Yamaha YZ250F Top Speed, Specs, and Features

Yamaha YZ250F

The Yamaha YZ250F was first out as a 2001 model reforming motocross. Yamaha’s original 5 Titanium valve design and advanced four-stroke technology made the YZ250F the leading force for years. It included a steel frame and an aluminum subframe. Conversely, the 2006 model is restructured with an aluminum mount. The YZ250F can thank its four-stroke triumph over the YZ400F. The YZ250F also hurled Chad Reed’s motocross career into overdrive, captivating a 125cc contest for the Yamaha of Troy race team. The Yamaha YZ250 is a two-stroke motocross bike that competes with the 450 four-strokes.

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Yamaha YZ250F Review

Yamaha YZ250F Review

1. Yamaha YZ250F Engine

One of the critical facts of the YZ250F’s repair last year was the engine. Yam’s commitment to bringing up-to-date more than 15 gears was to find sturdier mid-to-top dragging power and upsurge the highest power output. Most constructors have gone this way with their quarter-liter bikes to contest or exceed the class horsepower leader, the KTM 250 SX-F.

Yamaha accomplished its high-rpm power goals. The ‘21 YZ250F formed 0.8 hp more at peak, with 39.0 hp at 13,000 rpm on the Dirt Rider dyno. The rise was evident on the path; the blue machine drew lengthier up top and required fewer changes per round. While the engine is unaffected for 2022, this distinctive is still visible, as the YZ250F has been known more as a low-to-mid power tugger than a blaring peak power bike since its fundamental restructure in 2014.

It still doesn’t rev relatively as far up the tach as some other bikes in the class, but using Yamaha’s free Power Tuner app and uploading the Over-Rev Map supports each gear pull a little further, particularly advantageous on faster paths like Cahuilla Creek and Glen Helen.

Part of the reason the YZ250F’s powerband occasionally feels a little short in contrast to its rivalry is its abundant low-to-mid power and quick-reviving nature. Syndicate those features with a heavy accelerator hand, and you’ll likely find yourself bouncy off the regulator in no time. The good news is you’ll also be hastening faster than you may understand. The key: Be prepared to grip gears rapidly. Even if you find yourself a gear high in the lesser rpm variety, the engine’s large rotation feel will aid it in enduring to tug.

Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki spec a cable clutch on their 250F moto crossers; Kawasaki and the Austrian trio have chosen for hydraulic. The blue bike’s lever pull is relaxed with expectable engagement and is typically reliable, though it can weaken under hefty use. The good update is that you probably won’t find yourself overdoing the YZ250F clutch due to the bike’s ample low PRM power.

Our only real gripe about the YZ250F engine is starting, specifically its occasional hesitation. It sometimes takes two or even three clicks of the starter button to fire to life. Not an enormous deal when you’re in the depths getting ready to start a moto or head to the preliminary line, but it could show harmful in a close race and may drop you an additional position or two if you stand.

2. Yamaha YZ250F Suspension

The bLU cRU’s special suspension package can’t be drawn up to the KYB Speed Sensitive System (SSS) fork and KYB shock alone; yes, they’ve been extensively admired as the best stock suspension gears for numerous years now, but don’t flout the in-house test team’s struggle to come up with an accomplished setting. Yamaha could have restored its successes, left it alone, and expected still be on top in terms of a complete suspension package. In its place, the tuning fork gang made further variations to improve the fork and shock to work with the latest-generation framework presented on the 2020 YZ450F and one year after on the YZ250F.

It’s not easy to attack the steadiness of a lush system with adequate performance to grip significant triumphs without tumbling front to rear or feeling too couchlike. Yamaha has found it and lasts to recover upon the setting year after year. On hard landings, such as when coming up short or overjumping, the KYB gears display outstanding bottoming confrontation while preserving a relaxed, pardoning feel.

Negligible, if any, alterations are essential, and the ones you do make are obvious. Irfan and I set the slump at 105mm for ourselves; he made zero variations as he was pleased with the bone-stock setting. In search of more ease in the original part of the stroke at both split ends, explicitly in slowing knocks, I went just one tick softer on fork firmness and faster on fork rebound, along with two clunks out on low-speed shock compression and a quarter turn out on high-speed compression. The softer setting made the bike less demanding in the shifting zones of the path yet reserved outstanding bottoming confrontation.

