Best Quality Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

Best dirt bike air filter oil

Air filter oil is used with certain performance air filters. The filters themselves are made from a foam type substantial that is saturated in the specifically articulated air filter oil. The oil, once applied, is very effective at keeping remains out of your engine.

Good quality air filter oil keeps your engine gears clean and working well. As a result, it declines the time you need between dirt bike engine oil changes. The filter can be gutted and re-oiled after a certain amount of time. Riding regularly in very dirty settings may require shifting the filter after every ride. Determining what filter oil to use can be a trial as most dirt bike guides will not mention a specific type.

Best Quality Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

Here is a list of the best air filter oils that can keep your bike in the best position.

1. Uni Foam Air Filter Oil

The cleansing agents of the Uni Foam cleaning kit are strong enough to eliminate grease and dirt from any air filter. It works rapidly, and spray cans make for a much cleaner application and cleaning process.

Best Quality Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

The Uni Foam oil does not have cleaners that will harm your air filters, so there should be no issues in keeping the sturdiness of your air filter. It works well to guard against dust and dirt while allowing solid airflow.

Use the cleaning agent first by spraying the entire air filter. Let it soak up the detergents so that dirt particles are released. Then rinse off all the dirt with water. Let your filter sit and dry. Once it is dry, apply a substantial sum of filter oil, and you are all set.

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2. Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

This oil has water and fuel deterring properties that keep the fluids from incoming through the air filter. Off-road riders that often find themselves at river crossings or riding in the rain benefit massively from using oil filter oil.

Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

As air filters are very liable to chemical harm. This oil by Maxima tests for elasticity to chemicals so their products will not cause injury to the makeup of the air filter. Using their product keeps your engine and engine oil cleaner than ever.

This foam filter oil by Maxima took three years of dedicated research. It is an entirely artificial polymer formula that lets between 4 and 13% more airflow while keeping up to 8% more toxins from entering the air filter.

This air filter oil has some fantastic benefits, which are as follows;


  • Its formula prevents gas and water
  • It is an amazingly well-inspected construction
  • It keeps engine optimization cleaner than ever

3. Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil

This is a common choice among both skilled racers and weekend fighters. The formula is exposed to work time and time again in situations. Bel Ray Foam Filter Oil is made to work for road and higher performance.

Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil

It may be applied to almost any foam filter and won’t destroy its bond or the filter itself; like most foam filter oils, that are fantastic that this one comprises the ability to make the most of airflow. The petroleum itself was invented to become ultra-viscous, making a petroleum fence seize atoms until they have the chance to air filter. This oil is also waterproof, preventing flushing it to humid snags.

Like other oils, this oil also has some distinct properties, which makes this oil more demanding. Using this air filter oil, you can keep your air filter safe and protective for a longer time. It has numerous benefits. Some of these are as follows;


  • Its formulation is Ultra-viscous
  • This oil stands waterproof to stop clogging
  • It can be utilized in every riding situation without neglect.

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4. Yamaha Foam Filter Oil

This Yama lube foam air filter oil works to keep your foam air filter. The mock tacky formula will stop even tiny atoms of dirt and dust from blockage up and damaging your filter. It also counterattacks water.

Yamaha Foam Filter Oil

It’s a petroleum-based oil that will keep water and dirt from incoming the opening zone. It is blue, so you can see when the filter desires more oil. This is a high-quality oil factory made by a company with many years of experience in the field.


5. Lucas Air Filter Oil

Lucas oil high-performance air filter oil has been formulated to have a little cheapness. This guarantees the oil will stay in place on the air filter and will upsurge the performance throughout the time between services.

Lucas Air Filter Oil

It is a low solvent, low thickness oil that will easily infiltrate the air filter to stop dust, dirt, and sand from incoming from your engine. Like other high quality filters oil. This oil also works as a dampness fence to prevent water and other fluids from being lapped in through your dirt bike opening area. It is suitable for use in all temperatures and does not clog in chiller climates.

Like all other air filter oils, this oil also guarantees plenty of benefits. Due to these benefits, this oil is becoming a favorite among many customers. Here we have listed a few benefits of this oil. By going through these, you will get how this oil can work accurately to keep your air filter protective and damage free. These are as follows;


  • It works well in cold programs
  • It is available mainly in blue color
  • It proves sticky to help retain the petroleum in position

6. PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil

Bundled together in this little bliss package is just about everything you will want to make sure your air filter is clean, oiled, and works at its best performance. This kit contains a 16 oz aerosol filter cleanser and a 5.5 oz aerosol foam filter oil.

PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil

PJ1 air filter oil is a great product and has carried owing performance to motorsport enthusiasts universally. Their products have been made with performance in mind. This doesn’t just mean the performance of your bike. It also mentions how their products are sturdy, weather resilient, chemical resistant and deliver all-out results.

The PJ1 spray foam filter oil works well to protect high performance parts of your engine from dust, dirt, sand, and all kinds of mess that otherwise make it past your air filter. PJ1 filter oil does not trench out over time, offering better defense for your carb opening against the rudiments.


Can You Clean An Air Filter?

This is the most repeated question we often hear from customers. It is important to remember that air filters are not so expensive, and engines are. Sometimes, while cleaning your air filter, you accidentally damage it, which means you have caused a significant loss for yourself and caused wide-ranging damage to your engine.

During competitions where reliability is a primary condition, you should not start with an air filter that works not accurately. Whenever you find yourself cleaning an air filter, you must follow these tips.

In An Emergency

These tips prove very handy in an emergency. Whenever you have a shortage of time and keep your air filter clean, these tips would be beneficial for you. These are as follows;

>> First, eliminate the air filter and examine it properly for blocked and overly jammed areas. Then carefully remove the wreckage and try to rub away any wet or plodded dirt.

>> The next step is to look for debris, check the air box for loose rubble or any blocked portions then remove all debris carefully.

> Thirdly if you find any dampness dry out the inside of the airbox with a clean cloth.

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Guidelines For Marinating Air Filter:

Here are a few tips for the maintenance of air filters. These are as follows;

  • First, clean your airbox habitually and keep it neat.
  • Secondly, spray the interior of your airbox with GT-85 to assist catch dirt before it is sifted. This will also make your airbox easier to clean.
  • Thirdly, clean and re-oil regularly to stop premature engine wear.
  • Fourthly, contemplate reviving the filter after every ride in dirty circumstances.
  • Lastly, never use petrol to clean your filter. It will damage your filter easily.


To conclude this, it can be said don’t buy first-rate oil. Just find out a great deal about it. Using powerful fluids, make sure that it runs fine and lasts quite a long time. Additionally, don’t forget to hunt for advice from your guide on what the manufacturer mentioned. These recommended oils will keep your filter safe from dust particles. And your bike will keep working correctly.

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