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Pit Bike vs Dirt Bike

A Pit bike is a little motorcycle used for pit racing and riding in pits. Generally, kids use these bikes. On the other hand, Dirt bikes are motorcycles made for riding on the street and on uneven roads.

Dirt bikes are lightweight and can be handled well on dirt, mud, and sand. Pit bikes and Dirt bikes are similar in many features and are used for activities like racing and sports. Like similarities, there are several points of difference between them. Due to these points of difference, one can easily get a bike of his/her choice.

Difference Between Pit Bike And Dirt Bike

The difference between these two kinds of motorcycles is further discussed below:

1- Pit Bike’s Engine Vs Dirt Bike’s Engine

Pit bikes naturally have four stroke motors, and they are mostly accessible in the 50-1400cc range. Pit bikes do not go beyond 250cc and being as small as they are, it is easy to wonder why they have four stroke engines. A four-stroke motor takes four-piston gestures to make a whole engine cycle. These bikes are designed in a way that children can control them easily.

Dirt bikes can either be of two stroke or four strokes. The piston makes two travels in a complete engine cycle in two-stroke engines. Such bikes have a higher rate of rushing which is perfect for trails, but they are stiffer to control. Four strokes usually range between 300-400cc, and some can even reach 750cc. Additionally, these four strokes are more powerful than two strokes.

Difference Between Pit Bike And Dirt Bike

2- Pit Bike’s Suspension Vs Dirt Bike’s Suspension

Pit bikes and Dirt bikes are diverse in the level of suspension. A suspension system joins the wheels to the main body. The suspension system comprises shock absorbers that sustain the rider to ride over bouncy grounds efficiently.

Dirt bikes offer a better suspension than pit bikes, making the bike safe and competent by keeping wheels straight in contact with the path.

3- Pit Bike’s Height Vs Dirt Bike’s Height

Another vital feature to ponder before you buy a bike is its height, as it is significant to select the right height bike for you because if you don’t select the right bike, you will not be relaxed while riding. Buying a normal bike for off roading without proper information is not a good idea. You will face many problems while riding.

You can do off roading with pit bikes, but you have to make exact customization before that. So, it is crucial to explain the purpose of using a bike. A pit bike is a perfect choice to ride on pits and easy roads. On the other hand, if you are looking for an off roading bike, then a dirt bike will be the exact choice.

4- Pit Bike’s Cost Vs Dirt Bike’s Cost

Cost is one of the major points of difference between both bikes. Dirt bikes are typically more expensive than pit bikes. Because there are many different producers and brands out there, the prices of these bikes cannot be exact and would run in a wide range. You may find a used 250cc dirt bike on the market for $1000, and new ones may be around $2000.

On the other hand, you can find pit bikes at much lower prices than dirt bikes, which is reasonable because they are much more moderate in almost everything. If you are looking for a used pit bike, you may find them for as low as $200. A new pit bike should not cost you more than $1500.

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Difference Between Pit Bike And Dirt Bike

5- Pit Bike’s Safety Vs Dirt Bike’s Safety

Pit bikes are not harmful because they are sluggish and usually ridden on flat roads. Pit bike racing also occurs in specific lodgings, while dirt bikes are often used for a venture.

You can assume some cuts and bumps while using pit bikes, but serious wounds are mutual among dirt bikers. Pit bikes fit children, teenagers, and beginner riders, while dirt bikes need an advanced skill level because of the related risks.

6- Pit Bike’s Short Frame Vs Dirt Bike’s Short Frame

Pit bikes are more minor than dirt bikes as these pits bikes are designed for children’s use. Due to the smaller frame, sprinters often pick pit bikes to cross pits. Pit bikes are appropriate to ride, and their shorter frames make them perfect for teenagers. Pit bikes are small with a striking look and are cooler to ride. Pit bikes have big handlebars, whereas dirt bikes have a larger frame with comparative handlebars.

7-Pit Bike’s Speed Vs Dirt Bike’s Speed

Pit bikes are typically less influential as compared to dirt bikes. Most pit bikes range between 500cc to 150cc. On the other hand, dirt bikes do not go lower than 125cc. Some dirt bikes even have an engine power of 750cc. A 50cc pit bike will naturally reach a maximum 15 to 25 mph speed on short trails. Pit bikes with larger engine sizes of 140cc and 160cc can reach speeds between 70 to 75 mph.

Dirt bikes are proficient at amazingly high speeds; that’s why they are prevalent in racing. On the lower of the spectrum, 50cc dirt bikes ride at a speed range of 25-40 mph. 400cc dirt bikes can reach 87 mph, and they are best left to skilled riders.

Final Words

To sum up the whole discussion, we can say that both pit and dirt bikes are designed with unique features. Both bikes are the best choice for racing and sports. The points mentioned earlier are fairly enough to end the false notions of people who never make sense of the difference between these two bikes.

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