Best Adventure Bike for Beginners [Best Adventure Bike]

Best Adventure Bike for Beginners

While you aspire to explore the roads, you need to know the options available for your choice of bike. Adventure Bikes are so amazing that they can grip your imagination and give you such a satiating feel that no other vehicle can offer. Freedom, being in control of your destiny, the feel of a soft breeze, and a limitless horizon spread before you. That’s what only bike riding can offer. And since you intend to have this mesmerizing experience, you should know which would be the right machine to automate your passions into reality.  

Best Adventure Bike For Beginners

Here is a list of the best adventure bikes for beginners you should consider while choosing an adventure bike.

1. BMW R 1250 GS

BMW R 1250 GS

This is BMW’s best pitch in the adventure bike segment and comes with matchless features. It has a strong and sturdy engine, and the overall model is so well built that it is truly the SUV in the world of bikes. Same strength, powerful engine, and matchless ergonomics. Its wheels can do wonders when it comes to dealing with tough terrain. Be it dirt, or mid or stones or sand, or whatever, the bike is going to push the bar higher for its competitors.

The bike’s 1254cc boxer engine punches out 136hp and 105lb-ft of torque, enough to navigate the toughest terrains while keeping up with anyone on the tarmac.


  • Strong and Sturdy with a royal look in its shape.
  • Has enormous power.
  • It can beat any type of tough terrain.


  • A little costly

2. Ducati DesertX

Ducati DesertX
Ducati DesertX

Although Ducati had already sent its Multistrada into the market with its whole fan cult more loyal than any of its competitors can boast. Its performance on the road was matchless. But off the road, it failed to cope with the wild spirits of the riders. That’s where Ducati DesertX came from.

The Ducati DesertX is powered by a 110hp version of the 937cc L-Twin engine from the Multistrada V2. However, the package is light, weighing 492 pounds, which clearly targets the middleweight segment. The retro-styled bike is also Ducati’s first modern model with 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels. This will be a sturdy, simple, minimalist, and capable adventure bike if all goes Ducati’s way.


  • It is a good strong bike with adequate size.
  • Performs best in lighter scenarios
  • It can give its best in the off road rides.


  • Its lighter body can cause swaying when faced with heavier currents.

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3. Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin

Honda has made revolutionary changes to its adventure model exclusive to Adventure Sports ES, and that has given it a fresher zeal for competition in the market. It is well suited for adventure scenarios and can outperform its competitors in many ways. Size, ergonomics, balancing, and most of all, its weight adjustments render it “the best in the contest.”

All the trims come with a rear cargo platform exclusive to Adventure Sport ES in the previous models. The bike is also lighter than ever, and its electronic suit received significant upgrades, like the six-axis inertial platform placed at the bike’s center of gravity. It helps monitor roll, pitch, and yaw angles in real time. Extra goodies include four preset modes, active suspension, and damping.


  • An all in one solution for the popular demands in the market.
  • More suited to beginners since it is easier to handle as compared to its predecessors.
  • Ticks all the boxes in the demand list.


  • Since it tries to fulfill all the requirements, it might fall short on tough tests.

4. Triumph Tiger 1200

Triumph Tiger 1200

After so much anticipation and several teasers being produced, Triumph finally unveiled the all-new Tiger 1200. It is the bigger sibling to the Tiger 800 and is supposed to fight for the big adventure class crown. The new 1160cc triple motor borrowed from the Speed Triple RS architecture and produced 147hp and 96lb-ft of torque, with loads of power available in the midrange revs.

Interestingly, the Tiger 1200 comes in five trims, starting with the stripped-back GT, a better-equipped GT Pro, and the large-tanked GT Explorer for road-oriented options. There are the Rally Pro and the Rally Explorer options for off-road biased customers.


  • It is heavy duty and specially designed to compete with other models.
  • Its size and weight render it to perform at an optimum level.
  • It is a good choice if you love competition.


  • It is heavier and might be a little tougher to deal with.



It is smaller in size and gives much better control and balancing for beginners, but at the same time, it has a wonderful performance in all regards. Its windshield can help the rider avoid mud splashes and enables it for a smooth and undisturbed journey which will be appreciated by every rider.

This model is more road-focused and features a triple-engine configuration. It makes 84 horsepower and comes with Marzocchi suspension fore and aft. It has an adjustable windscreen, two seat heights, and a 5.2-gallon fuel tank with electronics that offer switchable traction control and ABS.


  • It is lighter in weight.
  • Offers better control and can be easily handled.
  • Its size and shape make for the best and most streamlined ride.


  • It is a little lighter and thus can have speed and air current issues.

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6. Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest manufacturers of motorbikes and thus already has big shoes to fill when they announce the launching of a newer model because everyone keeps thinking about what’s new in this.

All-new, twin cylinder 650 Interceptor, and Continental GT have rightly been huge hits due to their combination of improved performance, classic style, and brilliant value.

All-new, twin cylinder 650 Interceptor, and Continental GT have rightly been huge hits due to their combination of improved performance, classic style, and brilliant value.

Its all-new, twin-cylinder 650 Interceptor and Continental GT have rightly been big hits due to their combination of improved performance, classic style, and brilliant value. Its 410cc air-cooled single is an enlarged version of the old design and offers just 24bhp, which is barely enough for fast roads.

