Best Dirt Bike Upgrades To Improve Performance

Best Dirt Bike Upgrades

A dirt bike promises a desolate and exciting experience. However, the more you use your dirt bike, the feeling will disappear. This is mainly because, with time, your bike will start trailing some of its subtlety. So, you’ll find it essential to make firm upgrades. Here are the best dirt bike upgrades that can help you advance the bike’s general performance and make it last a long time. Along with the bike upgrades, selecting the right dirt bike gear is crucial for the safety of all riders, particularly children.

Upgrade Your Dirt Bike Skills

Before you dump a lot of cash into your already luxurious dirt bike, the first upgrade is to upgrade You. Sometimes it’s hard to be truthful with yourself. Just how good are your dirt bike skills? If you were given a Motocross Championship winning bike, irrespective of constructer, it wouldn’t do you a bit of good if you’re not an inordinate rider too. If you need dirt bike instructions get some. If you’re not sure, ask for accurate advice. This is the best and most applied upgrade.

Best Dirt Bike Upgrades

So before beating the store and spending a bunch of money on upgrades, make sure the problem isn’t you. But, win or lose, once you’re opposing every week, it makes perfect sagacity to see where to fine tune your ride and trim seconds off your lap times.

Exhaust system

The factory exhaust systems are decent, but they’re not typical of the best kind. You’ll undoubtedly have to upgrade it after some time. This upgrade needs to be made a lot faster if you’re altering the engine or totaling more horsepower. Like the intake system, your bike’s exhaust system is significant as well. It’s essential to release the gases as swiftly and proficiently as possible so that the engine can job appropriately.

A new exhaust system will improve the horsepower of your engine significantly. It’ll also add a new look to the bike and make it sound more expressive. By letting go of the fumes, exhaust systems ensure that you’re not worsening fuel and are getting the most out of it.

Do you know why are dirt bike so loud?


Altering out the sprocket is one of the inexpensive and meekest upgrades that will give you instant consequences. Get a better rear sprocket and lesser front sprocket to get more bottom end. Otherwise, get a slighter rear sprocket or superior front sprocket if you want to open it up and get some more top speed.

If you’re into motocross, we endorse opting for an aluminum sprocket with a non-O-chain. But if you’re off-roading on tracks, you may want to get a steel sprocket and an O-ring chain. Why these specific arrangements for diverse types of riding? Motocross riders want to keep their bikes light and wild, and an aluminum sprocket will most often be lighter than steel. Many riders feel that O-ring style chains create extra slog and thus decrease the power put to the ground; therefore, most racers use a standard MX chain.

Trail and rough riders might not be as worried about performance as they are with the permanency of their parts. A steel rear sprocket and O-ring chain will bring many more hours of use than an aluminum sprocket and MX style chain. No matter what kind of riding you do, finding the right gearing mixture for your requirements may need investigation.

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One of the most ignored upgrades is the controls. Your dirt bike controls straight influence how you ride and work your bike. Rigid handlebars, greasy grips, and rough pedals can make riding your dirt bike somewhat of an agonizing experience. Over time, you’ll experience exhaustion after a long trail venture or race day. Why not make the experience more contented? You won’t need to protest about uneasiness if you upgrade the following parts:

  • Handlebars
  • Grips
  • Levers
  • Footpegs

You’ll be amazed at how much a difference a controls upgrade can make. You’ll surely ride when your arms are correctly situated, and your feet are well-planted. Custom controls will make you perform better. You’ll find that making such a simple upgrade will make you feel like a more trained rider.


The suspension in a dirt bike is of dynamic importance. A good suspension will confirm an even and contented ride. It can engross whatever shock comes during the ride and will still stand robust. On the other hand, a lousy suspension will make your dirt biking experience unhappy. By upgrading the suspension, you’ll be able to improve your bike’s performance almost directly. It’s a change that everyone obligates to whenever they feel like it. Many people will upgrade the stock suspension for a more upgraded form.

