Why won’t My Dirt Bike Start?

Why Dirt bike Won't Start

When your motorcycle doesn’t turn on, it’s not always easy to infer the issue, let alone repair it in time for your commute or weekend ride. But instead of calling up a technician at the first clue of a problem, there are notches for what to do when your motorcycle doesn’t start, but the battery is still good. First, you must ascertain that the battery is really practical. After that, there are easy remedies to check out your bike and probably get it road-worthy on your own.

Why Won’t My Dirt Bike Start?

Why won't My Dirt Bike Start

Dirt bike won’t start, or it starts but doesn’t keep up running? There are several reasons why your dirt bike probably isn’t starting, from something as easy as there’s no gas in the tank to barely more complicated problems that require a technician’s touch.

Not to wail like that IT guy who inquires if you’ve scanned the switch is on at the wall, but have you tested all your basics first? Then, before taking your dirt bike to the mechanic, you can stare into a limited simple component instead.

1. Check The Fuel

check dirt bike fuel

An open gas tank won’t get you very distant, my friend. Possibly you guessed you packed previously. Test again and ensure you have gas in the tank before heading out for your ride. Save yourself the shocking scandal of getting to the course and striving to start your dirt bike without any gas.

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2. Is Your Carburetor In Good Condition?

dirt bike carburetor

If you’ve tested the gas and can see or hear a lot there, you’ll want to test if the carburetor is receiving fuel. The carburetor’s chore is to assist get the fuel to the engine.

Ensure your dirt bike engine is cold before unlocking the overflow to check if any fluid comes out. If liquid comes out, the carburetor isn’t the problem. However, the pet cock or fuel line might be halted, so you’ll require to have the fuel line cleared and dried up.

Remember that you might have a bombed engine if there’s too much unnecessary gas in the carburetor.

3. Charge Your Battery

charge dirt bike battery

This point isn’t for everyone, as many of us understand that a battery doesn’t always strengthen a dirt bike’s engine. However, for those of you that do yet, have a battery for a more safe ignition, if you haven’t yet, test that your battery has charged.

Electric starts are becoming more popular yearly, so this may be a more common issue. Sheltering your bike somewhere that won’t let the cold affect it too much could assist in protecting your battery.

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4. Bad Spark Plugs

bad dirt bike spark plug

We require a spark to provoke the engine. That stunning roar when the engine starts is all thanks to our spark plug making it apparent. Another easy fix is to check the spark plugs and rebuild them if necessary.

Other than the fact your dirt bike isn’t starting, some other common indications that might demonstrate the spark plug is a mistake is:

  • Corrosion
  • Rust
  • Burn marks
  • Broken cues
  • Failing
  • Bouncing back
  • Continuous flooding of the engine

You can test if the problem is the spark plug by following these simple steps:

  1. Eliminate the spark plug from the ‘head,’ vacating it in the boot.
  2. Hold the spark plug from the boot end and do not clasp or touch the metal or you’ll wager shocking yourself.
  3. Spot the spark plug against the metal and try the kick starter rare times.

If there’s no spark, you require a new spark plug. If there is a spark and you’ve attempted the above antidotes, your spark plugs might need a good cleaning. I’d suggest renovating them anyway. It’s sharp and inexpensive enough to explain getting new ones.

5. Dirty Air Filter

dirty dirt bike air filter

I can’t emphasize this big, clean your air filter. Eliminate the seat and side panel of the air wraps so you can check the filter’s air infusion is clear. Take the air filter out, clean it if required, and then examine further down the air intake to ensure it’s obvious and nothing obstructs it. Please think of this like it’s your airways. Clear airways mean an increased level of functioning. 

If your air filter isn’t well retained, it’ll result in further problems with the bike encompassing tainted spark plugs. A contaminated spark plug is when your plug becomes wrapped in undesirable entities like oil and fuel. A fouled spark plug will fail to provoke the spark that fires up your engine.

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6. Low Compression

dirt ike Low Compression test

Low compression might be the convict at hand. If the piston rings and the piston itself pops, a warning will result in low compression.

Common symbols of low compression are:

  • Low power
  • Kick starter kicks over very effortlessly
  • Spark plug tainting
  • The bike won’t start

The manual for your dirt bike will have the PSI guidelines for Pounds per square inch. This means not all dirt bikes will have the exact specifications. Check your manual and finalize a compression test on your dirt bike to discover if low compression is the problem.

Here’s a quick guide on how to test the compression:

  1. Switch off the engine
  2. Eliminate the spark plug from the head, so it’s not tickling any metal
  3. Discard the seat and gas tank; hopefully, there’s enough room under the tank, so you don’t have to remove the gas tank
  4. Hold the throttle open
  5. Inject the cylinder compression meter
  6. Kick or turnover your engine until the compression gauge quits moving

If the pressure doesn’t reach the desired amount, you officially have low compression, which could mean any problems under the top end. Also, check for leaks in valves, cylinders, gaskets, and ragged pistons or piston rings.

Final Words

To conclude the whole discussion, I can say that I have tried my best to provide you most accessible remedies to perform whenever your bike stop working. I have also mentioned the symptoms that may cause harm to your dirt bike. If you still have any queries feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you in a better way.

Happy Riding!

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