How To Whip On A Dirt Bike? Ultimate Guide

How To Whip On A Dirt Bike

If you are a newbie you must lean how to whip on a dirt bike. To do this stunt, you require the right jump length, speed, and more than enough morale to whip the dirt bike correctly. Yet, not all dirt bikes are simple to whip or manage when sacking high jumps. However, it is much leisure to whip the motorcycle in front of your pals and friends. So, if you need to know how to whip a dirt bike, please keep reading.

What is a Whipping?

What is whipping a dirt bike, some may inquire? Whipping is a stunt riders do on dirt bikes that is a simple idea that can be instructed and fun to do when going around a track with friends.

A whip is when riders go off a high jump and shove their dirt bike to the side while simultaneously being on the bike and landing the jump when it’s over. It’s all about being apt to remain on the bike and possessing the bike equal to the ground, amassing a lot of balance and skill to remain on the bike and still land it while staying on the dirt bike.

Numerous pro riders whip their dirt bikes over dozens of hops and dozens of times in a line. Whipping one’s dirt bike is fun, and knowing how to do it is easy. By pursuing the steps below, you can do a whip within the month. With a lot of practice, it’s relatively easy to learn how to control a dirt bike, and can be triumphed within days.

How To Whip On A Dirt Bike?

How To Whip On A Dirt Bike

Step 1: Get Your Dirt Bike on the Jump

Your very first step is fetching your bike onto the jump. How you do this will depend on what kind of slope or wall you’re using and how much room there is around it. If there’s a lot of space, you can likely rear-wheel your dirt bike over to it and endure from there. If you have a tinier jump, you’ll need to lift your bike and get it onto the ramp. Also, how you do this will depend on the size of your bike. You may need to hoist it with a forklift or have an assistant force it onto the ramp for you.

Step 2: Ride to the Top

Once you have your bike on top of the ramp, the second part is riding up it. How fast or slow you will rely on how much area there is around you and how good your balance is. In this phase, begin to ride rapidly to yank enough speed so that the jump isn’t too big when you lean over. Again, how far you lean over will depend on how fast you’re going, so get a feel for your bike’s speed before attempting to whip it, or else you could end up hurting yourself or, even hard, your bike!

Step 3: Lean Over and Jump!

Once you attain the top of the ramp, lean Over the handlebars and dive off the ramp! How big a bounce you can do will depend on how quickly you’re going. Try to lean over as much as feasible without declining.

How tight your landing is to the ramp also depends on speed, so try and keep it relatively far away for security’s sake. How high in the air you go will also count on

how fast you’re going, but with enough exercise, you’ll learn how much to lean over to get that exact jump.

Step 4: Push Down The Bars to Make Your Bike Go Faster

After you’ve hopped off the ramp, your next step is to keep pushing down on the handlebars when your bike is off the path. The critical aspect here is how hard or soft you mash them will be and how fast or slow your bike will go after it lands. When crushing a dirt bike, the power and speed depend on many components like how well your suspension is set up, how steady its engine runs, what type of tires are being used, dirt or street, and more.

Step 5: Pull Your Bike Straight After You Land

After making your jump, if you want a smooth landing, pull your bike right away from the wall or ramp after landing. This deters any terrible bumps when landing, which could otherwise smash your bike tire. How far you should pull it will depend on what type of jump or landing you’re making, so be confident to adjust as essential!

Step 6: Straighten it Out and Ride.

Once you’ve yanked your bike out of the jump, it’s time to tidy up it and ride away from the ramp. How shortly you do this will count on how smoothly your landing was and whether or not you’re ready for another run at that jump. Of course, how fast you can get up a speed also relies on how well your suspension is set up, but if you have a good practice, you’ll finally be eligible to do awesome bike whipping through any dirt track like a pro!

Step 7: Practice Makes Perfect!

The last step toward knowing how to whip a dirt bike is exercising. If you’re pleased with your jump, it’s time to do it again! You want to exercise as often as feasible before showing off in front of anyone because once they see what stunts you can do and how fast you can whip your bike, you’ll have lots of people striving to whip you and may even get incapacitated!

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4 Tips on How to Boost Your Whipping Skill

dirt bike whipping tips

1. Be Confident

Tension can compel you to forget the jump and end up getting wounded. So when doing a whip, you should believe in yourself to land with little to no obstacle. Make sure you are hopeful before attempting this hazardous but straightforward strategy. This is why you start with jumps before trying to whip the bike.

2. Don’t Drag Yourself Too Much

There is a huge difference between compelling and pushing it to whip when whipping. Riders require to turn the bike into an arc before climbing the jump when learning to whip. They then have to push the bike to finalize an exact whip. Thus since the bike is curled, you shouldn’t use too much force when nudging it.

3. Landing the Bike

When landing after the whip, the bike will not be like to the ground, and if it is lean, it will slide. So you should be on the balls of your feet, with the bike straight and your body lost. If you’re in the exact situation, you can avert getting injured.

4. Go Slow and Take It Easy

Since you’ll be doing it for the first time, you should avert going at full speed. Instead, to avoid getting injured, take it passively and learn every point slowly.

Make sure you refine each step before continuing to the next one.


Any dirt biker experienced and a beginner can whip their dirt bike. But you have to be very cautious when doing this stunt. Without proper workouts and rehearsal, you may end up ditching instead of whipping. Hence, before striving to whip your bike, you should take your time and refine the required abilities step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Best Dirt Bike to Whip?

There is no particular dirt bike constructed for whipping. So you should grab any bike that you’re pleased with. But what consequences the most is your security. Thus, you should feel satisfied and be prepared to control the bike flawlessly. Find out if you should go for a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke dirt bike.

Happy Riding!!

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