What Size Dirt Bike For 200 Pound Man?

Dirt Bike Size For Big Guys

If you are overweight and yet want to ride a dirt bike then this post is a gem for you. In this post, you will know what size dirt bike for 200 pound man.

Dirt biking has become a universal spectacle. But to surprise, not every bike is fit for all riders. A dirt bike’s weight limits a rider’s tie to a specific group of bikes, and only those can bring out their full potential enjoyment. As we all know, a dirt bike can carry around 320 pounds in general. A rider weighing 200 pounds, for example, should go for a dirt bike with a 220-250cc engine. A 4- stroke engine, on the other hand, needs twice the power of a 2- stroke. As a general principle, four strokes have more than half the power of 2 strokes. So, if you weigh around 200 pounds, a 400cc four stroke will be suitable for you.

There are several measurements to consider while talking about the best size dirt bike for 200-pound man. These are as follows:

What Size Dirt Bike For 200 Pound Man?

Dimensions Of Dirt Bike

–> Height

Height is a critical dimension while choosing the perfect dirt bike for 200-pound rider. These calculations can establish your total height and which area of the ideal bike you will be riding on. In general, every inch, including a man’s height, is equivalent to around a hand’s length of space between his crotch area and the bike’s crossbar. So, if your height is 5’8, you should ponder riding a bike with a seat height of 25 to 26.

–> Engine Size

Engine size can also be regarded as primary dimension while talking size of dirt bike for 200-pound man. 250cc is the best choice to get accustomed to the motorcycle, even some 125cc, 2-stroke can be excellent to start. Also, KTM parts or Yamaha are cheaper on 2-stroke motorcycle versions. Additionally, 2- strokes are going to be consistently less expensive as compared to 4-strokes. These bikes have a lot of power to move a 200-pound man.

–> Weight

The suspension variations are excellent for beginners who weigh less than 100 pounds and people weighing 200 pounds. Beginners must ponder when they start the bike should not be too small for them because their weight could end up upsetting the suspension. But most people prefer to learn to ride on smaller bikes a lot faster than taller rides. Bike riders who weigh 150 pounds or less get a dirt bike under 250cc and first get used to the bike’s height and weight. On the other hand, a better choice would be to get a 50cc bike for bigger riders. It has a good suspension, but it also gives a relaxed ride.

–> Inseam

Another important factor to consider while picking the suitable dirt bike for a 200-pound man is your inseam. This number specifies how far you must slide your buttocks right back on the bike’s seat to grab the handlebars properly. For example, if you are riding 125-250cc, which seat’s height is 26-32 inches, then the inseam must be 33 inches. Or if you are riding 110cc or 125cc, which seat’s height is 24-30 inches, then the inseam must be 30 inches.

–> Arm’s Length

Arm length is also a crucial factor that will influence the engine size of your dirt bike for 200-pound man. You can figure out what crossbar space your bike needs with just this intriguing information. For example, if your arm length is 34, crossbar spacing would be around 21-23. If your arm length is 30, then crossbar spacing would be 18. Without proper knowledge about arm’s length, one cannot choose the best size of a dirt bike with a weight of 200 pounds.

What Size Dirt Bike For 200 Pound Man?

Best Size Dirt Bike For 200 Pound Man

1. Yamaha YZ125

The Yamaha YZ125 is powered by a liquid cooled 124cc engine. It features a 6-speed transmission, and the gear ratios are matched to engine output for optimal performance. Its engine works very effectively by producing 35 horsepower. This model is known as one of the best handling dirt bikes. It is super light at 200 pounds without fuel, and it is extremely forgiving on the track. It is best for beginners and can easily manage a man with a 200-pound weight.

2. Honda CRF250X

This model also can be the first choice of beginners. The powerplant of the CRF250X is its liquid cooled 249cc engine. This single four stroke motor produces about 28 horsepower and 12,000 rpm. This model has a five-speed transmission and a cable activated clutch that is light to operate. Honda’s compression ratio of 12.5:1 gives a comfy feeling on the road, and it will be highly compliant at mild trail speeds. Moreover, this model promises fun and steady rides.

3. KTM 250 SX-F

The KTM 250 SX-F is also a racing dirt bike. This model is ideal for riders who want plenty of power. KTM overhauled the chassis of the 250 SX-F in 2019 to make it more rigid and light. These results made the model one of the lightest 250s in the market. Due to WP air forks, you can expect soft landings. This is also a suitable bike for beginners and can easily manage a weight of 200 pounds.

4. Suzuki rm85

This model is ideal for juniors. The RM85 encompassed some of the successes of its ancestor like the liquid cooled two stroke motor, aluminum frame, disc brakes, and progressive suspension. This bike is armed with dependable braking and suspension features. All these features come in a slim, compact, and shiny package. The exterior offers a good riding position for riders, making it a solid buy.


To conclude, I can say that while buying a dirt bike for a 200-pound man, there are several analyses to consider to obtain a suitable fit. These dimensions are necessary for choosing the best dirt bike according to the man’s size. Besides these dimensions, there are also models of bikes manufactured to handle the weight of 200 pounds easily.

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