How To Use A Clutch On A Dirt Bike?

How To Use A Clutch On A Dirt Bike

Before leaping on a bike that is not an “automatic”, meaning just jerking the throttle, we like to make sure you have an impression of what you are bargaining with. Understanding how to use a clutch on a dirt bike, how to use the gearbox operates, what the clutch really does, where the brakes are, when to shift, etc. will put you on a victorious path to learning how to deal with your dirt bike properly. Next, we’ll review what you should do before getting on your dirt bike.

When Do You Need To Use The Clutch?

When you change it into first gear and start unleashing the clutch button to get the bike moving, that is dropping the clutch.

Also, when you arrive at a nook while riding, you may be required to drop the clutch to avoid the engine from hampering or keep the power up for maximum acceleration. You can also utilize the clutch when shifting up or down to make the shifts smoother.

How To Use A Clutch On A Dirt Bike

Five Simple Steps to Trying the Clutch and Shift

There are five simple steps to pursue that will get any dirt bike appropriately changed and moving, but pursuing that is more information on how to do it and how to effectively move your dirt bike in a way that safeguards you and the bike.

  1. Find An Open Space; someplace with no trees or stones that will trip up starting up riders, with an area to make mistakes or coast.
  2. Start Your Bike With The Kick Start.
  3. Let Your Bike Warmup; winter or summer encourages the fuel and oil to warm up and grease the bike.
  4. Now that you’re heated up, pull in the clutch, step down on the change pedal, and go into first gear.
  5. Gently give the bike gas and gradually discharge the clutch.

The first phase is to go out in an open area; the more space, the better. Open areas allow riders to understand how to slowly move up gears without harming the bike. Do not try memorizing a manual amongst trees and gravel. Instead, find the fields and go for a ride.

Second, start your bike with your kickstart. This is what begins a dirt bike, what gets the engine roaring. If your dirt bike loses this crucial piece, you’ll expect to take it in for a checkup and renovate it.

Let your bike warm up for a few seconds, especially if it is damp. This is because the oil and fuel need to get swiveling through the bike. Even if it isn’t cold outside, enabling the bike to warm up is a tremendous workout to get in the habit of, as it allows to get liquids to trickle and equip the bike.

Next, now that the bike is heated up, it’s time to grab the clutch, step down on the change pedal, and put the bike into first gear. The first gear is just sufficient power to start the bike and shift, but it won’t frighten you, particularly with the clutch still absolutely clasped.

Gently give the dirt bike a little gas while simultaneously disclosing the clutch. Use the shift pedal to go up in gears. If you are not changing positions, it will tear up the bike and can result in serious damage to the engine or other major dirt bike parts. Knowing that you do not have to use the clutch when shifting down is also crucial.

When shifting to second or third gear, remember to utilize the same basics as steps 4 and 5. Clasp the clutch in as you shift the bike with your left foot, then gradually let the clutch out.

These five points are the most straightforward, most accessible paths to learning where the clutch and shift are and how to best use it to use the clutch and change in sync to effectively move the bike into more giant or lower gears in a way that isn’t perpetually damaging to the bike or the rider.

How To Use A Clutch On A Dirt Bike

Do You Hold The Clutch When Starting A Dirt Bike?

You do not expect to clench the clutch when turning on your bike as long as it’s impartial. However, if you accidentally slow the bike in gear and want to start it rapidly, you’ll require to pull in the clutch.

Anytime I roll the bike off, I’ll make sure it’s indifferent first. It’s just a manner, and the next time I get on it, I’ll know to get on and give it a bang. If I’m out riding and stall the bike, I’ll rapidly put it in 1st or 2nd gear, pull in the clutch, kick it, and be on my way.


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