Best Dirt Bikes For Taller Riders (Ultimate Review)

Best Dirt Bikes For Taller Riders

Dirt bike riding is a prevalent sport and hobby that riders of all ages and sizes can relish. However, finding the right dirt bike can be a bit exciting if you are a tall rider. There are many different features to consider, such as size, weight, and power. In this blog post, we will look at the best dirt bikes for tall riders. We hope that this information will help you find the perfect bike for your needs. So. Dive into detail to mitigate your queries.

Best Dirt Bikes For Taller Riders

1. Honda CRF450R

Honda CRF450R

Honda CRF450R is one of the best dirt bikes for tall riders. It has an influential engine that can take you anywhere you want to go. The chassis is intended to be trivial and sturdy, making it perfect for all-day riding. And the suspension is adaptable so that you can fine-tune it to your explicit riding style. If you’re looking for a dirt bike that can take you to the next level, the CRF450R is the seamless choice.

  • Accessible in 3 beautiful colors
  • More consistent and powerful
  • Exceptional features
  • four strokes of the engine
  • Not a good choice for novices
  • Bit exclusive

2. Suzuki RM-Z450

Suzuki RM-Z450

If you’re looking for the best dirt bike for tall riders, the Suzuki RM-Z450 is a brilliant choice. This influential machine offers a lightweight and elegant design that makes it informal to control, even when directing thorny off-road ground. Its powerful engine lets you hit high speeds with comfort, making it perfect for skilled riders who want to push their limits. And with adjustable suspension and an ergonomic riding position, the RM-Z450 is contented and receptive no matter how tall you are. So, if you’re looking for a high-performance dirt bike that’s made precisely for taller riders, look no further than the Suzuki RM-Z450!

  • Exclusive features
  • Crazy proficient speed
  • Ideal for taller riders
  • Little bit expensive
  • Inappropriate for beginners
  • Little bit luxurious
  • Unsuitable for learners

3. Yamaha WR250F

Yamaha WR250F

The Yamaha WR250F is one of the best dirt bikes for tall riders, with a frame that bids sufficient legroom and foot pegs that can be familiar to match an extensive range of rider penchants. This bike is designed for off-road performance and features a violent, high-performance engine and trivial, dense chassis. The WR250F delivers even ride quality and outstanding handling in even the most challenging conditions, thanks to its racing lineage and progressive suspension system.

Whether you’re looking for a dependable bike for weekend trail riding or want to take your motocross skills to the next level, this bike will take you there. So, if you’re a taller rider looking for strict performance on any terrain, look no further than the Yamaha WR250F.

  • Exclusive design and frame
  • Manual transmission speed
  • Perfect dirt bike
  • Quite weighty
  • Posh

4. KTM 150 XC-W

KTM 150 XC-W

If you are a tall rider looking for a dirt bike that can keep up with your riding style, the KTM 150 XC-W is outstanding. This bike is designed for riders who want a frivolous, lithe bike that can still handle uneven terrain. The KTM 150 XC-W has a powerful engine that will give you the speed and power you need to tackle any terrain.

The suspension on this bike is also top-notch, making it possible to take on even the lumpiest trails. In addition, the KTM 150 XC-W comes armed with features that make it easy to control, even for taller riders. With its mixture of power, quickness, and control, the KTM 150 XC-W is the perfect choice for tall riders who want to triumph over the dirt.

  • 2-stroke engine
  • Light in weight
  • Well planned
  • Power distribution and performance
  • High aluminum elongated handlebar,
  • Fairly expensive

5. Kawasaki KX250F

Kawasaki KX250F

For tall riders looking for an influential and lithe dirt bike, the Kawasaki KX250F is an outstanding choice. While its lightweight frame makes it relaxed to movement, the KX250F packs a punch with its 249cc engine. And with 36mm piston forks and a Uni-Trak rear suspension, the KX250F can grip even the bumpiest terrain. Tall riders will escalate the KX250F’s roomy cockpit, which delivers legroom and a contented riding position. Plus, with a seat height of 37 inches, the KX250F is one of the tallest dirt bikes. So, if you’re looking for a bike that can keep up with your quests, the Kawasaki KX250F is the seamless choice.

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  • Well design
  • Outstanding features
  • Super relaxed
  • Heavyweight
  • More luxurious

6. KTM 250 XC

KTM 250 XC

If you are a tall rider looking for the best dirt bike on the market, look no further than the KTM 250 XC. This influential and nimble bike is seamless for discovering off-road trails and undertaking technical ground. With a high-end suspension system considered to engross shocks and deliver the best handling in all circumstances, this bike will keep you content and constant even when traveling at high speeds across rough ground.

Moreover, the 250 XC has an upright seating position that lets you easily reach the floor with your feet when standing up while confronting or steering complicated sections of the trail. Whether you’re a skilled off-roader or a newbie looking to take your riding to the next level, the KTM 250 XC is a perfect choice.

