How to Put Lights on a Dirt Bike Without a Battery?

how to put lights on dirt bike without battery

When it comes to off-road dirt biking or motocross racing, proper lighting is essential for safety, especially at night. Many dirt bikers come equipped with batteries to power their lights, but alternative methods exist to put them on a dirt bike without a battery.

Dirt biking is popular for its challenging off-road terrains. If your dirt bike doesn’t have headlights and taillights, you may find some difficulty in your sports at night. It would help if you had lights on a dirt bike to enlighten it when it’s dark outside. 

Putting the lights on a dirt bike without a battery is an essential skill to be learned for any off-road rider. It seems a difficult task, but with our guide, you’ll know how to put the lights on your dirt bike without a battery and the tools you need during this process. 

In some states of the U.S.A., dirt bike riding is street legal according to laws. But to make a dirt bike street legal, you must install a headlight first. We’ll present simple tricks to make your light installation easy and affordable.

Is it Possible to Put Lights on a Dirt Bike without a Battery?

A.C. is converted to Direct Current (D.C. power) using a rectifier. The rectifier is mounted near the magneto.

D.C. power can be used to power the lights on the dirt bike. The lights will need to be wired to the rectifier and the switch. The switch will allow you to turn the lights on and off.

Use L.E.D. lights, which are more efficient than simple lights, so that they will use less power from the magneto. It’ll help to prevent the battery from draining too quickly. However, even without a battery, you can still install lights on your dirt bike. It uses alternative methods that draw power directly from the bike’s engine.

Can you Start a Battery-less Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike requires an electric start if the battery power is good. But you can’t start a dirt bike when it has a dead battery. However, some methods are here to start your dirt bike engine without a battery.

1. Kickstart mechanism

 It’s possible to start the dirt bike using the kickstart lever, bypassing the need for a battery. The kickstart lever allows you to manually kickstart the engine with your foot to turn the crankshaft and initiate the combustion process. 

kick start a dirt bike

2. Push start

To do a push start, you must find a hill or other incline to start the bike on. Put the bike in gear and hold the clutch lever in. Then, push the bike up the hill until the engine starts.

3. Bump start

Bump start requires a helper to hold the bike upright while you sit on the bike and turn the throttle. Then, have your helper push the bike forward. The compression from the engine will help to start the bike.

Tools to Consider Before Putting Lights on Dirt Bike

The tools needed for light installation are the most important things you must consider before putting lights on a dirt bike. So, you’ll need proper tools‘ for lighting your dirt bike. Before starting the installation of lights, it’s necessary to raise or lift your dirt bike well enough to avoid any accidents. Safety comes first!

Here’re all the essential tools needed to put the lights on a dirt bike without a battery:

1. Insulated Wires

Insulated plastic-covered wires are necessary for well-connected lights in your dirt bike. The power supply from these wires will help the headlight to switch on immediately. Different colors of wires are available in the market to differentiate their functions. Purchase the yellow, red or blue colored wires to identify the negative or positive of wiring in the future. 

2. LED 12V Spotlight

No other tools are necessary other than an L.E.D. spotlight. You’re mounting a spotlight on your dirt bike. Therefore, choose an L.E.D. 12V spotlight for your dirt bike with efficient brightness, durability, suitable mounting options, and power consumption. Look for reputable brands and read reviews to ensure quality and reliability.

Try to mount the light in the middle of the dirt bike, not even too low or too high. So, place it at the appropriate height. 

Do You Know?

An electrician to install L.E.D. lights will generally cost between $200 and $250 per fixture. 

3. Bolts

Bolts are used to tighten the lights secured and fixed in place. So that if you run the dirt bike fastly, the lights remain fit in their places. 

4. A Pair of Pliers

A pair of pliers is essential to properly cut the ends of wires and connect them to gadgets or other poles. I’ll not recommend using your strong teeth for cutting the wires, as people do the same often. It may hurt you. Therefore, keep pliers with you when putting lights on the dirt bike. 

5. Spanner

Spanner is a versatile tool for its functions. It’s used to unmount and remove the seat and gas tank. You should keep every size of spanner with you. Spanner works to tighten the nuts and bolts while mounting the seat and gas tank. 

Put Lights on a Dirt Bike without a Battery

6. Driller

A driller is used to make holes to pass the wires from the walls, making them look tidy. Drillers can make a professional look at holes. 

7. Rectifier

The rectifier is a valuable tool. Utilizing this device, you can change the alternating (A.C.) power supply into 12V direct current (D.C.).

8. Bullet Connectors

Bullet connectors are a type of electrical connector that is used to join two wires together. They’re popular for dirt bike lights because they’re easy to use and provide a secure connection.

Bullet connections have a male connector shaped like a bullet and a female connector shaped like a socket. These are used in automotive connections of wires. 

9. Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is useful for insulating and securing wiring connections when installing lights on a dirt bike. It protects against moisture and secures the wiring in place.

10. Zip Ties

Zip ties are versatile for securing and mounting the lights on a dirt bike. They can organize and secure wiring and mount lights to various bike parts.

11. Double Handlebar Switch

You don’t want to remain your dirt bikes light on for extra time, right? The double handlebar switch will help you easily turn the lights on and off when needed. 

Why it’s called “Double“- because it allows you to switch ON and OFF for L.E.D. spotlights; the switch should be placed so the rider can access its reach.

Types of Lights To Put on Dirt Bike

When choosing lights for your dirt bike, several types are available, each with features and benefits. Here’re some common types of lights that you can consider:

  • L.E.D. Light Pods
  • Auxiliary Lights
  • Headlights
  • Light Bars
  • Brake and Tail Lights
  • Turn Signals

Which lights should you get for your dirt bike? It would be best to have a front headlight and a rear taillight for your dirt bike. The headlight is front facing light that illuminates the road ahead. At the same time, the taillight is a rear-facing light for the other drivers to see you. Your front light should be bright enough to observe all the upcoming obstacles.

