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Best Dirt Bike Chain And Sprocket

Even if you aren’t racing, it’s good to keep your ride at its best, at least so it’s not getting splashed by your neighbor’s 50cc mini bike from the 80s. There are many specialties to consider when scrutinizing for the best dirt bike chain and sprocket sets with all the various brands out there today. This article will cover the best chain and sprockets today, so you can keep your bike running in the highest situation.

Best Dirt Bike Chain And Sprocket Set

1. Vortex Racing Chain & Sprocket Kit

Vortex Racing Sprocket Kit

VORTEX Chain and Sprocket equipment make the list of the best dirt bike chains for all good causes. If you are a fierce dirt bike die-hard and examining for a kit that can go shoulder to shoulder with severe climate circumstances, selecting the VORTEX chain will be the right choice. This specially designed, developed, and dined chain set brags some of the top-on-the-line, high-quality characteristics you can expect from a chain and sprocket set.

First, the gold-coated finish grants extraordinary power and opposition to resist extreme weather situations and won’t make it give inefficiently to the hazard of decay or rust. You can use this kit for as long as you want without any tad of decline

Counted to this is the durability of this kit. To gain a high durability status and to further undervalue wear, VORTEX comes up with an amazing concept of providing this chainset with chrome-plated bolts. So, rust doesn’t stand a chance. It is perfect for street bikes, severe conditions, and the most difficult Motocross. The front and Rear Sprocket is the best on the market, thanks to the vision of having them all CNC-machined.

The Sprocket holds S45C set chrome-molybdenum steel, distilled to deliver the maximum blend of power and toughness. The Rear Sprocket is unsusceptible to up to three times as great as an aluminum sprocket. This chain is incredibly popular and has become a code after all these years with proven high-quality records.

Key Features

  • Ideal for exceptional dispatch and efficiency
  • Premium steel structure
  • Immune to rust and deterioration
  • Stable and inexpensive

2. Renthal Dirt Bike Drive Kit

Renthal Dirt Bike Drive Kit

With this wonderful chain and sprocket set, Renthal has once again explained why it is one of the leading motorcycle accessories manufacturers in the world. From power transfer to efficiency and perseverance against severe riding situations.

The kit includes the rear aluminum crown, the steel sprocket, and the gold chain. This dispatch kit delivers racing execution without rest, a gold chain with the tiniest rolling opposition, light, beauty, and self-cleaning characteristics.

The Renthal Works 520R1 chain is made with alloy steel side plates to pull power and load opposition. It has rounded interior links to decrease the chance of any chain weaknesses and elongated staples to lower clashes between outer and inner plates, maximizing energy efficiency. The chrome pins are more resistant to wear, particularly in cross conditions.

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The chain is correctly fitted to the Renthal rear sprocket to get maximum power to the wheel. The life of both the chain and the Sprocket spreads. Renthal has long been the leading brand in Motocross. Its immediate emphasis has been both weightless and long-lasting. That is something most winners can testify to. The front sprocket is designed to underrate weight and maximize power transfer to the rear wheel.

Key Features

  • Admiringly immune to severe riding conditions.
  • Rear chain wheels are more delicate than steel samples underrate power flop
  • Aluminum alloy structure for long-life durability

3. RK Dirt Bike Racing Chain

RK Dirt Bike Racing Chain

RK Chain makes high-performance chains for motorcycles, four-wheelers, Motocross, ATVs, UTVs, and yards, and with the opening of the RK Chain, you will get one of the best in the endeavor. All chains are made from excellent materials for maximum resilience, durability, and execution. RK has been supplying motorcycle chains to main Japanese motorcycle factories for over 40 years, offering first-class chains to MotoGP and MXGP

The MXZ4 Racing chain is RK’s strongest chain for off-road bikes and motards. They are pre-stressed to deliver bonus performance. Plus, the chains also come with a pre-stretched quality to guarantee long life this O-ring structure makes this incredibly weightless chain the ideal fit for those who race at a proficient level. The master link is a hook type with a maximum exile for 400cc offroad, dirt, and street bikes. 

Other characteristics you will adore about this chain include seamless signups, heat therapy, and new and inventive steel alloys. The packet also contains a clip lock for maximum protection It is one of the most reasonably proficient chains on the market. It offers the value set on it.

Key Features

  • Pre-stressed chains for high-performance delivery
  • O-Ring design
  • Pre-stretched for elongate lifespan 

3. Tag Metal Chain and Sproket Set

NICHE Dirt Bike Chain

At least three things are expected when you lodge the best dirt bike chains and sprockets on your vehicle: dependability, power, and great strength under severe conditions. Features are perhaps the reason, Niche designs that chain and sprocket set. This computer-assisted strategy of this model makes power transfer comfortable. This decussate design is perfect for people who emanate joy in speed and power and those who love riding hard and fast. It has received several awards from high-performing riders worldwide, and any fierce and die-hard dirt bike lover would love to slosh money on it. It is worth every penny.

The jackshaft is made with long-lasting steel, making this kit one of the most enduring items on our list of the best dirt bike chains and sprockets. You can be certain this all-season, the all-terrain kit will conveniently bear out against the shenanigans of the rough and uneven landscapes, as well as the hazards from the components, including severe weather circumstances, decay, and rust.