  • High-quality wheel
  • 4 stroke engines
  • Crazy speed
  • Heavyweight
  • Not appropriate for learners
  • Tough

7. KTM 300 XC-W

KTM 300 XC-W

If you are observing the best dirt bike for tall riders, the KTM 300 XC-W is an outstanding choice. This powerful bike has an excellent standing seat that makes it easy and relaxed to play, even for riders in the 6-foot range. With a solid 250cc 4 stroke engine, this dirt bike is also very powerful, perfect for adrenaline addicts and skilled riders alike.

Furthermore, the clutch and shifting system on the KTM 300 XC-W was planned with convenience, permitting you to change gears with comfort while preserving control of your speed and motion. Overall, if you are looking for a top-quality dirt bike that is flawless for taller riders, the KTM 300 XC-W is one of the best choices accessible.

  • Well performance
  • Crazy capable speed
  • 2 strokes of the engine
  • Obtainable at a bit exclusive

8. Yamaha YZ250

Yamaha YZ250

The Yamaha YZ250 is an influential and nifty dirt bike that is seamless for tall riders. With its prevailing engine and sturdy chassis, the YZ250 can take on any ground. Furthermore, the YZ250’s suspension is changeable, making it easy to tailor the bike to your riding style. The YZ250 is also armed with superior braking power, making it easy to control at high speeds. Inclusive, the Yamaha YZ250 is the seamless choice for tall riders who want a dirt bike that can handle any trail.

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  • Low in price
  • Perfect for tall riders
  • Crazy speed
  • Height dimension
  • Influential stock engine
  • shorter breaks
  • Upkeep on dirt bikes is more luxurious

What Are The Best Dirt Bike Setup Tips For Tall Riders?

You need to know that this procedure could take a while. It’s more like an art form than an event, so be self-assured about what you’re going to achieve.

> Numerous Improvements Could Be Made With Varying Costs And Difficulties.

  • Riding Position
  • Handlebars, Risers & Triple Clamps
  • Front Brake & Clutch
  • Back Brake and Shifter
  • Padding and Seat Height
  • Suspension & Sag

> The Best Position To Ride For Tall Riders

We all know the exact answer here. Relax your knees, place your body in a zen position, then with your knees in, and then spread your elbows. Right?

While standing or sitting, the hands and feet must always persist in connection with your bike. The more points of contact when you grasp the bike using your knees will aid keep the cycle in check while also keeping your drive in tune. This also lets you release your gorilla fists, which are holding white-knuckled on the bars. This could aid you with the pushing of your arms.

 > Foot Position And Toes

Your foot’s posture is crucial. The soles of your feet serve to act as pivot points while you are taking impact, and this is far superior to using your heel or center foot, which can cause you to take full force without much absorption. The incapability to appropriately fold your feet into the ground is among the most common ways to cause an injury to your leg.

 > Standing Position

Suppose you’re just riding and need to get your legs longer. In that case, we recommend spreading your knees until they are straight to confirm that your legs can make as much contact as possible with the bike as possible without getting sore. This lets you relax your hold on my bars and use your arms to support serving to support your weight.

Let your legs assist your weight, and your arms keep you pushing toward the middle of the bike. It takes away your back and core pressure, which naturally leads to muscle fatigue.

 > Seated Position

Of course, it also hinges on whether you’re racing or merely riding. In racing mode, you need to be near the locality of your bike as you can. This can be because it makes finding back brakes and gear shifters problematic and painful. Mainly with big boots.

You can alter the setting of your brake and shifter numerous nicks to deliver more space so that your feet can find them more effortlessly.

> The Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs For Tall Riders.

A mutual component of a dirt bike is the foot pegs. Succeeding what we’ve said, you’ll understand that foot pegs play a vital part when riding with me as a tall person. Taller riders have larger feet, which means that the space under the feet is subject to more weight from the foot pegs while riding. A pair of wider foot pegs can comfort this pressure and offer a more available riding position.

> Handlebar, Risers, & Triple Clamp

What if you’ve never twisted your bars before you? Check places where triple clamps bolt on your bars. There are often indicators that tell you where your bars are positioned. Please make a note of the curve and work on tuning it.

We would recommend stirring the bars somewhat forward. But not too much because this could place your hands in an obstinate position and may cause spasms. If you aren’t happy with that way of working, try spinning those bars back. This can help force your body weight forward when riding, and moving your bar recessive could help decrease pressure on the lower back.

We advise buying taller handlebars if you’ve tried all of the revolving guiles. Pro Taper Windham bend is seamless for those who want to be taller.

If you’ve already obtained the handlebar, you can try using bar risers. You can buy an outstanding collection of bars, which provide 2 inches of extra space for your big frame to work on when riding dirt.

Most bikes come with three or two positions to the highest lock. If you don’t have enough alteration or your bike does not come with this choice, then the risers we stated above can support pushing the bars up and down.

> Front Brake And Clutch Regulations

Once you’ve got the bars in a passive location, it’s time to correct the levers. The base level of each lever must be set to an angle that is just below the parallel line with the ground.