Types of Lights To Put on Dirt Bike

The Necessity of Dirt Bike Headlight

You’re not permitted to travel on a dirt bike without a headlight. The headlight is essential for your dirt bike, whether on- or off-road. A dirt bike headlight is necessary for safety, visibility, and legal compliance. It helps you see the path ahead, enhances visibility to others, and allows you to ride in different lighting conditions. 

If you’re a newbie to putting the lights on a dirt bike without a battery, I’ll walk you through the complete instructive guide. 

Instructions to Put Lights on a Dirt Bike Without a Battery

VoilĂ , to put lights on a dirt bike without a battery. It may be a challenging process. But it’s still possible to do with the help of our guide. Here’re the following steps you need to know:

1. Remove the Seat & the Gas Tank

First, you’ve to remove the seat and the gas tank from your dirt bike. Utilize those bolts and spanner which we’ve cleared for you. Choose the right-sized wrench and screws for removing the bolts on both tank parts.

After removing the gas and tank, keep them safe so you can mount them again as earlier.   

Additional Tip

LED Glow Dirt Bike L.E.D. light kits are equipped for incredible off-road durability. We recommend buying it for your ease. 

2. Mount the Lights on Your Dirt Bike

The new battery-operated lights, like O.E.M. lighting, are easy to mount on dirt bikes. Some zip ties and wire crimps are required to fix them on the frame of your dirt bike. Wiring tape should be applied on the wires with visible internal parts to make them secure.  

3. Connect Battery-operated Lights to the Electrical System 

When the lights are mounted, connect the lights with the battery to the power supply. Follow these steps for connecting the lights to the power supply system:

Determine the wiring diagram as per recommended by the dirt bikes manufacturer. 

Ensure the lights are mounted correctly and will not interfere during a ride.

Connect the positive end of the lights’ wire to the positive end of the electrical system. 

Connect the negative end of the lights’ wire with the negative end of the electrical system. A wire connector is used for this purpose. 

4. Update the Bike’s Wiring

Next, put the switch on the handlebar and to the rectifier where it is comfortable. Make a connection with the gas tank and connect it to the rectifier. Update the wires to the magneto. Protect the wiring from environmental stress. 

Do You Know?

The best wire for L.E.D. off-road dirt bike lights is 16 gauge, an automotive wire, enough for 6 Amp.

5. Test the Lights

After all these steps:

  • Check the wiring system and lights.
  • Turn on the engine, and observe the lights’ brightness and efficiency at night.
  • Check the voltage of the light and electrical system.
  • Regularly check your lights to see whether they’re working properly or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Putting Lights on a Dirt Bike Without a Battery

Putting lights on a dirt bike without a battery has distinct advantages and disadvantages described:

Advantages Disadvantages 
Cost-effective: Eliminates the need for a battery, reducing initial and maintenance costs. Limited power supply: The lights rely solely on the bike’s electrical system without a battery, which may have power output and stability limitations.
Lightweight: Removing the battery reduces the overall weight of the dirt bike, improving maneuverability and performance. Limited runtime: Lights can only be used when the engine runs, providing light during active riding sessions.
Lower maintenance: No battery means no need to monitor battery charge levels or replace the battery over time. Limited features: Additional features such as auxiliary power outlets or the ability to use the lights while the engine is off may be available with a battery.

But don’t worry about any drawback to putting lights on a dirt bike without a battery; follow our instructions to get your work done.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Wiring the Lights on a Dirt Bike Without a Battery

Here’re some common mistakes you should avoid when putting the lights on a dirt bike without a battery:

  • Not using the correct wire gauge
  • Not using a fuse
  • Overloading the electrical system
  • Inadequate wire protection
  • Poor wire routing
  • Lack of proper wire connections
  • Ignoring legal requirements

Alternative Methods to Put Lights on a Dirt Bike

How to turn the lights on when your engine is not working? Sometimes when your dirt bike’s engine stops working, you have another choice to adapt. The capacitor is a useful device to store and release electrical energy temporarily. Capacitors are wired parallel to the stator output to provide stable D.C. to the lights. There capacitor an alternative method to put lights on a dirt bike without a battery.

Do You Know?

L.E.D. manufacturers prefer Film Capacitors over others due to their unique ability to heal themselves after electrical breakdowns.

Another alternative method is the solar system. The solar panels are used to produce electricity from sunlight. It’s a good option if you want to be environmentally friendly and do not want to use a battery. 


How to put lights on a dirt bike without a battery? Seems like a question asked by the readers frequently. You may get the answer now if you’ve read our blog post from beginning to end. You’re safe from accidents if you know how to put lights on dirt bikes. 

This method doesn’t require an engineer. You can do it yourself. Be confident!

Happy biking!


What is the lifespan of a dirt bike battery for lights?

The lifespan of a dirt bike battery for lights typically ranges from 1 to 5 years, depending on factors such as battery quality, usage patterns, maintenance, and environmental conditions.

Which is best, Kick start or electric start?

The choice between kick start and electric start depends on personal preference. Kickstart is simpler and lighter, while electric start offers convenience and ease of use. Consider factors like maintenance, weight, reliability, and convenience to make the best choice.

Does a dirt bike have a battery?

Only some dirt bikes have batteries if they don’t require an electronic starter. Batteries may be in some dual-sport dirt bikes to power the lights and indicators.

Can you kickstart a dirt bike with a dead battery?

Kickstarting, bump starting, and push start are tried-and-true techniques for starting an engine when the battery is dead, and the electric start is not functioning well. 

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