This Himalayan falls in the middle. The brakes and soft suspension struggle, too, while its spec is basic, to say the least. But, being so simple, light, and reasonably rugged means, you can take it off-road; it potters along happily with luggage for miles on end, and it has a classic, utilitarian charm few can match.


  • It’s cost effective.
  • Its features and qualities make up for the best deal.
  • Satisfies the desire to have something antique without losing the modern touch.


  • It is good for off-road, but on the road, it might dampen your enthusiasm.

7. Sinnis Terrain 380

Sinnis Terrain 380

Chinese-built Sinnis have a long tradition of providing basic, affordable, but decent lightweights and broke the mold when it had the audacity to come up with its first ‘Terrain’ model in 125 guises.

Although inevitably limited by having just 11.5bhp, that bike ushered in a new era in the learner class by being a full-size adventure, complete with optional luggage, in a class normally restricted to diminutive roadsters and Sportster. Now, as available from the end of October, the brand is following that bike up with a 380cc version.

It produces a respectable 36bhp at the crank, which is well within the A2 license categorization yet also has modern looks, LED lights that remind of the R1250GS, crash protection, full-size proportions, and a slick LCD dash.


  • It is a good choice for beginners since it is cost effective.
  • It can outperform many in the market with the same budget range.
  • It works well in both off road and on road scenarios.


  • Its stability is under question by the riders.

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8. Benelli TRK 502

Benelli TRK 502

It was launched around 2017, and since then, it has kept its fan base and loyal customer class which has enlarged since its launch. It is a blend of Chinese and Italian tastes and can perform up to the maximum because of the standards which it claims and aspires to meet.

It is powered by a modern, 47bhp, A2-compliant parallel twin, not dissimilar to Honda’s CB500X if a little harsher in delivery. The chassis is full-sized, the bodywork reminds of Ducati’s Multistrada, the handling and braking are both decent, and if the clocks and some detailing are a little basic and crude, that’s all forgiven due to its reasonable and economical price.


  • Its features are wonderful and can match any other bike in the same budget range.
  • It is good in both domains, on and off the road.
  • Its specs are satisfactory for both taste and performance.


  • It can sometimes be tedious.

9. Harley Davidson Pan American

Harley Davidson Pan American

The adventure bike market has forced every company to produce its own brand of an adventure bike. Harley Davidson is no exception. The market is so lucrative that they, too, launched their brand of adventure bikes, Pan American.

It is heavier, and its specs are wonderful. The all-new Revolution Max is a 1252cc V-twin, but this ain’t your grandpa’s V-twin Harley. This one is liquid-cooled with overhead cams, tuned to make 150 horsepower. It’s also a stressed member of the chassis, reducing weight. The wheel size of 19/17. Inch makes it perfect for all sorts of terrain.

All this makes for a wonderful deal in ABV.


  • It is heavier and thus free from all lightweight issues.
  • With a stronger hp, its performance reaches the edge.
  • It also combined antique and modern in a single deal.


  • A little costly and draining on the budget.

10. Suzuki V-Strom 1000

Suzuki V-Strom 1000

Although it is not the steaming hot option in the range still, it can stand out for its sheer simplicity and beauty. Its reliability is beyond doubt and can thus be a fair competitor for a beginner. Although there hasn’t been much update or variation in Suzuki’s latest version, the V-Strom 1050XT gets wire-spoked wheels, design inspiration from Suzuki’s DR line, ride-by-wire, cruise control, traction control, Drive Modes, an Easy Start System, IMU (new for 2020), combined brake system, Hill Hold Control, Slope Dependent Control, 43mm KYB suspension, and so much more.

This all makes Suzuki an arguably strong contender for customers who look for simple quality and reliability.


  • Cost-effective and not tough on the pocket.
  • Good and reliable, making it a far better option than its bigger contenders.
  • Flexible and easy to handle.


  • It’s not so attractive.

What You Should Look For in An Adventure Bike?

Best Adventure Bike for Beginners

1. Reliability

As a beginner, you should always be looking for a reliable bike that shall not deceive you at the wrong moment. So, the first and foremost priority should be reliability because, in most cases, you are already in a high-risk situation when you are outside riding a bike. A reliable bike shall allow you to have much better control, and you can feel a little less scared.

2. Price

Since, in most cases, beginners don’t like investing so much in an experiment, the bike which you choose for your starter tours should not be too costly. You should look out for the best deal where your money is spent should be worth it.

3. Quality

Of course, when you are out in the market, so you should try to find the best option available among the lot. You should look for the best engine, better wheels, and even better ergonomics since you can’t afford to risk your life just to save a few pennies.

4. Flexibility

You should look for a bike that is more flexible than the rest. It should be able to give you a wonderful experience on the road and off the road. It should be able to deal with a variety of terrains. A good bike should be able to take you through mud and sand and stones and everything

5. Aesthetics

You should look for a bike that has beauty and looks at least attractive enough so that you should be proud to bring your bike out in public, and when you go out, it should not embarrass you, but rather, it should make you feel confident and strong.


So, when you are looking for a bike in the adventure bikes category, you should try to find out a bike that is reliable and can help you in your endeavors. It should be economical and should not strain or drain your budget. The best bike would be the one that offers the maximum level of flexibility in its performance and its capability to work in all sorts of scenarios. After all of this, it should somehow help you in satisfying your aesthetics, too. It should be beautiful and attractive.

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