How To Clean Dirt Bike Engine?

How To Clean Dirt Bike

Cleaning a dirt bike engine is a piece of cake if you know how to clean it. Many people think cleaning a dirt bike engine is one of the most challenging tasks. That is why a common question often arises how to clean dirt bike engine? If the engine isn’t cleaned frequently, it becomes useless and lifeless. There are two ways to keep your engine healthy first, doing it yourself or by hiring a professional. Both methods can be beneficial for you in keeping your engine clean and tidy. Hiring an expert is a ripoff while doing it yourself can tighten your budget.

In this article, we will recommend the easiest ways to help you learn how to clean your dirt bike engine by yourself.

How To Clean A Dirt Bike Engine (Easy Steps)

Mainly, the dirtiest part of a dirt bike is its engine, which consists of the inner part and the outer part. It seems very tough to keep both parts neat. We recommend some easy and simple steps to clean the dirt bike’s engine.

Collect the things that you require for cleaning a dirt bike engine. This is one of the essential steps for keeping your engine clean. First of all, you must assemble those essential things required for the cleaning procedure. These things will make your cleaning process dynamic and effective. Here we have compiled a list of critical equipment for cleaning the engine. These are as follows;

  • Air tool
  • Toothbrush
  • Simple green
  • Pump
  • Parts washer
  • Water hose
  • Soda blast
  • Rubber pad
  • Power washer
  • Md wheel cleaner
  • Aluminum wheel cleaner
  • Plastic bags or tape
  • Scotch bright pads
How To Clean Dirt Bike Engine

Cleaning The Inner Parts Of Engine

Cleaning the inner parts of the engine is considered a risky task. As we all know, cleaning the outer parts of a dirt bike engine is relatively easy. The inner parts of the dirt bike engine can be stained with oil and make your engine dirt. Your dirt bike engine can become dirt free by following a few effective cleaning ways. So here we go!

1. Tear The Engine Down Into Cases

This is one of the easy steps for cleaning a dirt bike engine. Tearing down the engine parts into pieces would be handy for you to clean each part or case of the dirt bike engine. Otherwise, rinsing out the engine would be problematic.

2. Get The Cases soaked Into The Water

Once you have torn down your engine, the next step that you have to follow is to soak all the cases into a parts washer. Usually, the parts washer comes with a pump that adds a water hose flowing brush at the end of the line. While the parts are under the soaking process, you can easily scrub the small cases of the dirt bike engine.

3. Apply Degreaser

In this step, all you need to do is to mix three gallons of degreasing with seven gallons of water in a big drum. After that, turn on the pump linked to the parts washer. The pump with a water hose flowing brush is in action once the pump is on. Now you can tint out each engine case that is tainted with oil. Simple green or mag wheel cleaner degrease is the best option for this process. But keep in mind by using mag wheel cleaner to clean dust, you can lose your dirt bike engine’s color and grime from your dirt bike engine.

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Cleaning Outer Parts Of Dirt Bike Engine

Cleaning the outer parts of the dirt bike engine seems very easy, but it’s also time-consuming. You should follow some easy steps for cleaning the outer parts of the dirt bike engine. Let’s take a quick look;

1. Spray Out Dust With Compressed Air

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of dust, grime, and dirt from your dirt bike. Spraying out dust with compressed air will prove handy to remove dust particles.

2. Cover Sensitive Parts

To keep your engine’s sensitive parts safe from damage, it is essential to cover these parts with duct tape. This tape will help for preventing water from getting into holes. You can also use plastic bags to block sensitive areas.

3. Apply Degreaser To Engine Area

Grease can quickly get stuck to the engine surface. To keep your dirt bike engine clean, it is necessary to get rid of grease and oil from the surface of the engine. For the removal of oil and grease, you must have a cleaner. Most experts recommend degreaser. You can spay degreaser on a dirt bike engine and let it soak for half an hour.

4. Rinse Away Degreaser

Now, you need a water hose with a nozzle to put pressure by spraying the dirt engine to eliminate grime, oil, grease, and dirt. While washing the engine’s inner parts with a water hose, all grease and dirt are cleaned.

5. Scrub To Clean Areas

You can scrub your dirt bike engine with warmed water, and a brush o get rid of oil stains.

6. Dry Engine Surface

In this step, all you need is a towel or rags to dry the wet engine. Once you are finished with the dirt bike engine’s surface, apply air dry for around 30 minutes.

7. Rubber Seal Protectant

Using a rubber seal protectant is essential to your water hose or engine’s fitting. It will make your dirt engine clean while making your dirt bike engine highly durable and a lifesaver.

8. Remove Plastic Bags And Duct Tapes

This I one of the last steps. When you wash your dirt bike engine, it comes to removing plastics bags and duct tape that you used to prevent water.

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5 Things You Need To Consider While Cleaning A Dirt Bike Engine

You must be very careful about these five things while cleaning your engine. It will make your engine durable and life lasting.

1. Cool Engine Body

Keeping the engine body cool while washing the dirt bike engine is necessary. Suppose the engine is hot while cleaning. It can lead to the destruction of engine parts. So, we highly recommend you wash the dirt bike engine parts when the engine’s temperature is average.

2. Scrub Carefully

Scrubbing carefully will protect your engine from scratches. If the cleaners you apply to the engine won’t work correctly for your engine parts, you can try other cleaners. But avoid hard rubbing and scrubbing to keep your engine healthy.

3. Apply Certain Cleaner

This is one of the essential tips for keeping your engine in good condition. Don’t use several cleansers for the engine. It’s wise to apply a specific one. Applying various cleaners together for washing your dirt bike can be vulnerable to your engine’s body.

4. Cleaning Dirt Bike Engine After Every Ride

We highly recommend you clean your engine every ride. It will benefit you not only financially, but also it will save your time. When you start cleaning your dirt bike engine after every ride, it will protect your engine from dirt, dust, and grime, and also the engine will work properly.

5. Dry Your Dirt Bike Engine After Washing

This one is a highly recommended tip for the better functionality of your dirt bike engine. Once the dirt bike engine is washed, you need to dry the engine with compressed air. If a dirt bike engine holds any water after washing, it will lead to lousy functionality of the engine. So, you need to make sure your engine is appropriately dried after washing.

5 Tips To Make Your Dirt Bike Engine Clean Easier

You can make your dirt bike engine cleaning a cinch with a few exclusive tips. Let’s take a look at these easy tips.

Tip 1. In this step, you need to spray simple green and let the cleaner penetrate the engine’s body for 3 to 5 minutes to clean the surface of the engine.

Tip 2. In this step, you need a brush that is non-metallic to agitate the grime and grease of the dirt bike engine so that you can quickly eliminate grime and dust.

Tip 3. This one is highly recommended. Use a water hose spray while brushing off the engine’s parts thoroughly so that the dirt bike engine stays dust free.

Tip 4. Removing tapes and plastic bags after washing is done is also beneficial, and it would help if you had a clean and dry napkin to wipe out the wet places.

Tip 5. Lastly, you need to dry the engine with compressed air to have no water left in the engine parts.

Final Thoughts

This article describes the procedures of cleaning a dirt bike engine. We hope this will help you whenever you need to clean your dirt bike engine. If you still have any questions feel free to contact s, and we are here to assist you in a better way.

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