7 Best Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 30+mph

Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 30mph

Sometimes I imagine technology is evolving quickly. There are a few electric dirt bikes that go 30+mph.

Have you ever imagined getting involved with motocross and enjoying the great outdoors? If you have done so, you will want to get a nice dirt bike, quad, or ATV. These kinds of off-road vehicles are different while also being the same. They all handle off-road conditions well and can hit solid speed. There are several great products for off-road enthusiasts that want to have fun.

Finding the best vehicle right fit for your situation is not a small task, especially if you lack knowledge about these vehicles and are new in this field. Moreover, buying electric dirt bikes that go 30+mph is not a mini task. One should be prepared to spend money if one wants to get a luxurious dirt bike.

Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 30+mph

Here is a list of the best electric dirt bikes that go 30+ mph. These are as follows:

1. Electric Motion Escape

Electric Motion Escape

This model is also known as the best for enjoying off road riding. Electric Motion Escape is suitable for trail and track alike with a speed of 70km/h. This electric model is everything you want from a modern electric dirt bike. Although a new 2.6KW/h battery powers this model, this lightweight mini motorcycle delivers an effective range of up to 61 Km. Electric Motion Escape weight is near about 77 kg.

2. KTM Free Ride E-XC

KTM Free Ride E-XC

This model guarantees complete operational safety without any compromise. Its engine is perfectly suitable for any terrain, and it has no problem going from rough bike paths to the regular street. This model is beneficial to make ride feasible and a fun hobby. The battery of KTM models lasts for up to an hour and a half, and you can fully charge it in 1.3 hours. This electric bike’s weight is around 244.7 ls or 110.9kg, and its torque stands at 42 Nm and its max. Power is 18KW. This is best as it comes with a top speed of 50mph.

3. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX500

The razor brand is a well-known brand for creating high quality electric dirt bikes. Therefore, customers prefer to purchase products from this brand. We can conclude that this model comes with a hefty price tag by information about this brand. However, as previously mentioned, most of these electric dirt bikes are not so expensive. But if you are willing to get the best electric dirt bikes that go 30+ mph, this is a suitable pick. The dual suspension and handlebars provide a comfortable ride. It’s not a big deal what kind of terrain you take on; you will stay in total control and at ease.

4. Alta Motor Redshift MXR Electric Dirt Bike

Alta Motor Redshift MXR Electric Dirt Bike

This model is lighter, faster and budget friendly. Redshift MXR comes with a boost of 50horsepower, having 147lb-ft of peak torque at zero rpm. It weighs only 117 kg and offers three distinct riding modes. This electric dirt bike offers a firm but effective power delivery that you will feel while riding. The Redshift is packed with a custom battery pack which is the source of all power in this dirt bike. This model comes with a top speed of 65mph, which many riders prefer to make their ride enjoyable.

5. Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

Kuberg FreeRider

This model is designed and manufactured in Europe; The Free rider is available in 8Kw and 12 Kw motor outputs. It doesn’t matter which form you pick. Expect a completely trivial and modifiable electric dirt bike for adults and teens alike. Packed with quality, it can voyage at top speeds for up to 1 hour at a time, recharging in 2.5 hours flat. It contains a weight of 36 kg. Its speed is about 55km/h. This model is also Wi-Fi ready, so sync up with a connecting app to turn your e-bike into a smart bike.

6. Escape R Electric Dirt Bike

Escape R Electric Dirt Bike

This model is the first product that comes with a hydraulic clutch setup. This hydraulic clutch permits the riders to control the motor’s power and manage the rear wheel grip. It offers a top speed of 43.5mph 69km/h with a torque of 600 Nm. It comes with an extra capacity battery that will increase the range by almost 12 miles over the Escape lite electric dirt bike. It takes about 4.25 hours to get fully charged with the 15 A charger that you will get with this dirt bike. Its weight is near about 187.5lbs. You can get this bike at a very exciting price of $10,799.

7. Zero DS Electric Bike

Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 30+mph

This model is one of the fastest electric dirt bikes having a top speed of 98 mph. Zero DS delivers an incredible amount of torque 78ft- lb. more than any fuel-burning production liter bike. This model is best for enjoying rides silently as it doesn’t produce any vibrations or fumes. This bike is manufactured with modern technology so you don’t need to worry about manual shifting like fuel powered motorcycles. Additionally, if you are looking for an electric dirt bike that can go near 100mph, Zero DS is perfectly suitable.


To conclude this discussion, I can say that everything is getting more advanced in this era of globalization. With the advancement of science and technology, every vehicle is getting more advanced with excellent features. Electric dirt bikes are also part of these advanced vehicles. If you are an experienced rider seeking the best electric bike, you can find a wide variety of the fastest electric bikes that can cover a distance with a speed of 30+mph. One can enjoy his/her ride with these electric bikes with complete safety. These bikes are manufactured with advance material and are usually budget friendly. Whenever you find yourself confused about selecting the best electric bikes, you must ponder over the above-mentioned electric dirt bikes.

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