6 Best Cheap 250cc Dirt Bikes (Beginners Choice)

best cheap 250cc dirt bikes

In dirt bikes, 250cc bikes are recognized as one of the best machinery. If you decide to go with the 250cc machines, you are inviting significant risk. But as we have compiled a list of best models for both learners and skilled riders, it may lessen your burden. These models are great selections for novices, but they’re also good choices for professional riders because as pleasing as that burly 450cc looks, it may not be the best choice for your riding style. But don’t take our word for it. Go out and give a few a test ride and if you think a 250cc dirt bike is a better choice for you, read on because we’ve recorded our favorites here for you!

Best Cheap 250cc Dirt Bikes

Here are the efficient 250cc dirt bikes that you will love to buy.

1. The Kawasaki KX250F

Kawasaki KX250F

If you’re in the market for a devoted, off-road only, closed course 250cc dirt bike, then the Kawasaki KX250F is worth exploring. Priced at a very attractive $7,749, it’s a model that Kawasaki promises can be trotted straight into a race from straight out of the box. And we’ve ridden it. But, the best thing about this motorcycle is the flexibility and alteration that can be done on it. Furnished with Showa upturned forks, a fully adjustable rear shock, a total weight of 230 lbs. and a powerful engine, it’s a great dirt bike for those looking for excellent handling and easy ergonomics, wrapped up in a competition-spec package.

The engine itself is a race developed 249cc four-stroke single cylinder unit, planned to deliver power precisely where you need it and when you need it. Mated to an unwavering 5 speed gearbox that promises bolt action consistency, the Kawasaki KX250F is a dirt bike that needs to be ridden to know its value, and we endorse you to take one out for a rip. Don’t forget your earplugs because the stock drain isn’t exactly furtive.

2. The KTM 250 SX

The KTM 250 SX

The KTM 250 SX isn’t for the casual off-road rider. This is a 250cc dirt bike for real fanatics that can make the most of the powerful 250cc two stroke engine and exploit the chassis lithe handling. If you’ve ever measured purchasing the KTM 450 SX-F but haven’t taken one for a ride yet, then hold up and buy this one first. Offering an unbelievable power to weight ratio thanks to the engine’s two-stroke nature and the lightweight chassis, this is a bike that novices could use, but it should be left to those who know what they’re doing.

It’s influential, but the power isn’t all. KTM has armed the narrow-bodied machine with some charming parts to uplift it to the next level. The most important of these trappings comprises the robust suspension system from WP Suspension, one of KTM’s minor companies, which turns this road legal machine into something more at home in races. If you really want to make the most of your KTM 250 SX, then there is no lack of aftermarket goods to help you fine tune this dirt bike into whatever you need it to be. Prices start from $7,699.

3. The Kawasaki KLX250

The Kawasaki KLX250

Is it a dilatory little 250cc 4 stroke dirt bike or small size venture motorcycle? Well, that’s a matter of belief. To some, the KLX250 shouldn’t succeed on this list, but since we reflect an excellent dirt bike to be one that you can enjoy all the time, then the KLX250 is a great choice. It’s a great off road, it can hold its own on the tar, and that’s possibly why Kawasaki class it as a venture motorcycle rather than an out and out dirt bike.

For mezes, that finally, flexibility and real-world, everyday practicality is why we rate this 250cc dirt bike so exceedingly. Sure, it’s great to have a purpose built, competition only machinery, but it’s just as nice to have one you can ride anywhere you like, seven days a week. That’s what should make it interesting to those of all skill levels, too.

At its heart, the KLX250 is motorized by a dense and cheap fuel-injected engine that offers decent power carried thanks to quite a receptive accelerator, though its absences rotation for anyone looking to do serious off-road riding. And by serious, we mean big-boy-serious off-road riding, but for the vast majority of us, the KLX250 has amply. It’s also a little on the hefty side, pondering in at around 304lbs, but let’s not disremember that it’s a skilled road bike too, so that describes the extra bulk. We think the KLX250 is a great beginner or ideal second bike for more experienced riders. And with a price tag of only $5,349, it’s a cheap date.

4. The Yamaha WR250F

Yamaha WR250F

Parallel to the YZ250F, the Yamaha WR250F is another 250cc dirt bike, but this sort is a little friendlier, a little more watered down, and finally, a road-legal, more available version of the YZ. And while detuned and refined might not be everyone’s cup of tea, don’t forget that we like our dirt bikes to be as real as possible, without too much cooperation, and the WR250F is just what we want.

Finally, the WR250F is a friendlier and road legal version of the YZ250F, offering more handy and manageable power, softer suspension, lower noise, exhaust emissions, and all the road legal stuff you need headlamps, a side stand, etc. The engine is the exact opposite cylinder head equipped 250cc single cylinder unit found on the YZ250F, with a studied air consumption, a pinched frame, and attuned constancy. And most prominently, a slightly higher price of $8,099.