3. Made for Racing

Yamaha sued this bike is planned for racing. Fine, we have no uncertainties about that. The bike is a complete beast on a path. Whether it is hastening, surrounding, hopping, or handling, you will notice how well this bike can handle everything. Ride this, and you will have an advantage right from twitch. In addition, other facts exist as well. We are speaking about the 1-1/8” aluminum handlebars. The foot pegs are extensive, too, at 55mm. You will also be talented in regulating the clutch roosts rapidly while racing. Finally, how could we fail to recall the chic blue rims and gold chains that give you the sense that you are really into something solemn?

Do you know how to start dirt bike racing?

4. Lightweight Frame

The Yamaha YZ250F has constantly been a bright bike. Though, Yamaha promoted the setting making the bike even ignitor. Disdain its frivolous design. The new structure still upholds its integrity. Additionally, this advanced blend setting guarantees that the bike will have the best handling on the market. The outstanding handling comes from how the engine is mounted on the bike. The machine is placed in a means that the form is central. This way, any knocks will be engrossed, making the bike many sanders.

5. All Electric Starter

Whether you want to twitch or start again, the Yamaha YZ250F will make things hassle-free. This bike has a system that leases you to make the bike electrically. The bike will start thriving after unrelenting a button on the starter motor. Moreover, a lithium battery guarantees you’ll always have power at your fingertips.

Yamaha YZ250F

6. Durable Graphics

Performance is one of many things you need in your bike. The appearances matter too. Thus, there are entrenched visuals on this stylish bike. Specifying is constructed right into the frame, so it won’t wear off over time. The facts won’t peel, nor will they be spoiled. And just like the performance, the appearance of this bike will last endlessly.

7. Powerful Handling

The complete handling of the YZ250F is confidence-inspiring. It is unchanging and embedded irrespective of land or path, even if the restrained 235-pound wet weight gives a weighty feel on the track.

The KYB Speed Sensitive System fork and KYB shock enthralled test riders with the most riding ease of the contrast, so much, so that test rider Allan Brown stated, “There are only minimal changes to be made to the YZ250F’s suspension contingent on the trail situations because it is so close to seamless in stock form. The stability is very close. I made no modifications to the ride height and didn’t notice any extreme pitching either.”

8. Gearbox

  • Helmet: Shoei VFX-EVO
  • Goggle: EKS Brand Lucid
  • Jersey: Fly Racing Evolution DST
  • Gloves: Fly Racing Evolution DST
  • Pants: Fly Racing Evolution DST
  • Boots: Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS

9. Power Tuning

A gigantic plus side to this model is its tunability. Yamaha is presently the only producer to bid free and tuner EFI tuning through its Power Tuner app.

10. High Quality

The Yamaha YZ250F is hoisted above the race with its engine character, EFI tuning, framework, and suspension. If the additional front-end girth and somewhat uneven comfort designs are ignored for you, you will have a solid motocross machine with modern tech.

11. Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

The YZ250F has a 30-day partial factory warranty.

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Yamaha YZ250F Top Competitors

  • Honda CRF250RX
  • KTM 250 SX 4-stroke
  • Suzuki RM-Z250

Yamaha YZ250F 2022 Specifications

ModelYamaha YZ250F
MSRP$8,499 (Team Yamaha Blue)
$8,699 (Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition)
Engine250cc DOHC, liquid-cooled single-cylinder; 4 valves
Bore x Stroke77.0 x 53.6mm
Compression Ratio13.8:1
Transmission/Final Drive5-Speed/Chain
Fuel SystemEFI w/ 44mm throttle body
ClutchWet, Multiplate; Cable Actuation
FrameBilateral beam aluminum
Front SuspensionKYB Speed Sensitive System (SSS) coil-spring fork, compression and rebound damping adjustable; 12.2 in. travel
Rear SuspensionKYB shock, spring preload, high/low-speed compression damping, and rebound damping adjustable; 12.5 in. travel
Front BrakeNissin 2-piston caliper, 270mm disc
Rear BrakeNissin 1-piston caliper, 240mm disc
Tires (Front/Rear)Dunlop Geomax MX33; 80/100-21 / 110/90-19
Rake/Tail26.8°/4.7 in.
Wheelbase58.1 in.
Ground Clearance13.2 in.
Claimed Seat Height38.2 in.
Fuel Capacity1.6 gal.
Claimed Wet Weight234 lb.

