10 Best Dirt Bike Motocross Movies Of All Time

Best Dirt Bike Movies

Factually, at any specific second, something can go highly incorrect. That joy of knowing anything can go mistaken is what makes seeing the sport and even viewing dirt bike movies so amusing. We personally don’t contest in this sport as it’s slightly too risky for us. But maybe you do and are seeing some dirt bike movies to watch to experience that thrill vicariously through someone on your screen.

If that’s the case, you have landed on the right side! We have collected what we trust are the best dirt bike movies to deliver you the highest entertainment. However, movies can’t seamlessly duplicate that thrill of being on a bike. Although, they do give you a form of it with some inordinate stories. But for now, keep on scrolling to see what great movies we have amassed onto this slant for you!

Best Dirt Bike Movies

Dirt bike movies are just as stimulating as natural dirt bike rivalries. But, of course, being on the dirt bike is a different story. So, irrespective if you admire the sport, we have a good list of the best dirt bike movies you should see.

Bennett’s War (2019)

Bennett’s War is one of the finest movies about dirt bikes because how it doesn’t merely dialogue about the sport. Instead, as an alternative, it uses the sport to talk about subjects that are more significant than just dirt bikes. That said, it discovers the life of an earlier soldier wounded during the battle. Learning that his family could lose their farmhouse, he decided to contest as a motocross racer to make money while endangering the risks of vexing his hurts.

Bennett’s War Movie

Winners Take All (1987)

Winner Take All is one of the most action-packed dirt bike movies before the more recent days of the 2000s. It is an excellent documented film that captures how ardent the bikers are when doing some of the most problematic aerobatics on some of the bumpiest lands probable. And you will love the astonishing things the riders do in a film that is more than 100 minutes elongated.

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Winners Take All movie

Motocrossed (2001)

Though most of the movies on this list take on a grave style in dirt bike riding, Motocross uses a more comedic style. In short, the story is about a damaged motocross rider who got changed by his twin sister in a trail biking race. Thus, though it might be comedic, it displays that girls are just as proficient as boys in this thrilling sport.

Motocrossed (2001) movie

Motocross Kids (2004)

If you need to watch a family film about dirt bike riding, Motocross Kids should be a noble way for you to relish a movie with your kids because it permits you to see how kids can be tangled in the sport as well. This will also be a suitable method for you to amuse your kids if they are concerned about dirt bike riding. And don’t get too shocked if they get into the game because of this movie.

Motocross Kids (2004) Movie

Blood Line: The Life and Times of Brian Deegan (2018)

Blood Line is a new good motocross documentary from the very inventors of Untied, an Emmy Award-winning documentary in its own right. In this documentary, we follow the freestyle dirt bike rider titled Brian Deegan, who started broke but finally made it in the sport as one of its superstars. It’s an exciting story that will permit you to see what it means to pursue your vision and not allow anything to stop you from satisfying your urge.

Blood Line The Life and Times of Brian Deegan movie

This is MOTO (2019)

MOTO is a documentary that discovers what it is about to be among the highest riders in the sport, as it showcases the trials and fights that each of the riders has to go through on an even foundation. It has a fascinating method of telling a story, and this storytelling permits us to narrate to the riders on a profound level so that we can feel what it’s like to be in their shoes. Thus, in a way, this is a story of flexibility, willpower, and thirst for the sport.

This is MOTO movie

 Spetters (1980)

Spetters is a grownup movie that is more appropriate for advanced listeners because of how valued R it can be. That’s because it rotates around the story of a group of young dirt bikers who admire a native myth. But unfortunately, as the story continues, it becomes more and more developed and catastrophic in a way that makes it something that only grownups should be viewing.

Spetters movie

Full Throttle (1995)

Full Throttle takes us to Asia as we look at this Hong Kong action picture of a previous motorcycle racing champ. The story rotates around a wounded racing winner who was now forced to agonize through an existential disaster because he didn’t know what he wanted to do in life after the wound. However, the damage also lets him attempt to rejoin his father and re-evaluate his bad connection with him.

Full Throttle movie

Road of Giants (2017)

Road of Giants is a story about an English entrant demanding to triumph the Isle of Man TT off-trails with the aim of endearing in his mind. And the best chunk about this documentary is that it permits us to see how uneven and hazardous the Isle of Man TT is and why this is one of the riskiest races in the whole world.

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Road of Giants movie

 Motocross Zombies From Hell (2007)

This is possibly the most ludicrous film on this list, as Motocross Zombies From Hell exactly dialogs about zombies that drive motorbikes. It places a fear rotation on a topic that typically doesn’t go fine with fear. Though it might not be the best film, it should still be fairly amusing.

Motocross Zombies From Hell movies


So, there you have it! The final list of dirt bike movies to please your thrill-seeking desires. We hope this has been useful for discovering the finest films for your next movie night or Netflix binge period. If we’ve neglected any that should be on this list, please share them with us in the remarks beneath so everyone can relish these exciting and adrenaline-pumping rides!

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