How To Find Neutral On Your Dirt Bike?

How To Find Neutral On Your Dirt Bike

How to find neutral on your dirt bike. This is the frequently asked question of new riders. This post will explain every aspect of it.

Whichever you’ll go into a first or second kit, and the bike’s motor will make a full stop, or you may twitch in gear without knowing it. For those on programmed bikes, it’s tranquil because there’s a bright pointer for neutral. However, for handbook dirt bikes, discovering the neutral change grosses drill. Neutral is between the first and second gear. To shift into neutral, tramp down the gear to confirm you are in the lowest gear. The lowest gear is the first gear. Then kick it up to just a hair ever so casually.

If you sense a tick, that directs you’ve lost the neutral and gone to second gear. Exercise getting into the middle of the first and second gears to give your foot retention of what it senses like, till it converts second nature for you to get into it.

What Is Neutral On A Dirt Bike?

So what is neutral? Neutral is when the gear container unties the internal mechanisms from the portion that energies the gear and chain related to the back wheel of your dirt bike. When neutral is designated and the engine is running, there will be no control over the back wheel. Neutral on a dirt bike is in between first gear and second gear. It’s not always tranquil to catch as a first dirt bike rider either. So if you are discovering it problematic to find neutral, don’t worry, as you are not on your own. This is among the most challenging things for numerous new dirt bike riders.

The Meek Trick To Finding Neutral On A Dirt Bike Learners Should Know

As previously described, neutral is between first gear and second gear.

Most dirt bikes have five gears in total. The first gear is nominated by pressing down on the gear swing pedal, just in front of the left foot fastener. It’s always an excellent hoax to press it down at least five times with your foot. This way, if you were in fifth gear to start with, you at least recognize that it will now be in first gear.

To get into second gear, you must put your foot under the gear shift pedal and boost it up. This should be a prominent clunk, one that is related to when you ticked down into first gear. Or otherwise, if you attempt clicking up another time into third gear, this should sense the same as ticking into second gear.

How To Find Neutral On Your Dirt Bike

But neutral is in between the first and second. So instead of going for a full skyward thrust and tick into second gear, go for a slight shove instead. This should feel and sound completely dissimilar to a whole gear conversion. Exercise this a few times, first by exasperating to push up hard and going into second gear. Get used to the feel and sound of a complete click. Then try a small bump and into neutral. Get a sense of what neutral sounds and is like. After a limited trial at this, you will start to feel the variance as your foot wits the slighter effort into neutral.

Order of Gears

The gears on a guidebook dirt bike are just about always:

  • 6th gear
  • 5th gear
  • 4th gear
  • 3rd gear
  • 2nd gear
  • neutral
  • 1st gear

The only exclusions to this direction of gears are:

Programmed broadcast dirt bikes like those in kids 50cc or 110cc dirt bikes, and Some specific racing bikes put neutral at the bottom, so it’s tranquil to rev up when trapping. Also, some commuter-type bikes have neutral at the bottom to make the ride more relaxed for the rider when waiting at a light so they don’t have to grasp in the clutch or attempt and find neutral since they can tramp down to the bottom.

How To Shift Neutral Using The Clutch?

For more information, I would like to convey that you can start your bike at any gear, but being a newbie, you should not do it, and you should depend on the fundamentals, which is the method you have to twitch your bike at neutral. Beginning your bikes at neutral first, you are essential to get into this position.

As a novice, you need to comprehend a clutch’s functioning process, how it works, and its procedure. It is a vital share of any bike or any four-wheeler vehicle. It is one of the crucial parts of any vehicle because it can unfasten the wheels’ engines. And one central point to be distinguished is whenever you desire to shift gear, and then you must undo your engine before fluctuating the gear.

dirt bike neutral

Whether it is a bike or a car, it is a vital step. Or else it will be harmful to the gearbox and engine also. While stirring an engine, if anyone vagaries the gear, it unswervingly disturbs the gearbox. So if anyone wants their vehicle or bike to be in a good state. Additionally, he should always take care of drills and exercise, altering or changing the gear using the clutch.

Good rehearses will always guard your bike.


I would escalate your response about this article and tell me whether you have discovered how to discover neutral in a dirt bike. When a novice is probing for this probe and is also a learner and reads it, I would like to see if it is helpful for you or not.

Dirt Bike riding is sincerely a great exploit, and no one can refute it if he is in the field of riding. Lots of actions can be executed using a dirt bike. If someone stabs to lash a dirt bike, requests to exercise and to ride are not enough if someone is fervent about it. I hope you are well acquainted with discovering the neutral gear on a dirt bike.

I would love to read your comment, so please inscribe any questions you have.

Thank you, and Happy Venture life.

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