10 Best Gas Powered Mini Dirt Bikes

10 Best Gas Powered Mini Dirt Bikes For Youth

Gas dirt bikes are an excessive mode to discover the outside, and it makes it probable for children to like safe bikes and plan to offer brilliant safety structures. There are many diverse choices on the market today, which should be seamless for kids.

Finding the best gas dirt bikes for kids would mean looking for the vehicle’s features, reading reviews, and looking for accessible designs. We have recorded the aids of why you should ponder gas mini bikes instead of electric dirt bikes. We have studied a lot of minibikes based on cost, performance, reviews, and many other reflections before coming up with the list of the best dirt gas bikes for kids.

10 Best Gas Powered Mini Dirt Bikes For Youth

1. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike Gas Power

SYX MOTO 50cc Kids Dirt Bike Engine: 50cc, 2 stroke
Speed: 15-30mph
Rare & Front Disk Brake
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This is one of the best choices for your kids as it comes with 2 stroke engines. It has a unique, stylish design and an improved speed limiter. It is capable of limiting speed from 30mph to 45mph. It is a less noisy bike. It has outstanding rear suspension. The mini bike’s front and back brake disc also make the braking easy and smooth. This piece has a simple design with a yellow frame.

2. X-Pro Cyclone 40cc Kids Dirt Bike

X-PRO Cyclone 40cc Kids Dirt Engine: 40cc, 2 stroke
Speed: 15-22mph
Rare & Front Disk Brake
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This bike also comes with 4 stroke engine and with added equipment like gloves, goggles, and a face mask. It needs some assembly. It is EPA approved and moves at a top speed of 22 miles per hour. It is known as X-pro that has made its way into the top eight best children’s gas powered. In addition, the bike rushing is sturdier than the 2 stroke. It is also muted machine that makes for itself a great deal.

3. Fit Right DB003 40CC Mini Dirt Bike

FRP DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Dirt Bike Engine: 40cc, 4 stroke
Speed: 15-18mph
Rare Disk Brake
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It has a 160lbs weight capacity. It is also EPA approved runs using a four stroke,40cc engine. The gas engine can reach 27 miles per hour. It has air-filled knobby tires to tackle rocky terrains. Additionally, the rear disc brakes make ending the ride probable whenever the kid needs it. It is easy to ride. Plus, this bike comes in pink we are sure girls would love it.

4. Coleman Powersports CT200U-B Gas Powered Trail Mini-Bike

Coleman Powersports CT200U-AB Gas Powered Trail Mini-Bike Engine: 40cc, 4 stroke
Speed: 15-18mph
Rare Disk Brake
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It uses a 4 stroke,6.5HP engine. It offers a top speed of 20mph and a verified clutch flawless rear drum braking system. It also has a simple pull start process. If you are looking for something a little more basic, the Coleman gas powered pocket is excellent. There is not a whole lot there. It is just a metal tube frame with an engine at its center and a structure to hold the large tires in place.

5. X-PRO 40cc Mini Dirt Bike

X-PRO 40cc Kids Dirt Bike Engine: 40cc, 4 stroke
Speed: 15-30mph
Fron & Rare Disk Brake
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This bike also comes with extra fittings like gloves, goggles, and a face mask. It runs on a 4-stroke steadfast engine. The 40cc bike got a maximum speed of 22 miles/hour. It has a chain driven system and got a weight volume of around 100lbs. Moreover, for the younger riders, this bike is a brilliant choice. Though the engine might sound dull, it will produce more spin and better fuel efficacy. The engine’s air-cooling system keeps it from running too hot. Therefore, the kids can have longer hours on the bike.

6. XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket Dirt Bike

XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Dirt Bike Engine: 49cc, 2 stroke
Speed: 15-20mph
Fron & Rare Disk Brake
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This bike comes with a single cylinder. It is air cooled. It has the highest weight capacity of 128lbs. Depending on the ground, it can speed up from 15-to 20mph. This bike also comes with 2 stroke engines. Having a single cylinder lessens its enormous size. The bike comes with a steel frame that gives it toughness. It can handle the drops from time to time. If you are searching for a good dirt bike for your kid, this is the perfect bike.

7. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Engine: 125cc, 2 stroke
Manual 4-Speed Transmission 
Fron & Rare Disk Brake
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This bike also comes with 4 stroke engine and also with single cylinder. Its maximum horsepower is 6.1HP and has a top speed of 35MPH. It comes with a rough frame packaging. The bike provides the front conformist hydraulic fork suspensions and the 255mm coil over the rear shock absorber. This bike also comes with Aluminum rims and lightweight and OEM knobby tires.

8. X-Pro Hawk 150cc 4-Stroke Dirt Bike

X-PRO Hawk 150cc Dirt Bike  Engine: 150cc, 4 stroke
Manual 4-Speed Transmission 
Fron & Rare Disk Brake
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This bike provides a smooth ride. It has a high seat of 18 inches. It comes with 2 stroke engines. It has aluminum alloy wheels of 10 inches. To make your ride smooth and more enjoyable, you get front and rear disc brakes that react right moment the kid hits the brake. Its fuel is a mixture of EPA and oil in a 25:1 ratio. This bike comes with a 1-liter gas tank and a super solid frame.

