Dirt Bike Size Chart – Choose Perfect For Your Age And Height

Dirt Bike Size Chart

If you are a dirt bike lover and looking to get one, it is vital to investigate a bit about the one you’ll buy. It would help if you studied numerous aspects before buying one, and one of them is whether a bike would be appropriate for your size or not. This is a complicated question, and having a size chart around could smoothen things out for you. A size chart gives you the vital specifics you need while selecting your dirt bike. Succeeding a chart focusing on the size of the body and engine can stop your investment in these bikes from going in vain.

So, let’s go straight to the definition and more on the dirt bike size chart below.

What Is A Dirt Bike Size Chart?

Knowing your bike size and volume is obligatory for monetary and bodily safety. A size chart can guide you in making the right choice on getting the bike you’ve been fantasizing about.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know about bike size charts or cc charts; We’ll try to make them calmer. A dirt bike size chart is merely a chart of a bike’s engine volume in cubic centimeters (cc). It defines different sizes of bikes and the engine capacity in detail to your correctness.

Dirt Bike Size Chart

Why Is A Size Chart Important In Choosing A Dirt Bike?

Of course, there are motives because following a size chart is so vital before buying one. Let us clarify the facts right below-

1- To Prevent Any Wrong Investment

Knowing the suitable size of a bike before getting one is genuinely significant because-

  • Bikes are a hell of luxurious and
  • Wrong-sized and powered bikes for the wrong age

So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a bike and not use it, you must have the elementary information on a dirt bike size chart.

2- To Offer Safety

One must think about the rider’s safety before purchasing a dirt bike. Getting an oversized and overpowered bike for your kid and anyone inexpert can be unsafe and even life-threatening. Following a size chart will let parents know about the proper size and power of a dirt bike according to the kid’s age, thus certifying a safe ride for the young ones.

3- To Know Appropriate Height

The perfect bike for you, dear ones, should not be too high or too low, not too short, not too long either. Select a dirt bike that matches your kid’s height. It is a significant aspect of riding a motorcycle and an important reason to shadow the size chart.

Altering seat height will give you the wanted height of the dirt bike. The procedure should be done without much problem. Check the height by seating on the bike. If your feet touch the ground, then the height is set correctly.

4- Get Comfort

Comfort matters the most when riding dirt bikes, particularly on rocky terrain. You need to select a bike that will promise you some ease through your riding task. It will be unnecessary to purchase a bike with all the best features you can think of but the absence of comfortability. So, what makes a dirt bike contented?

Look out for those features that make every dirt bike comfortable during your selection time. Check for the tremor absorber system and seats to ensure that they will offer that much-needed comfort. The seats should be made of sturdy foam and other supplies to make you feel comfortable when riding on different exteriors. Test the shock absorbers on the dirt bike to confirm that they are in good working situations to endure bumps, ruts, rough terrain, rocks on the trail, and rough unpaved roads.

Comfort is always a significant factor to keep in mind when getting dirt bikes for your young ones. Understandably, young individuals are not as strong as grown-ups, hence needing dirt bikes that give them the best comfort ever. When they feel that their bikes are comfortable, young riders will gain sufficient sureness and skill to make them good dirt bike riders in the future. As such, look for a dirt bike size chart to help you define the best comfortable dirt bikes for you or your kids.

Adjust the Height of your Dirt Bike

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It is said that several people don’t know how to alter the height of their dirt bikes. If you are one of them, this is the time to get everything right. Making some changes on your dirt bike is essential for attaining some comfort during the rides. During this workout, you can lower or raise the height of your dirt bike without much of a bother. Here is how to go about altering the height of your dirt bike:

> Lowering the Height of your Dirt Bike

The humblest way of lowering the height of your dirt bike is by correcting the seat height. This is so simple and forthright that you shouldn’t have any glitches with it. It is the best way of lowering your bike’s height.

The first step to take when dropping the height of your dirt bike is to cut away some little foam from your bike’s seat. Cutting away a small amount of foam from the seat will not delay the comfort that much but will help you adjust the height of your bike to meet the needs of short riders.

Apart from cutting off the foam from the bike’s seat, you can swap it in a bid to change the height of the bike. This option lets you replace the older foam with the fresher and softer one that will decrease the height of your dirt bike a little bit to make you comfortable when sitting on it. Swapping the foam is the calmest method to help you attain your goal. Piercing holes in your bike’s foamy seat can also be supportive in lowering the height. Make small holes on the seat to permit it to sink every time you are sitting on it.

This way, you will experience a significant difference in height and comfort, much to your delight. Drilling holes in the seat is a good option because it gives instant results. Lastly, you can lower the height of your dirt bike by setting the slump on your dirt bike’s lower suspension. Doing so will meaningfully reduce the height of the bike to suit your desires, mainly when riding it. Setting the sag will result in a low seat height that you can easily adjust in relation to your height.

> Raising the Height of your Dirt Bike

Just in the same way you can correct the height to lower it, you can adjust to upsurge it. This means that when the height of your dirt bike is lower than predicted, you can increase it to the needs of tall riders. In this case, you may upsurge the height of your bike by using harder seat foam. This option lets you add at least 2 inches to the existing height in order to raise your dirt bike. But confirm that the method works well in your favor to reach that height that matches yours.

A slump setting is an excellent way of raising the height of your dirt bike. All you need to do is alter the sag settings at the rear suspension, and you are good to go. This method is accurate, although it slightly affects your bike’s steering. Once you are done with replacing the foam seat with an elevated one, the next step will be to use taller handlebars to give you a better position while riding. Though they don’t help much in raising the height of your dirt bike, taller handlebars can make some critical variations to your bike.

Final Comments

This dirt bike size guide will help you find the best-suited bike for your child or yourself. If you are incapable of discovering the ideal seat height, then check our answers for adjusting it to fit your need. It is not the case that if you don’t purchase a perfect fit, you will be unable to ride a dirt bike, but it is to make sure that you feel at ease while riding. In the case of children, it becomes even more significant that the dirt bike should deliver safety, comfort, and sturdiness.

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