How Fast Can A 125cc Dirt Bike Go?

How Fast Can A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

If you are going to buy 125cc dirt bike you must know how fast can a 125cc dirt bike go?

125cc dirt bikes are some of the most prevalent dirt bikes. They offer excellent performance and are flawless for both learners and skilled riders. On average, the top speed of a 125cc dirt bike ranges from 55 to 60 mph. Most riders, however, will not run at these extreme speeds since they are often young people who are yet to master the skill of dirt riding. Others will try to clock a speed of up to 100 mph. However, this is pushing the dirt bike too far.

A 125cc is a small engine, and later, its power is not equivalent to those you will find in its quicker contestants. Let’s talk in detail.

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Factors That Affect The Speed Of A 125cc Dirt Bike

Have you ever joined the dirt bike races? You must have heard chatters and claims about which rider or dirt bike was reckless on a given ground if you have. These bikes come in different sizes and different engine dimensions. However, the average speed of these bikes differs according to engine size, cog gearing, modifications, and many other fundamental factors. Here is a complete description of what limits the speed of dirt bikes, particularly those with 125cc engine size.

1. Load

Similar to cars or other vehicles, the load of a 125cc dirt bike also significantly influences its speed. The maximum load can range from 200 to 250 pounds depending on the model you select. The load rests not only on the weight of the rider but also on the load and the gears of the dirt bike. Many will have several performance promotions that can add to the bike’s weight, reducing it.

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2. Environmental Conditions

External factors can also slow down a 125cc dirt bike. For example, its speed will differ significantly depending on the land. The cloudier the terrain gets, the slower the dirt bike will be. The same thing also occurs when you must be aware of many turns and cracks. The wind is another environmental factor that can make your dirt bike gentler. The stormier it is, the more struggle there will be, making it more problematic for the bike to reach its top speed.

3. Dirt Bike’s Customizations

It is fun modifying a dirt bike. You can experiment with diverse portions and fittings to improve its aesthetic and performance. However, you might be ignorant, but some of these customizations are a total burden of weight, which disturbs the speed of your 125cc dirt bike. For example, changing into bigger and larger tires may make your bike look like a beast, but it can compromise speed as it establishes added weight. The same thing is true when you are upgrading seats.

How Fast Can A 125cc Dirt Bike Go

4. Driver’s Experience

Even if you have the best dirt bike with a top-notch engine, it is hard to reach the top speed when you are inexperienced. If you are new to dirt biking, you are possibly still learning the systems. Not to mention, some may be anxious to rev up the accelerator and reach the supreme speed.

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5. Size Of The Engine

As earlier stated, all types of motorcycles have various engine sizes. This issue is grave for the bike’s speed and horsepower. Regular dirt bikes with engines fluctuate from 50 to 140 cubic centimetres of displacement. Other versions with 175 to 250cc engines are accessible from most builders, but these are far larger than the standard motorbike class that embodies dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes are planned to reach maximum revolutions per minute faster in each gear to keep pace with other types of bikes, such as bit bikes. For a 50cc bike, the top speed can range between 15 to 25 miles per hour when riding in the lower gears. The bike can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour or more on longer bounces. When riding in high gear on 125cc dirt bikes with the stock sprocket gearing, you can be supposed to reach a speed of 70moh. As a result, a dirt bike’s engine size is essential in defining its speed.

6. Modifications

Modifications are vital for growing or lessening the speed of your dirt bike. In this regard, increasing speed is the only positive way of looking at it. After all, everyone wants to have their dirt bikes going sensibly faster than their contestants. How will you attain this feat if you increase your bike’s average speed without bargaining its low-end torque acceleration? The answer is simple. You will start by replacing one of your dirt bike’s stock cogs. For example, you may change the bike’s stock 14 tooth drive cog to a 15-tooth sprocket to achieve the top speed.

Similarly, swapping your bike’s stock 42 tooth rear sprocket gearing with a 32-tooth sprocket gearing will add the speed but affect the low-end torque acceleration. In other words, understanding how the sprocket gearing works gives you an idea of increasing your bike’s average speed without really cooperating torque acceleration. The torque acceleration is essential to help your bike gain top speeds in minutes or seconds. Modifications can advance the speed of your dirt bike by a large margin and set you ahead of other riders.

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7. Terrain

The kind of terrain that you are riding on will disturb your bike’s speed. Hard exteriors like roadways will permit you to reach higher speeds than soft surfaces like sand or mud.

How To Make A 125cc Dirt Bike Go Faster?

If you are looking to exploit the performance of your dirt bike, here are a few instructions that may help give you an edge:

Ride Faster Trails

If you want to reach your top speed, you will have to select suitable tracks for the bike.

Keep Your Bike In Good Working Order

Keeping up with upkeep can help you evade mechanical letdowns when they are most troublesome, like in the middle of a race or trail ride.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure can decrease the maximum speed of your dirt bike, so make sure you always have proper air pressure in your tires.

Keep Your Weight Low

Being as low to the ground as possible will give you more influence and keep your center of gravity low, which can expand top speeds.

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125cc dirt bike speeds can differ depending on the landscape and other aspects, but they naturally fall between 55 and 60 miles per hour. If you want to reach your top speed on a 125cc dirt bike, select trails suitable for your vehicle, keep up with upkeep, have good tire pressure and maintain a low weight. When riding at high speeds, it is essential to dress in defensive gear, stay attentive, watch your distance from other vehicles and objects, and keep straight. If possible, avoid riding when it’s raining or misting severely and avoid riding in the dark unless you have good visibility in that area, and practice your skills before riding at high speeds.

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