9. X- PRO 110cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Mini Gas Dirt Bike

X-Pro 110cc Dirt Bike Engine: 110cc, 4 stroke
Manual 4-Speed Transmission 
Fron & Rare Disk Brake
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It comes with handlebars and wheel brackets. It is well-matched with an electric start system. It has a capacity of 135 pounds. Combined with 110cc 4 stroke engine. It has an attachment of 1-gallon fuel tank. It is perfect for these progressive riders who want more speed from their ride. The bike is EPA and C.A.R.B appropriate. The seat height is 21 inches which are manageable length for the rider

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10. Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike

Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike Engine: 110cc, 4 stroke
Speed: 40mph
Fron & Rare Disk Brake
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This bike comes with 2 stroke engines. It covers a speed of 30mph. Its seat height is 23 inches. The 10 inches tires are ideal for a small rider, and the foot brake will help your child stay safe on the tails. The bike weight is around about 100lbs.

How Much Does A Gas Powered Dirt Bike For Kids Cost?

To answer this question, we can say that usually, the cost of a bike depends on its quality and performance. Additionally, the number of features it brings along with it. You can find a wide range of dirt bikes for kids in the market. Some may be available at a higher price and others at a lower price.

However, a quality bike can start somewhere in the 150-dollar range. However, the bike you purchase for 150 dollars may not get a lot of features, but it will be the best starter bike for the young rider. If you are searching for a motorcycle having unique features like a quality braking system, various speeds, or much more CC on the bike, that price can go up big. Therefore, some gas motorcycles can cost as much as $4000 or even more.

But it all rests on your budget and how much you are looking to pay. We suggest the best way is to get a bike on a reasonable budget and not pay a higher amount of money on a mini bike as the kid will grow out of it with age.

Factors To Consider While Buying Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids

Undoubtedly, markets are full of a wide variety of dirt bikes. But selecting the best bike can be an arduous task. To keep you safe from this confusing situation, we have done a lot of research to compile a list of unique features of bikes so that oy may not face any difficulty. The following features are the most important that should allow you to get the best bike for your kid at a reasonable price. Let’s have a look at these features one by one;

Age Of your Child

This is one of the significant features which can play a vital role in choosing the best bike for your kid. First of all, make sure your child has attained a certain age before you eventually hand them over a gas-powered mini bike. So, always discuss your age with the manufacturer and pick the bike recommended by the manufacturer. It will help your kid handle the bike quickly and protect your kid from severe injuries.

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Weight Limit

This feature is also another essential feature to consider while picking the best bike for your kid. Usually, mini bikes are designed so that they can easily accommodate any adult’s weight and size. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to check the manufacturer’s approval in terms of age, weight, and height. So that you can splurge your money on a product that is ideal for your child.

Bike Design

This feature for choosing the best bike depends on your child’s choice, taste, and preferences. Therefore, it is imperative to buy a motorcycle with an attractive design to quickly grab the attention of your kid. Besides that, it also provides an aesthetic sense and gives your kid a pleasurable ride. Nothing is more fun than choosing one eye catching bike among heaps of many attractive models.

Engine Size

Engine size is another crucial factor to keep in mind while selecting the best bike. Usually, mini bikes possess various power, but you should go with one that is easily handled by your kid and must be according to your child’s ability. If your kid is a starter, we recommend you pick the bike with lower CC as it will assure safety for your kid.


This feature is also regarded as one of the crucial features for selecting the best bike for your kid. We suggest you choose that bike that comes with a warranty for a long time so that your kid will enjoy his/her riding journey without facing any hindrance. When buying a bike, the warranty should be one of your top priorities, as gas-powered mini bikes are electric and contain delicate components. Therefore you also need to have a warranty form.


Like other features, price is also one of the critical deciding features for many customers. We recommend you not waste a lot of money while buying a bike for your kid because kids are just starters, and they are trying to learn about riding thoroughly. So, gift them a simple bike so that they don’t indulge in the bike’s unique features and ignore their passion.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gas Powered Dirt Bikes For Kids

Like electric bikes, gas-powered dirt bikes have certain advantages and disadvantages for kids. So, you must know gas powered mini bikes’ pros and cons before buying them for your kid.


  • There are some pros to gas-powered mini bikes. These are as follows;
  • This is one of the significant features of gas-powered mini bikes, as these bikes are always categorized by their old-style motorcycle sound.
  • The other feature of gas-powered mini bikes is that they are time saving. They can save much of your time where you are only needed to just gas them and go.
  • Another advantage of gas-powered mini bikes is that their engines are planned in a simple way to allow you to work on them quickly.
  • This is the unique feature of gas-powered mini bikes as they have the best power delivery. Due to their best power delivery, these bikes are becoming more demanding in the market.


  • We just do not see the positive aspect of gas-powered mini bikes for a better selection. But also take an at the negative aspects so that we may not face any difficulty while picking the best bike. These are as follows;
  • These bikes usually come with loud sounds, and these may not go down well in quiet residential neighborhoods. So, this is one of the bad aspects of these gas-powered bikes. They can cause distress for your neighbors.
  • Another con of gas-powered mini bikes is that these types of bikes are quite muddled because their combustion engines need gas and oil to function correctly.
  • These bikes are not eco-friendly as the gasoline is burned during the burning process in the engines, which means that deplete gases will be formed to contaminate the atmosphere.
  • They are somehow preventive, especially where they are permissible to be ridden to avoid distressing other people or local enforcement.


We hope that this article will help you choose the best gas-powered dirt bike. These bikes have been tested and should offer great value for your money, and you will easily select the best bike according to your child’s comfort.

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