Triple clamps, fork seals, linkage, and shocks are some of the vital parts of the suspension in your bike that you might ponder during shifting.

Intake system

The intake system encompasses your bike’s air filter and airbox, which certifies a clean and stable flow of air mixed with the fuel and burnt for the engine to run. The intake system is the most significant part of your dirt bike. Without it, the bike can’t run. Given the situations dirt bikes are ridden on, it’s normal for the air filters to get blocked up with dirt. Hence, it would help if you cleaned them habitually. Upgrading to a new air filter or the whole intake system might also be essential from time to time.

Your dirt bike’s engine won’t run professionally without a proper intake system. The oil inside it will also start amassing scums, which will lead to more glitches. You, therefore, should consider checking in on the intake system after you’re done riding for the day and see if you need to clean or change it.

Refining the ignition cycle is a reliable way to get more out of your carbureted motor.


Upgrading your pipe is a bit more complicated. First, do you ride a 2-stroke or 4-stroke? If you ride a 2-stroke, the sort of pipe upgrade rest on your riding style. Riding Supercross commands a different pipe than Motocross and trail riding and vice versa. You can also emphasize low- and mid-range power or top-end power.

As for a 4-stroke, much of the same smears, but you can also exchange the slip-on or the whole system. Upgrading your exhaust system is the most pleasing way to decrease weight. If you’re seconds from the Top 5 every race and fight every time out to pass the stage riders, flaking some mass by upgrading your exhaust is a great impression.


Jetting your carb is not a walk in the park. It’s an agony to do but can make a world of change. You’ll typically know right away if you’re running rich or lean, and when all the alterations in the world can’t fix the problem, you’ll want to get a jet kit. Usually, one jet kit isn’t essentially better than another; in fact, many sticks with OEM. The suitable jet kit can make it calmer to correct the fuel/air mixture sum.

Suppose you’re blessed enough to ride one of that fuel-injected 4-strokes skip this part. You need a power turner to plug in and correct the fuel and ignition maps to address riding situations and personal preferences.


Upgrading your chain and sprocket is perhaps a close second to suspension to observe a performance improvement. Any upgrades to your dirt bike’s gearing should report what you’re trying to achieve. Faster hastening uses a smaller front sprocket or a more prominent rear sprocket, and faster top speed uses a more pronounced front or the smaller rear sprocket.

Steering Damper

Steering dampers alleviate your handlebars and are often named plummeting arm pumps. Some dampers permit you to alter your steering while you ride. Supportive, particularly in off-roading where you meet numerous ground styles, steering dampers engross the endless pounding from uneven terrain riding rather than your hands and arms.


Say ta-ta to clutch control and accelerator glitches with a new clutch system. No one likes riding on a stock clutch, from learners to pros. Swapping the factory clutch system is, without a hesitation, one of the best things you can do for a dirt bike.

A Fresh Set of Tires

Tires play a vital part in your bike’s performance also. Changing worn-out tires with the right type of tires makes a massive change for the riding you do. You first need to reflect on where you devote most of your time riding, on or off-road, and what type of land you ride. Dirt bike tires are separated into soft, intermediate, and rugged terrain. Essentially, hard rubber mixtures suit soft terrain surfaces, and soft rubber compounds fit harder ground tops. At the dangerous end of the hard terrain tires is the trial tire. They are the polar reverse of the knobby tire. The less violent tread pattern and softer compound tend to be less damaging on the trails you ride.

Hybrid tires fill the gap between knobbies and trials tires and are a good choice for dual sport riders who spend a fair bit of time on the road.

Bottom Line

To wrap up the whole discussion, we can say that having all the essential gears of a dirt bike will give you the best riding experience. It will also protect you from severe injuries during riding. Whether you are a pro rider or a learner, your safety should be your top priority. The above listed upgrades are regarded as essential gears for safe riding. We recommend you be conscious while spending money on a dirt bike and prefer fun and all these upgrades. If you still have any confusion about dirt bike upgrades, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We are here to assist you in a better way.

With this, we wish you happy and safe riding!

Thank You!

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