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How To Wheelie A Dirt Bike For

The top way to amaze people and show off like a boss is by popping a wheelie on your dirt bike. It possibly is the first hoax most riders learn, and for many, it was the first thing they ever did on a dirt bike. So, the proper way of acting a dirt bike wheelie is first to know how to ride a dirt bike.

If you don’t know or just starting to learn the essentials of riding. Be relaxed, if you are going to try a wheelie. In reality, it is amusing and, once skilled, truly goes a long way to enhancing your self-confidence and ease on the bike. Opening the accelerator is the exact way of doing a wheelie. Here we have some best ways how to wheelie a dirt bike. Before going into details of these steps, look at the basics.

Basics Of Wheelie

The mode that most people dialogue about wheeling a dirt bike sounds almost like a secret to being skilled. It doesn’t take a wonder to learn how to wheelie your dirt bike. It only requires focus, inspiration, and exercise. In many cases wheeling a dirt bike needs you to use the same basic riding skills such as throttle, clutch, brake, and body positioning.

Though the hard chunk is that there are various ways to use these pedals for this trick. One thing is for sure the fear of tumbling will haunt you each second, but that’s just normal. All you need to do is make sure you are wearing all your safety gear.

The last thing you must know before you start a wheelie is the difference between a dirt bike and motorcycle. A dirt bike is a bit different from a normal motorcycle.

how to wheelie a dirt bike

How To Wheelie A Dirt Bike?

There are a few steps to follow to learn how to wheelie a dirt bike. By following these steps, one can become an expert in wheeling. Let’s debate these!

1. Finding A Flat Straight Section

This is one of the primary steps to be followed before learning to wheelie. So, make sure there are no hindrances ahead and look for good traction. Shingle roads are not the best option, lest the shingle is mostly gone and you have hard-pack/dirt under you.

2. Start Riding In the Second Gear

This is also a handy trick to keep a speed that saves your RPM right before your bike’s ideal power hit. You want a little vim from your bike when you roll the accelerator. You don’t want to drag it fully, and you don’t want your bike towards the top of the RPM range.

3. Stand Up And Bend Your Knees Slightly

This step will help you to keep your balance maintained. Make sure you are not on the orbs of your feet. You want the bolts in the middle of your feet to hit the back brake if required, which helps you balance well.

4. Learn Slightly Back By Dropping Your Hips

What you are not doing is trying to POP a wheelie like you used to do on your bicycle. If you bump back on the taverns, learn back, and goose it, you will end up on your back. Plummeting your hips and almost pushing the bike out with your feet will help you balance through the course.

5. Hesitate And Then Accelerate

Though it echoes a little counter-intuitive, you want to let off the gas and lean to some extent forward all right before exploding a wheelie. This will preload the suspension and help you get the front tire off the ground with less throttle and less jolt.

6. Maintain And Feather The Throttle

Getting the front wheel off the ground is the relaxed part. Now that you have easily and slowly got the front tire up, stability and accelerator control come into play. Rather, you don’t want to have to use the bike’s acceleration to keep your tire up. You want to find the balancing point to keep up speed. If you start in second, you may shift up to third mid-wheelie before you find that balance.

Tips To Avoid Any Crash

  • Always exercise on a plane surface with no small items that might change your track while riding. If the surface comprises knocks, the bike can simply flop over because all your attention is getting the front end off the ground, not from dropping on the edges.
  • Be seated on the rear of the seat, but while you sit, make sure you grip the handlebars inflexibly, so you don’t fall on your back. This will also help you gain amazing experience of wheeling a dirt bike.
  • When doing a wheelie, if you sense like you are dropping or the gravity is pushing you back, tap the rear brake, so the front end falls back to the ground.
  • Presumptuous that you now know how to do a wheelie, always try to turn the front tire side to side using the handlebars. It will aid with harmonizing and keeping you attentive to what you are doing without allowing you to take your mind off.
  • The more you practice, the better you get.
  • Wear good gloves, boots, helmets, knee pads, and riding pants to protect you from severe injuries.


To wrap up the whole discussion, we think that’s pretty much it, and as you can see, wheelies are not as calm as they look. One thing is for sure; you won’t acquire how to do a wheelie instant till you learn how not to fear and strain about falling. You are finally going to better understand how wheelies work and how you use the controls for carrying them out. By following these steps and safety precautions, you can become an expert in wheeling after a short time.

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