How To Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter – Pro Tips

How to Clean dirt bike filter

This post is specially written to explain how to clean dirt bike air filter like a pro.

The air filter is essential for keeping a healthy engine. Permitting fresh air into your engine to mix with fuel, erupt and produce the vehicle’s power. If your filter is muddy, your engine will need to work harder to draw in the air or cool down. When cleaning your air filter, it is vital to use a cleaner that will thoroughly remove dirt and wreckage without petroleum-based substances, damaging the filter material effortlessly.

Instead, try to use those materials to keep your engine healthier and in the best working position. Dirt bike racers should make a routine of cleaning the air filter to evade destructing the piston and blocking up the carburetor.

How To Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter?

Some steps can assist you in a better way while cleaning the air filter. These are as follows:

1. Remove And Check The Air Filter

The same stage you should follow when you plan to clean the dirt bike air filter is to remove and check the air filter. First, put on gloves before removing the air filter, then give the filter a rub with a moist cloth so that no loose dirt falls into the intake.

Remove Air Filter

There’s a good chance that the air filter will be shielded in oil and other manure, so be cautious while eradicating it. If the air filter is spoiled, it might be time to change it, or if it not, it should be last for many thousands of kilometers.

2. Applying The Turpentine

In this step, all you essential to do is eliminate the oil that will be all over the filter. Again, turpentine is the best choice as it will simply break down the oil on the filter.

How To Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

After spreading on turpentine, all you need to do is splash the air filter until the oil has gone right through it. After that, give it an excellent squash to waste the dirty leftovers. You can do this as many times as you like to remove oil.

3. Scour Filter

Using a plug or cultivation pipe lately, wash the filter from the inside to evade pushing dirt to boost into the channel’s elements.

Keep a tactical distance from sopping or ranging fluent runs clear. Repeat knobs in case indispensable.

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4. Lead Cleaner

The next step after applying the turpentine is washing the filter. For this purpose, you can use dishwashing liquid/detergent as it will eat through the oil resulting in a cleaner air filter.

filter Oil cleaner

After washing the filter with detergent, make sure to let it dry for a while so that no water is left.

5. Use The Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner for a bike air filter is the best option. First, vacuum both sides of the filter for almost two minutes, making beyond any reservation you have got all the exact dull things;

dirt bike filter

when you are done, clutch the filter up to a shining light, as this will look as if any bits you might have lost. Also, go over the filter once more at that point; you are ready to displace it.

6. Oiling The Air Filter

All you need to do is oil the air filter at this stage. Once you get the air filter dry, now is the best time to apply some new filter oil to it. This task seems quite tricky for this. First, you have to put it inside a plastic bag, either one with a zip lock or big enough to tie a knot in.

Oiling The Air Filter

Then add the filter oil to the bag and begin to turn this bag until the complete filter is enclosed. You can also check it for any dry spots.

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7. Cleaning The Filter Cage

This is also another important step to keep your filter healthier. If the filter cage is filthy, there is no use in cleaning the filter accurately. A cage of filters works as its shield. It can keep your bike filter in good functioning and protective from any harm.

Filter Cage

One of the easier ways for cleaning the cage of the filter is to spray some contact cleaner on the surface of the cage and rub any dull spots you see clean using a rag.

8. Greasing The Air Filter

The next step after oiling the filter is greasing the air filter. Before that, you reinsert the filter; all you need to do is apply some grease around the edges of the rim, cage and housing. It will keep your filter protective for a long time.

Greasing dirt bike filter

This grease will work as a tighter seal and stop dirt from getting through for a long time. Grease is regarded as one of the powerful liquid solutions to keep such gadgets safe from harm.

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9. Reinsert The Air Filter

This is one of the final steps, with the overhead step finished. Now its time to reinsert the filter into the bike. Attach the filter back into place, reattach any covers, then start up your bike to see how it noises and functions.

Dirt bike filter

If you feel the filter makes strange noises and malfunctions, then recheck it. Maybe there remains some dirt inside the filter. Or there may be remaining water drops.

Final Words

A dirty air filter can cause several glitches while it will progress cleaning, but cleaning a dirt bike air filter is simple. Otherwise, you have numerous potential guidelines for stopping dirty air filters. It is a vital part of a motorbike. The filthy bike can prove dangerous. Therefore, cleaning a bike air filter will make you go faster and draw out your bike’s life. You pay attention to it, and it will be careful of you. You will enjoy your ride without having any fear of danger. You must take a glance at all these points when you get your bike’s air filter filthy.

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