How to Increase the Yamaha YZ250F’s Top Speed?

The speed of the Yamaha YZ250F is excessive, but how about making that a minute, OK? Indeed, we are speaking about the alterations you can make to upsurge the speed. In this Yamaha YZ250F Top Speed, Specs, and Review, we will give you some perceptions that will make this wicked boy even quicker. Keep reading to recognize more.

Yamaha YZ250F top speed

1. Air Filter Mod

Need more dragging power? Go for this mod. There is no distrust that the Yamaha YZ250F has outstanding pulling power. But what’s not with more power, right? Connecting an airbox lid can make your accelerator more receptive. You’ll get more air coming into the consumption because of this mod. As a result, you will be receiving more power at the mid-range. Doesn’t that sound inordinate? We found the Slater Skins provided the best worth for the money out of all the airbox lids. This air filter cover will give you a bit more improvement on the bottom end. In addition, your RPM reply will also rise significantly. Yet, your ingestion and pressure noise will rise as well!

2. App Mod

The Yamaha Power Tuner App has a great power cumulative potential whacking. With a simple modification, you can significantly raise your bike’s power. That’s not it; you can make it feel even igniter while going through the crooks. Besides, you can upsurge the mid-top end’s power. That is what we contemplate to be an exceptional elevation since it cuts chassis movement.

3. Vortex ECU Mod

If you are exceedingly into racing, we got an extravagance for you. Get the vortex ECU mapping. You will be in awe of what change this simple charting can take. Bolt it in, and you’ll be astonished at how much more power your Yamaha YZ250F has now. The significant fact about this mapping is that it will raise the overall volume of your bike. It means you will have enlarged power at the high, medium, and low.

4. Suspension Mod

The stock suspensions on the Yamaha YZ250F are inordinate. Though, they are only partially made for race paths. When considering contributing to a race, the probability is high that your stock suspension won’t be adequate. So, upgrading to a premium aftermarket suspension will advance your speed and riding understanding.

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What are Some Substitutes for the Yamaha YZ 250F?

Make/ModelBase MSRP
Suzuki RM-Z250$7,899
Honda CRF250R$7,999
Kawasaki KX250$7,799
KTM 250 SX-F$8,999
Husqvarna FC250$9,099

Yamaha YZ250F Pros and Cons

Yamaha YZ250F Pros and Cons


  • Extraordinary Handling

When it comes to supervision, this bike is one of the best bikes you can discover. This bike drills so quickly that it feels weird from time to time. Confronting with this bike is untainted work.

  • Lighter Frame

This bike is very lite. The advanced setting of this bike made this bike even igniter, weighing only 234 lbs. Hurtling and hopping are much better, then. In addition, the trivial weight will give you an additional advantage if you contest.

  • Centralized Mass

This bike is well stable. It is due to the fact of its mass centralized weight circulation. The engine is positioned, so the bike’s weight is at the center, making it relaxed to control and balance.

  • Extremely Reliable

It is one of the most dependable bikes out there. You won’t be dissatisfied with this bike. As for toughness, this bike will last much lengthier than any other bike you will find on the market now. This bike is a notable instance of why Yamaha has a good reputation for dependability.


  • Hard to Start During Winter

Starting the engine can be thought-provoking if the climate is too cold. Some users have sued that they had difficulties during winter times as the bike won’t start. After spending a prolonged sum of time, the bike was finally underway.

  • Taller Seat Height

The taller seat height can be problematic if you are minor in size. The seat height comes at 38.2 inches. So, while purchasing, make sure the height ensembles you.

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Yamaha YZ250F Most Common Problems

Yamaha YZ250F common problems

1. Valves Leakage

The YZ 250F’s power-and-performance-packed engine uses a system of valves, which differs between five and four, depending on the year model. All YZ 250F models will need a routine valve checkup per the intermissions drawn in the owner’s guide. Failing to do so can result in leaky engine valves, which can put more than a hindrance on your holiday motocross strategies.

A valve leak is meaningfully less clear to perceive than you might ponder, or as this real-life owner puts it. In pre-2008 models, I identified that valves were to bounce and turn at high revs, producing valve leakages and damaging engine compression. If this echo is aware, you’re not alone. While valve leakages are more common on the older iteration’s motocross model, they’re similarly stiff to perceive on all YZ 250F models. Like the Yamaha holder cited above, you might want to unsoiled all that carbon and reinstall everything looking spic and span, only to find that you still have no valve solidity!

