in kerosene

Wash The Chain

Now eliminate the kerosene and wash the chain carefully with water. You can use hot water and cleanser during this time, which is specifically beneficial to clean the chain very quickly. Softly wash the inside of the chain with detergent or liquid soap with an old brush.

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Wash The Chain

Dry The Chain

Once the chain is splashed, please wait to dry totally and eradicate the cleaning gear. If it is not fully dried, dirt can rapidly get caught on the wet part. If possible, you can leave it in the sun for a while. Using a clean cloth, you can smear the places where the sun does not reach.

Grease The Chain

Once the cleaned chain is dry, rub on grease consistently on all sides. This removes the likelihood of slipping off the bike chain and producing disorder in other bike parts. Lubricants of numerous finances are accessible for use in bike chains.

Grease The Chain

Do you know, how often you need to clean your chain?

It would help if you cleaned off your chain after every ride. This is important if you have been riding through water, mire, or other filth that has accrued on the chain.

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Swapping The Chain

You will need to change your chain if it is too strained out or worn down. You will also need to swap both the front and rear cogs when swapping the chain. Be sure to check that you are swapping the chain and cogs with the same number of teeth and chain length. You can refer to your dirt bike’s service manual or count the old ones to find out. First, find the master link and eliminate the locking clip with a pair of pliers. With the clip detached, you will be able to slide out the master link and take off the chain. Connect the new one in the reverse order after changing the sprockets.

How To Tighten A Dirt Bike Chain?

To regulate the slack of your dirt bike chain, you will need to:

  • Untie the rear axle nut.
  • Loosen the chain adjuster to lock the nut on either side of the swingarm
  • Tighten or loosen the chain adjuster bolts on each side until the proper chain slack is attained.
  • Use the marks on the swingarm to ensure that each side of the rear axle is at the same placement point on either side of the swingarm.
  • Stiffen the chain adjuster lock nuts.
  • Tighten the rear axle nut.

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How To Tight Chain

How Tight Should Your Dirt Bike Chain Be?

Ensuring your chain has the proper amount of limp will guarantee extreme recital and curtail potential chain dangers. A chain that’s too tight is disposed to flouting and putting stress on your bike, while a chain that’s too loose may jump a gear tooth and cause injury. Be sure to double check the proper amount of chain slack in your dirt bike’s service manual.

The chain’s slack should be set when the chain is at its snuggest point based on the position of the rear suspension. You can either ask someone to sit on the bike or weigh it down with your body until it reaches the tightest point. Most dirt bikes call for a sack of 1.4 to 2 again. Check in your service manual. You can do an on-the-fly check by piling three fingers, employing them near the chain slider on the top of the swingarm, and resting the chain on top. The chain should be drawn tight against your fingers in this position.

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Bottom Line

We have talked about how to clean a dirt bike chain simply and appropriately within a short time. We hope you have found it easy to clean your bike chain by succeeding our directions. If you are a regular rider, you can keep your bike chain better by following the above tips. If you are looking for more information concerning this article, let us know; we will always try to answer your question. Feel free to contact us in case of any query. Also, visit our website, dirt bike coach, to get such helpful posts.

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