Must Have These Dirt Bike Tire Changing Tools

Dirt Bike Tire Changing Tools

It’s not a big deal which bike you ride. As time passed, the condition of every dirt bike changed along with oil, filters, and tires. Shifting bike tires might seem like a scary panorama to the biker with incomplete mechanical knowledge and proper tools.

If you have never altered a bike tire before, you’re possibly unsure what tools or apparatus you need to do this at home. We have compiled dirt bike tire changing tools to make your life a little relaxed so you can evade the sweat, frustration, and irregular bloody knuckles that sometimes come with a tire change.

Dirt Bike Tire Changing Tools

First and foremost, the thing to know about a job is having the correct tools for the job!

1. Tire Irons/ Tire Spoons

Used to pry Tires on a wheel or rim.

All you need t know about tire irons and spoons is that it is good to have more than one. The 2 8 ½ inch motion pro irons are very cheap, and they are just the right length for installing the tire. On the other hand, anything longer can potentially damage the tire or wheel from over-leverage. There are also fancy spoons, handled irons, or some with a box end wrench that fit your axle nuts; combine 2 of them with your axle nut sizes.

Just remember bigger is not better. It is very common for some to damage a tire during installation using too large of a tire iron or spoon, bead breakage, etc.

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Tire iron

2. MSR HP Tire Changing Stand Black

Used to keep your tire up to a comfortable working height.

This is also another helpful tool to assist you in changing bike tires. As we all know, changing a motorcycle tire or dirt bike tire is a politely hard job needing some strength and data to evade ruining your tire, tube, rim, and spokes.

You can make this task much easier with a tire-changing stand that brings the tire to a comfortable working height. The MSR HP dirt bike changing stand lets you change tires on rims as small as 10 inches with the comprised reducer ring.

tire changing stand

3. Bead Buddy

Used for mounting tires.

This is also another very handy tool for changing bike or motorcycle tires. Like other tire changing tools, this tool also helps to keep tires safe and protective. You use Bead Buddy only when your support the tire.

When you pull the first section of the tire over the wheel lip with the tire irons, it inclines to want to pop back over. This tool grips the tire down while you work the tire around the wheel. It is one of those tools that are nice to have. It aids free up both your hands to work the tire irons and not care about holding the tire.

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bead buddy

4. Soap Or Tire Mounting Lube

Used for lubricating tires.

It is essential to grease a tire with something safe for the rubber that will not dry up before you are ended. There are plenty of options available; from the small spray bottle to the manufacturing size gallon jug, it aids the same purpose. This proves very helpful for bead seating and overall fitting. On a side note, it is sometimes good exercise to use some baby powder on the tube and inside the tire to keep the tube from rubbing as it is overstated or the tire is fitted.

tire mounting lube

5. Gloves

Used to keep your hands safe from abrasions and bike fluids.

Gloves are also regarded as an essential commodity when changing bikes’ tires and motorcycles. These gloves can protect you from any damage.

Gloves can give your digits and palm the right amount of safety you need without losing finger deftness and mobility when working with hand tools. Gloves are used during the tire changing process. These are very reliable, and you don’t need to worry about getting them dirty because they are machine washable.

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Tire gloves

6. Valve Core Remover

Used to take out the little rubber and spring valve in the valve system.

This is another convenient dirt bike tire shifting tool. It is mainly used to take out the little rubber and spring valve in the valve system. This fits around the pin in the valve stem and detaches the valve. If you weaken the pin in the inner tube and let out as much air as possible, the inner tube still holds some air.

When working the tire off the wheel, you still need to compress the tire. Taking the valve core out, the inner tube depresses fully and aids with taking the tire off. It also lets the inner tube move a little more in the tire. This will help with not pinching the inner tube with a tire iron.

valve core remover

7. Wrench For Rim Lock/ Tube Nuts

Generally, these are 12mm in some cases. It might be 13mm, depending on the brand. In most cases, you can use a plugin or a regular wrench, but if you have a curved wrench, you need to throw that thing away. Gear wrenches are accessible as individuals if you want to build your tool kit gradually or remove unnecessary sizes from your toolbox.

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wrench for rim lock

Final Words

Having a bike or motorcycle means you also have all the necessary equipment to make your riding journey more pleasurable. The above listed tools are very useful for keeping your bike tires in proper functioning condition and protecting them from scratches, etc. These tools are explained briefly. We are hoping you will get a better understanding of these tools.

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