The holder’s guide recommends pouring solvent through to check for leakages, but the solvent proposed doesn’t always show the leak. It is often the cause of mistakes for irritated YZ 250F holders, but there are conducts of sleuthing the valve leakages. The solvent is occasionally too thick to pour through the leaky valve, which may only be slightly off. The detergent is still harmless, using contact and its solvent viscidness permits it to dispense through even light valve leaks, highlighting the opening producing your bike’s compression damage.

2. Engine Stalls and Locks Up

While this wasn’t a mainly extensive problem, it produced plenty of a tinkle in the online civic to license exposure. Not to mention, the YZ 250F is hunted after in the used motocross market. This section contains essential information for any window customers to keep in mind. In 2014, numerous manifestations of engine stalls, lock-ups, and rod letdowns were caused in Yamaha, evoking many of the 2015-year models manufactured between May 2014 and November 2014.

An engine lock-up on a motocross bike is as grave as it hums and can cause a crash that results in wounds, some of which could be stern or even lethal. The models affected were described as blue and white or red and white. Yamaha communicated with any owners of suspicious 2015-year model YZ 250Fs and stimulated them not to ride their bikes until setting up an appointment with their local Yamaha authorization and permitting the experts to examine the engine for protection.

Dealerships were trained to review and repair engine problems without custody to the customer. Though, the notice gave no info concerning the cause of the engine disaster, parting some holders in worried assumption about whether the experts recognized what to look for. I’ve got rod failure cited as the leading reason, but I could not check this with the literature from Yamaha.

We inspire holders and window shoppers of the 2015-year model YZ 250Fs to check their VINs and cross-reference them with the reminiscence notice. The authorization would be clever to tell you if the bike had been scrutinized for endorsement or repair during the recall. Hold them to that free review before you ride if it hasn’t been. Regrettably, this wasn’t the first YZ 250F recall to clarify in 2014; the next section clarifies more.

3. Drive Train Can Detach

In February 2014, Yamaha evoked about 1,300 off-road motocross race models, counting the YZ 250F, due to numerous manifestations of drive chains flaking while riding. This problem affected all two-wheel off-roaders with model numbers YZ250FEL, YZ250FEW, YZ450FEL, and the YZ450FEW. Suppose your YZ 250F was manufactured or sold between December 2013 and January 2014. In that case, it should have been part of this recall and taken in for drive train review, endorsement, and, if appropriate, repair, elevation, and replacement.

If you’re facing drive train problems on a 2013-2014 YZ 250F, we advise you refrain from riding until you’ve had your drive train checked by a Yamaha expert. Even if you’ve yet to experience signs, if you lost the recall back in 2014 or bought your bike used after it all went down, having your drive train reviewed by a pro might spare you time, money, and damage down the road.

What’s the Resale Value of a Yamaha YZ 250F?



To conclude this whole discussion, the YZ250 is one of the oldest and most reasonable motocrossers in the quarter-liter section. It has a sparkling 2-stroke engine that bids creditable performance across the rev band. It is armed with a trivial framework and high-quality KYB suspension, making it very lithe. This quarter-liter moto crosser bike now brags a better and more effective braking system.

The new Yamaha YZ250 comes with significant elevation and is also rated pleasantly. I have tried my best to pack this article with all information about YZ250. I hope you will find this article handy while purchasing your desired bike. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to give you all information about dirt bikes.


Q. What is The Seat Height of The Yamaha YZ250?

The seat height of this 250cc moto crosser is 38.2 inches.

Q. How Much is a YZ250 Yamaha?

The worth of the YZ250 Team Yamaha blue color edition flinches at $7,799.

Q. What is The Ground Clearance of The YZ250?

It offers a ground clearance of 14.2 inches.

Q. Is a Yamaha YZ250F a Good Beginner Bike?

Yes. The Yamaha YZ250F is a great bike if you’re a learner. The power and the mass ratio make this bike reasonably easy to ride. Furthermore, you can move this bike more quickly due to its trivial frame. As a result, this bike is well-matched for beginners.

Q. Which is Faster, YZ250 or YZ250F?

The YZ250 has a two-stroke engine, while the YZ250F has a four-stroke engine. Whereas a four-stroke engine is much more relaxed to ride than a two-stroke, the agile nature of the two-stroke engine can be a bit quicker in some cases.

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