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Moreover, the kit’s heavy-duty structure improves its lifespan and the ruggedness and perseverance that has become a hallmark of all top-quality chains and sprocket sets. The rear sprocket is made of aluminum, improving its durability and making it resistant to deterioration. The icing on the cake is the appropriate price that is placed on it this amazing guy. It is a real meaning of value for money.

Key Features

  • Steel structure for durability and strength transfer
  • Chain Tensile power range: 4,955-9000 lbs
  • Immune to rust and decay
  • Can resist rough landscape and weather 

4. JT Steel Sprockets

JT Sprockets is one of the world’s biggest directors in manufacturing the most recent sprockets. They only use the most outstanding tools and devices to simulate their products. With the JT front sprockets for dirt bikes, one can be certain of incredible power transfer, excellent dependability, and secure opposition to extreme weather conditions. It is one of the most enduring and world-leading quality sprockets that swells a lot of characteristics, including premium structure, excellent accuracy, 100% pinion milled, outstanding durability, and solid structure. The sprocket set is made of SCM415 Chromoly steel alloy, making it favorably immune to corrosion, rust and harsh riding and weather dangers, and rough riding landscape.

 This sprocket kit is not a problem meeting OEM standards, thanks to the warmth treatment and hand finish. These qualities make this model ideal for those who love crafted sprocket kits. This kit will survive and surpass many of the surface-hardened or mild steel sprockets out there. The icing on the cake is the 13 teeth that this steel sprocket characteristics. These numerous teeth stand this model from among the mass. Yet, it’s the most inexpensive kit on our list.

Key Features

  • Chromoly steel structure for durability
  • Can resist severe riding circumstances
  • Premium structure and 100% accuracy pinion milled

5. ProX Racing Rear Sprockets

DID Chain and Sprocket Kit

The final thing on our list of the best dirt bike chains and sprocket sets is the ProX racing Rear Sprockets. ProX is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of spare parts. ProX has designed a high-quality steel chain, made in Japan by one of the leading OEM factories. Chains are constructed with various parts with distinctive characteristics and operations to provide an excellent quality chain. The ProX chain comes with a remarkable layer on the ties that delivers a tough cover, and a softer interior raises the opposition and decreases the chain’s widespread wear. Plus, the pin is hard-pressed, and the quadruple hooks are drilled for sufficient power.

Moreover, the chain features dependable and weightless tensile power, thanks to the inner plates that do not use more than 3% of the materials. Also, all chains are tight and extended to reduce initial spread.

Key Features

  • CNC machine with excellent accuracy
  • Created from 7075-T6 alloy
  • Stable, weightless
  • Mud track design
  • Tensile Strength

It is one of the top qualities to look at when purchasing a chain and sprocket kit for your dirt bike. Tensile power is the quantity of weight your bike can defy. You can relish better chain and bike efficiency if you go for pre-stretched chains. Generally, a robust chain should hold as much as 8000 pounds load.


Things To Consider Before Buying Chain Or Sprockets 

Best Dirt Bike Chain And Sprocket

1. Chain or Sprocket Size

Furthermore, find out the size of your motorcycle chain. Estimate the gaps in the rollers that are in the chin. It is often counted in slopes. In a sprocket, the space between points is the size of your sprockets. You will require purchasing a chain of equal size as your sprocket to guarantee quality power transfer, efficiency, and top speed

2. Design Material

Also, you will require to know the material with which your chain or sprocket is formed. As you can see on our list here, kits are either made of Chromoly steel alloy, steel, aluminum, carbon steel alloys, or gold plate. Generally, chains made of carbon steel alloys are powerful enough to resist wear and are less sensitive to decay.

3. Frequency and Manner of Usage

You also require believing the way and commonness of use to know which chain model fits your dirt bike. You can opt for 520 chains if you like an upsurge in the power of your dirt bike. For speedsters, 530 dirt bikes and motorcycle chains are the best. It can bear high-displacement engines of up to 1000cc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How Do You Know That The Motorcycle Chain is Ready to Change? 

If we want to recognize the chain’s wear, we have two arrows:

1. First, when there is no more room for tension.

2. Second, if some linkages do not push willingly, overlaying and breaking the line they form between them.

In the first case, it is clear; that you have to clean and grease the chain, as we have already described. If the trouble continues, it would be required to substitute the entire drive kit.

Q2: Are Dirt Bike Sprockets Universal?

It is essential to note that Sprockets are precise to the different bikes, but chains in cycles are versatile.

Q3: Are AFAM Sprockets Good?

Appraisals from users show that AFAM sprockets are presently the best sprocket in the market worldwide. Secondly, this company has been building sprockets for about thirty years. Finally, they are understood for their high grade and outstanding consumer service.

One of the conditions to consider in the upkeep of our motorcycle is the alternate of the sprockets and dirt chain, also called a drag kit. On the road, you can see some caution alerts in the form of weird beats or even see that your motorcycle lacks power when accelerating. Thus, it is necessary to see the first signs in time so as not to defer making the evolution, evading the mechanics of suffering and a probable meltdown.


To wrap up the whole discussion we can say that this article will help you learn about the best chain and sprocket sets. If you are still having any queries feel free to contact us we are here to assist you in a better way.

Happy Riding!

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