What Is The Fastest Dirt Bike In The World?

In that era of globalization, everyone wants to be fast in his life. So you can find a list of countless innovations has reduced the time of doing things, which took a lot of time to happen in the past. So now we have fast moving bullet trains, the fastest jets, cars, and the fastest bikes. In this article, you will know what is the fastest dirt bike in the world.

Of course, everyone takes pleasure in bike riding on paved roads and, to some extent, rough unpaved roads, but the excitement level of riding off the road with dirt bikes has no alternative. So, whenever you plan to make your ride pleasurable, choose the fastest dirt bike. As these bikes are manufactured with high quality material, riders don’t face any difficulty during their ride.

Fastest Dirt Bike In The World

Here is a list of top dirt bikes known as the fastest dirt bikes globally.

1. Yamaha WR250F

This is one of the fastest dirt bikes with 85mph/137kph. Its engine consists of 4 strokes. This bike is ideal for off road and cross country riding. The Yamaha WR250F is in a league of its own. The WR250F offers a powerful dirt bike geared towards the enduro crowd. The included spark arrestor means you can easily take your WR250F anywhere it is allowed. Specific engine tuning on the WR250F includes fuel injection and ignition options to suit your riding style. With some consistent modifications, it’s a competitive dirt bike that offers a smooth and solid ride.

Fastest Dirt Bike In The World

2. Kawasaki KX250

It is a modern motorcycle that has been fine tuned to gain the best performance on the circuits. Its engine and suspension have been enhanced, and it is equipped with an electric starter hydraulic clutch. It features a 250 cubic centimeter engine with 39 horsepower and 18-foot pounds of torque and is 86 inches in length and weighs 229 pounds. It has a fuel tank capacity of 1.6 gallons and a retail price of $10,800.

If you have a low budget you can buy the best cheap dirt bike.

Kawasaki KX250

3. Suzuki DR-Z400SM

It is well known dirt bike manufacturer, and it is also on the list of best dirt bike brands in the world. The Suzuki DR-Z400SM features a powerful engine and fantastic chassis. It also contains knobby tires that give it extra traction and grip all over surfaces. This dirt bike is included in the best urban bikes as well. The Suzuki DR- Z400SM can deliver a top speed of 94mph, which places it in tenth place among the list of top fastest dirt bikes in the world.

Suzuki DR Z400SM

4. Beta 450RS

The Beta 450RS is also known as the fastest dirt bike globally. This dirt bike weighs about 283 pounds, and it can reach the top speed of 110.9mph. Beta 450RS is full of surprises, and the engine can deliver the best performance of all times as it has incredible power to weight ratios. Beta 450RS can reach from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.25 seconds.

Beta 450RS

5. MZ Baghira 660cc

This bike is a dual-purpose offering with a premium build quality. The first thing to consider about this bike is that its seat is very tall. The 930mm seat height provides suspension travel and ground clearance to negotiate your way through dirt roads. You can comfortably ride the bike in the standup position with wide handlebars and footpegs. MuZ Baghira power is contained in the four stroke Yamaha 650cc engine that produces 37 horsepower at 6,500RPM. You can reach a speed of 102mph with a bike that can handle all terrain. This bike can handle two passengers, ideal for exploring the mountainsides.

MuZ Baghira 660cc

6. Honda CRF250RX

This bike has a top speed of 70mph/113kph and an engine of 4 strokes. Dubbed as the nitty gritty upgrade from Honda’s classic CRF250R, the CRF250RX adds a more durable suspension and frame to take your riding to the next level. This bike is perfectly suitable for both racing and off roading the 250RX has three different map settings that can be selected with a button located on the handlebars. The Honda CRF250RX is especially ideal for intermediate to experienced riders who want a speedy ride both on tracks as well as in the backcountry.

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Honda CRF250RX

7. Aprilia RXV 5.5

Aprilia RXV 5.5 is also known as the fastest bike in the world with its 303 pounds weight and powerful 549 ccs and 55 horsepower engine that delivers a massive amount of power and acceleration. It also contains a compact and slim frame, and it is only the Supermoto version that was street legal. This model can easily reach the top speed of 113 miles per hour while it only takes 4. 16 seconds to reach from 0 to 60 miles.

Aprilia RXV 5.5

8. Husqvarna FE 501 S

This model came with a top speed of 101.5mph with 58 horsepower from the 510cc engine. FE 501 street model delivers plenty of power for anyone searching for a dual sport machine. This bike can match the top speed of 650 editions from before the manufacturer’s KTM era.

Husqvarna FE 501 S

9. ATK Intimidator

This is also included in the list of fastest bikes in the world. It has a speed of 110mph. The limited edition ATK Intimidator has long been running for the fastest dirt bike in the world. The 700 houses a 685cc two stroke engine is capable of 78hp for a bike with a dry weight of just 238 pounds.

ATK Intimidator


To wrap up the whole discussion, I can say that all these above mentioned fastest dirt bikes can be the best choice for any rider who wants to enjoy his ride. These are the well-known fastest dirt bikes globally and are manufactured with the best quality material. So, whenever you find yourself in confusion about the selection of the best fastest dirt bike must take into consideration all these above-mentioned bikes.

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