How To Kickstart A Dirt Bike?

How To Kickstart A Dirt Bike

We often see most dirt bikes are equipped with an electric start, but if some don’t have electricity, what to do with such kinds of bikes? So the simplest answer to this question is to use kickstart. I am writing this post to give you detail all about how to kickstart a dirt bike. What are the easiest steps you can follow to start your dirt bike? Keep reading to learn more here!

Let’s start with the easiest steps to kickstart a dirt bike;

Steps of How To Kickstart A Dirt Bike

This portion of the post will walk you through the comprehensive method to kickstart your bike. Note, though; you may have to make unusual adjustments founded on the bike you ride. In addition, there are some nuances for each category and even the model year.

Step 1. Find Neutral

Your first step in turning on your bike with a kick start is discovering neutral. New riders may expose this tricky as the click between first and second gear is neutral. 

To find neutral:

  • Click the shifter down numerous times.
  • Once you do this, begin clicking the gear shifter up halfway between the first and second.
  • Roll your bike back and forth about 6 inches to a foot. If it does not roll, then you are not

Step 2. Pre-Kick Checklist

Without finalizing the pre-kick index, your bike will not start. So make sure you finish each stint.

  • Turn on the Gas:

 If your bike requires gas to run, make sure it is on. You will get at the petcock, usually on the left-hand side of your bike. The petcock will be in the on position when the switch is in line with the fuel hose coming out of the valve. It should also say on, but I have had a few that did not.

  • Choke The Dirt Bike:

 If temperatures are below 60 degrees, always stifle your bike before the first kick. The choke will be a knob you can pull that makes starting your dirt bike on cold days easier

  • Turn On The Ignition:

 This aspect relates to modern dirt bikes. Not every dirt bike has an ignition. If they made your bike after 2003, ensure you understand if it requires a key. For example, my 1993 CR250 does not have a key or ignition switch.

  • Put Your Kickstand Or Center Stand Up.

 Do not inquire me why this is significant. Ok, I think I have to tell you. Once I began starting my RM 125 as a teenager while standing on the clips. The kickstand was below, and I guessed things would be ok as I hit the bike over. 

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how to Kickstart A Dirt Bike

Step 3. Find Top Dead Center

While discovering the top extinct center is unfair, I find it helpful to know where the bike is in infusion, contraction, ignition, and exhaust. If you start kicking your bike over, it can be harder to start. By realizing where the stroke is, you can time when you need to give a little extra gas to start. This primarily pertains to used bikes and older bikes. 

I also feel like it creates acceleration further into the kicking stroke as you mash the kick starter down. As you get past the preliminary compression at the weak part of your kick, the momentum builds enough torpor to turn the crab over a few more times from the same kick.

Step 4. Start Kicking Over The Dirt Bike Motor

If you have been pursuing the steps, you have finalized a few quiet kicks. Now you put some exertion into it. Do not kick as heavy as you can. Your foot can slip off and twirl an ankle.

Step 5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Try finishing steps 3 and 4 many times. If the bike does not begin, you may have bombed the bike. This means too much fuel and not enough air to start the bike.

How To Start A Dirt Bike Without Kick Start?

Occasionally it will be difficult to kick over your bike. You can make it run with a hit start if it has a carburetor and NOT fuel inserted. Practically, you get the motorcycle to shift rapidly by having it roll downhill or by someone nudging you. But, again, make sure the fuel is on.

Once you get the dirt bike whirling, shortly shift up into second gear, which begins converting the motor. Many times, the engine will start running at this point. Moreover, you can put your bike into second gear and then start shoving it. Some riders choose this method as they only have to let out the clutch.

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how to Kickstart A Dirt Bike

How Many Kicks Should It Take To Start Your Dirt Bike?

A well-adapted and retained dirt bike should start up in 1-3 kicks. If your bike doesn’t start after a few kicks, confirm that you’ve conducted the adequate start-up sequence. Do not effort to proceed kicking a mick starter that senses jammed or one that won’t begin as you may harm the bike or flood the engine.

How to Bump Start a Dirt Bike?

If your battery is extinct or your kickstart lever smashed, you can attempt to bump start your dirt bike. A bump start is probable for dirt bikes with a clutch.

To bump start a dirt bike, you’ll require to:

  • Locate a slight decrease or have someone aid shove you and the bike.
  • Clench the clutch lever and shift the bike into second gear.
  • With the clutch lever clasped, and the clutch disengaged, run with the bike to get it up to falling speed.
  • Once you attain a coasting speed, hop on the bike.
  • Expel the clutch lever.
  • The engine should fire up and start riding again.

What to Do When It’s Cold Outside?

If your dirt bike is heavier to start in the colder seasons, you should pursue the guide below to learn how to begin it:

  • Spin on the fuel petcock and the choke;
  • Twist the throttle to wide open do it three times;
  • Roll the engine over with the foot until the contraction stock is found;
  • Kick it until it begins. It usually takes 3 to 5 kicks.

What to Do When It’s Hot Outside?

If the weather is too hot, you need to obey the following guide:

  • Depress the hot-start lever;
  • Roll the engine over with the foot until the condensation stock is found;
  • Kick it until it begins; it commonly takes 3 to 5 kicks.


I expect you have many notions about how to kickstart a dirt bike. I have spoken here about several reasons dirt bike has kick start issues. I have also referred to how to kickstart a dirt bike appropriately, which could have assisted you a bit. I believe you enjoyed this post. Suppose you love this and want to learn more about dirt bikes. Keep visiting our website.

Happy riding!!

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