5. The Honda CRF250L Rally

The Honda CRF250L Rally

Next up, we’ve got the Honda CRF250L Rally. Basically, this beauty is a steady CRF250L dirt bike that has been preserved with some overwhelming Paris-Dakar styling and a few extra perks to give you a somewhat diverse riding experience. Like the Kawasaki KLX250, this bike also has road riding in mind but can keep its head above water when thrown into the deep end of an off-road condition. Rather than label it as a 250cc dirt bike, this is more like a small size double purpose venture bike that occurs to be outstanding at everything. We noticeably rate it quite exceedingly because of its outstanding levelheadedness.

The engine is a powerful 249.6cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine that produces a modest 24 hp, geared towards mild off-road riding but with enough presence to let other road users know that you’re there. For light track riding, a good deal of scrambling, and getting caught in the mud, the CRF250L is a great choice, for the real race though look elsewhere. Its absences in competition requirements it makes up for with everyday use since it comes armed with LED lighting, dual-sport tires, and the option of having ABS. And since it comes with a price tag of $5,149, you can buy that and pick up an inexpensive second-hand dirt bike with your alteration.

The Husqvarna TE250i

The Husqvarna TE250i

The Husqvarna TE250i gets our number one spot for many explanations. Initially, it offers the perfect cooperation of road-legal riding and hard enduro style off-road aptitude. And finally, it’s a god damn fuel injected two strokes, and expectantly the first in a long line of two-stroke engines that could redefine modern motorcycling. The engine itself claims a set of modern fuel injectors that are situated at the transfer docks, distributing the correct amount of fuel to the engine contingent on the situation. This method keeps fuel ingesting down, and drops releases, whereas offering remarkably smooth power delivery simultaneously.

Do you know what are the problems with Husqvarna 701?

That’s all very well, but how does that interpret real riding? Easily, the top-secret behind the Husqvarna TE250i’s success lies in its flat power delivery. It’s powerful in the low RPMs, but it also brings some grave power to the mid-range, all without that snap and grab feel that usually outbreaks 250 two-strokes. And to make things better, the power is sustained into the top end without feeling inactive.

If that wasn’t enough, Husqvarna has also preserved the TE250i with promoted suspension, in the form of an Xplor fork up front and a DCC shock at the rear suspension units designed exactly for hard enduro riding that are near unbearable to bottom out, no matter how hard your landings. All in all, the powerful engine, light frame, and advanced suspension make for a highly controllable 250cc dirt bike, that offers nothing less than the best of grip and comfort, all wrapped into a road-legal package. Prices start from $9,599.

Is a 250cc Dirt Bike Good for a Novice?

It is no secret that 250cc dirt bikes are killer machines. They can outstrip many sports cars in the day and tear up through the woods at night.

However, one question keeps popping up in people’s heads. The question is whether or not 250cc dirt bikes are appropriate for beginners?

The humblest answer to this question is yes. Chiefly, 250cc dirt bikes are great for any learner. It could be a great tool to help you improve your riding skills even further. Here are some of the reasons why

  1. Many 250cc bikes are reliable and maintenance-free, which is great for beginners.
  2. Most of the 250cc dirt bikes come with great kicks of power and rotation. A mix-match of this makes them dynamic enough to be loved by many beginners.
  3. 250cc bikes come with extremely influential brakes.
  4. Great suspensions are a mutual feature in many 250cc dirt bikes. This is really helpful when riding, particularly for novice users.
  5. 250cc bikes are typically lightweight. This factor helps beginners grip and control the bike with ease.
  6. With a 250cc bike, you are sure to have quality parts, especially if you go for the top brands in the market. With quality parts, a bike’s life is extended.
  7. Nowadays, many bike companies include technology in their dirt bikes. As a result, we have things like e-start. With an e-start, any beginner can easily ride a 250cc dirt bike.

How Fast Can a 250cc Dirt Bike Go?

The additional prevalent question is, how fast can a 250-cc dirt bike go? Well, most 250cc dirt bikes have supreme speed of around 55-68 mph.

Though there are some instances where the numbers can be a bit advanced. Essentially, some 250cc dirt bike alternatives have a top speed of 71 mph.

If you want to reach such high speeds on your 250cc dirt bike, there are things you need to do first. These things comprise;

  1. Check your air filters and make sure everything is okay.
  2. Make sure that you uphold the good suspension.
  3. Make sure that you have the right engine power as the particulars of your dirt bikes indorse.
  4. Your tires should be correctly overstated and in good condition.
  5. Make sure that you check the heater and fix any matters if there are any.
  6. Use the appropriate engine oil.

Is a 250cc Dirt Bike Street Permissible?

What Does Street Permissible mean? Street legal is a term used to define dirt bikes intended to be ridden on paved roads/tracks.

Are Dirt Bikes Street Permissible? Although many dirt bikes cannot be used on roads, 250 cc dirt bikes are street permissible.


To sum up the whole discussion, we can say that 250cc dirt bikes are unbelievable; there is no doubt. This is mainly because all brands are continuously upgrading their 250cc bikes.

Each bike comes with exclusive structures curated to suit each rider’s needs. Now the verdict lies on you. All you have to do is make a list of what you want and select the bike that fits you.

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