It’s vital to find a perfect setting for levers to be reached when you’re sitting and standing. It is indispensable to try the lever’s position using your calm and violent riding stance. This will support in defining the correct setup for enduro trail riding and the motocross setup.

Hands with larger hands can reach beyond out, but it’s meeker to drive your fingers into the middle to grip the lever rather than stretch your fingers to extend them outward. The muscles that control the upper hand aren’t used often and can cause lethargy, triggering the arm to pump while riding. This is why it’s best to position the levers to the side that does not match the ground.

You can also change how far the levers are from your hands. If cables function your brake, confirm whether the wires are given the appropriate quantity of room. If the brake has hydraulics, you can correct the preload. The calmer it is to grip the levers, the more relaxed it is.

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> Back Brake and Shifter

As we stated in the previous part of this article, we have found it very important that our feet be contented and find the correct position on the back wheel, and brake levers have been a fight. Before altering your pedals, be sure you’ve adjusted your riding position using the soles of your feet.

The back brake pedal is tuned by a nut lock and eased shaft. It is possible to change the brake’s angle to match the position you are riding in. Most riders have it set to roughly horizontal or associated with foot pegs.

We have my pedal set below the foot pegs, making it calmer to find the brake when in a seated position. If the brake’s extremely high, you’ll typically need to high your feet off the fastener to look for brakes, which isn’t perfect.

It is evident in the popularity of dirt bike boots. There’s a ridged lining on top of toe boxes, and this part of the foot desires to be used to move gears up. There is no need to place all of your feet beneath the pedal, and it’s just the outer edge of your boot. You can also change the lever’s gear by revolving it back and forth slightly.

For those with a great boot dimension (EU 44+), It might be worth considering a long lever for the gear.

> Seat Height and Padding

 What is the suitable seat height for a dirt bike?

There isn’t one size that fits all heights of seats for dirt bikes. A suitable seat height is liable on the dimensions of the motorcycle and the operator.

 What is the typical seat height of dirt bikes?

Assume you take a look at the most current dirt bikes. You’ll notice that the seat’s height diverges for each model. 36.0 inches is the deepest part of the dirt bike seat heights, while 38.0 inches is at the top of the range. The distinctive for dirt bikes stands at 37.0 inches.

 How can I make my dirt bike’s seat to make it taller?

You can rapidly upsurge the level on your dirt bike by merely swapping the seat with a taller one or adding foam and getting your heart swapped. We’d advise buying a completely new seat, particularly if the middle you have is in a good state, and conserving the inventive center when you are ready to vend or upgrade your bike.

If you ponder restoring the seat, you must be conscious of the kind of foam you select. You will get soft compactness and high density. The more composite density will keep you higher on your bike, but low density won’t be as relaxed. If you wear softened cycling pants under your riding pants as I do, then it’s possible that the smoothness may not be tricky for you.

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Dirt Bike Sag and Suspension Setup for Tall Riders

i- Sag Setup

Dirt bike racers usually have their sag accustomed to roughly 30% of the whole suspension series. But this is reliant on the type that your bike is. For a quick reference, if you are gauging 15” of movement, you should suppose your bike to fall about 5 inches when sitting on it.

(sag / travel) * 100 = 30%

(5/15) *100 = 30%

(4/12) *100 = 30%

In general, the greater someone is, the more weight they weigh. We don’t trust this simplification, and we consider it less than we’d like for my 6-foot-2 frame. Our bike will not descend meaningfully when we sit on it, equipped with our gear, so we use a medium-stiff spring in our shocks and forks.

ii- Fork Setup

It would help if you weren’t correcting the fork height in triple locks for too long. It is only suggested to do this if your bike’s recent formation feels out of place, and it will make a huge modification to how your bike handles. If you pick to alter the height, you must first limit the current size to return to the prior setup should problems get inferior.

In the same way, also, you could lower the front of your back by using three clamps. Whatever you choose, certify that each fork is precisely the same height.

What Is The Best Dirt Bike For Tall Riders?

CRF450R and KTM 300 XC-W are two of the best selections for tall riders. Both bikes have well-matched seat heights and excellent suspension systems, making them relaxed and easy to grip. They also have powerful engines that deliver outstanding performance on uneven ground, making them perfect selections for skilled riders looking for a high-performance bike.

Though these bikes can be pretty luxurious, you will want to ensure that your budget can lodge their higher price tags before making a verdict. Overall, the CRF450R and KTM 300 XC-W are two of the best dirt bikes for tall riders due to their performance and ease.


To sum up, the whole discussion, if you’re a tall rider looking for the best dirt bike on the market, there are many great choices to select from. Some of the top choices are the Yamaha WR250F, KTM 150 XC-W, Kawasaki KX250F, Apollo DB-X18, and KTM 250 XC. Thus, whether you’re a skilled off-road racer or a newbie who desires to take your riding skills to the next level, there is a perfect bike for you out there!

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